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Get Into Fighting Games (Intro)

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Get Into Fighting Games!


  1. The ghost of super best friends has come to challenge Woolie!

  2. Is the jazz tune at :39 part of the Skullgirls soundtrack? If so does anyone know the name?

  3. Does anyone know whats the name of the song used at the start?

  4. The song used in this is dope is this a remix or something or is this actually from a OST.

  5. this intro is what got me into fighting games for real

  6. Bruh, I wanna my fighting game love to this theme GAWD DAMN IT'S SEXY. Also you killed my feels with those last 12 secs. SHIT, I need a theme like this! Either this or Max's intro, I'll both to go please.

  7. My body wasn't ready for that ending. Love this beat need it on repeat in the while in bed doing a hyper combo between the sheets

  8. This intro is so fucking stylish it's insane. I watched it so many times now and I can't stop. Send help

  9. 0:19 what is the name of the name of that game that has mini tekken and soul calibur characters?

  10. Everytime I come back to this I get mad chills at the end

  11. ~*This*~ is the True Love we're making.

  12. Hey! My entire life just flashed before my eyes!


  13. So, in the spirit of getting people into fightan games, here's a list of the games referenced in the intro for those of you who don't know all of them. I don't know a couple myself, so feel free to add anything I missed:

    0:00 The NEO GEO is the 16-bit system in which many arcades ran. That jingle played at the beginning of every game.

    0:03 That's Rock Howard from Garou: Mark of the Wolves
    0:04 That's Kaede, Moriya, Lee Rekka and Kagami from Last Blade, in that order
    0:10 That's Makoto, Helena, Akuma and Dudley from Street Fighter 3rd strike, in that order
    0:23 That's Shen from KOF XIII
    0:24 That's a stage from Yatagarasu
    0:27 That's Justice from Guilty Gear
    0:29 That's Drunk Master from Martial Masters
    0:33 That's Kyo Kusanagi from KOF 95
    0:34 That's Enja from Samurai Shodown
    0:36 That's Zangief and Ken from SFII
    0:39 That's Cerebella, Squigly, Beowulf, Big Band (who, may I add, rekked woolie's asshole in the For Fun video) and Peacock from Skullgirls
    0:46 Noel from Blazblue Calamity Trigger, Chie from Personaaaaagh, Dio from JJBA Heritage for the Future, Captain Commando from Marvel Vs Capcom, Merkava from Under Night In-Birth (UNIST for short)

    Now, the music, AFAIK, is the character select from Soul Calibur II, the main theme from Skullgirls. I'm lacking in this part much more, so if you guys know, feel free to add it as well.

  14. Bruh, this is one of the hardest fucking intros I've ever heard for a channel.

  15. As someone who honestly couldn't take watching BlazBlue FNF episodes just due to Woolie and Liam basically being the only ones not constantly shitting on the series, it absolutely warms my heart to see Noel represented in the heart, and later on Woolie giving BBCF and Cross Tag the fair shake they deserved.

    Also this is just generally the best intro I've ever seen, bar none.

  16. What is the background track in the first part (not the Last Blade OST)?

  17. Doctor: You have 1 minute, 3 seconds left to live

  18. when the skullgirls comes in and true love is mixed with the saxophone i start to tear up :'( 0:36

  19. Imma need a link to the full song from this video

  20. I can hear the faintest echoes of "This Is True Love We're Making" in the Skullgirls bit. Truly beautiful.

  21. Glad to know I’m not the only one that gets a little emotional at the end

  22. Dude I just want 2Mello to put out a full version of that fighting game mashup.

  23. Ending always gets me but the part I really liked was the SPD transition

  24. I really love how he used the Last Blade 2 select music at the beginning.

  25. what's the fighting game that plays before rage of the dragons?

  26. So i just heard 3 seconds of The Last Blade 2 for the first time and was like wait a minuet…

  27. Anyone have a list of the games showcased here?

  28. OK, I hate that I have to ask this, but someone who is more well-informed than me, I dunno who some of these characters/games in the intro are and I gotta know who they are so I can try their games. Mind helping me out?
    Specifically, the characters that show up after Rock but before the 3S cast(0:03), and the ones that appear after Justice before the Super Turbo transition(0:28).

  29. For the new people here, the remix at the end is a reference to the Super Best Friends's Fisticuffs show.

    The theme is "This is true Love Makin' (London Stage)" from the Capcon vs. SNK 2.

  30. Skullgirls vibes at the end with a pinch of true love we all making

  31. Anyone got a list of all character sprites used?

  32. What's the name of the song at the end? I know it's from Friday Night Fisticuffs, but even then, I need the sauce for those vocals.

  33. I stopped watching most of the boys maybe like 2-3 years ago. But i always come back here for thay hit of dopamine.

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