Gamer Gets Violent After Losing At Fighting Game Tournament -

Gamer Gets Violent After Losing At Fighting Game Tournament

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In this intense and shocking video, witness the explosive aftermath of a gamer’s devastating loss at CEO 2023. Fueled by frustration and anger, this gamer’s emotions boil over, leading to a jaw-dropping attempt at physical confrontation. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining sportsmanship, respect, and emotional well-being in the gaming community. Let me know what you think down in the comments below!


  1. Don't hate the player hate the game 😠

  2. If a dude's hair touches the front of his ears, he's guaranteed a psycho.

  3. I was once a master of Tekken, specifically with Nina, I had juggles that were nearly unbreakable from the start of the match to the end, one day about 20 years ago my homie lost it on me, jumped out of his chair, ran over to me, and started punching my leg, I laughed at first because I thought he was just messing around, the punches came harder and harder till my leg was all bruised up, dude was 3 times my size and broke down like a baby over a f*ckin game, and unfortunately it broke some part of me, I subconsciously became scared of going all out anymore, feels like I lost my edge forever after that

  4. I have my money on, someone would have hurt him 😂

  5. Pink folk is funny. "He's 16, he's 16" and that means he can't commit assault and battery? But let him have been a person of culture, they would've tried to kill him and all the news stations would've tried him as an adult and revealed every negative thing on his past record lol

  6. I know for a fact much worse things have happened at fighting game tournaments without repercussions.
    Nobody got hurt. Give him a good warning but NOT a permaban from all events.

  7. Bro why talk about other people Jesus go touch grass

  8. A bunch of future school shooters, rapists and incels.

  9. Now you see why white boys aren't superior they claim to be…lol🤣

  10. The cameraman also was part of the reason that he got mad

  11. If you lay hands on someone cuz of a video game, you're worse than a child

  12. In the mid 1990s we had official tournaments in ARCADES on real Coin-Op machines like Tekken , UltimateMK3 , Street Fighter Alpha2 , and Super Street Fighter2 , , plus Samurai Shodown , ,and never had people coming unglued because they lost , , , , dont know why ,maybe theres more mental patients in these newer generations , or maybe that stuff folks take for ADHD is having violent side effects , , our Generation ( Gen-X ) mostly never got ADHD Meds at all back in the day , so that always kind of sticks out as a noticable comparison , , , ,🤔🤔👍👍

  13. I've never been to a tournament but i dont lose temper like that or get violent i just have fun

  14. I remember back in the day I was at Playdium (a big time arcade) and Marvel vs Capcom 2 was the most popular fighter there. The line to face whoever was winning was like 15 long. I was like 11 and when it was my turn To face this 18 year old I held it down and somehow beat this guy who was like some well known player supposedly. I’m rather then get mad he looked over at me in surprise and turned me around and raised my hand, like a true gamer and everyone cheered! It’s a moment i hold dear and taught me a valuable lesson about sportsmanship and decency that only people who play online these days never got to appreciate. I hope this story sheds some light on how I feel about winning and losing and the respect I have for fighting games!

  15. My dad would take me to the arcades sometimes and I think its cool that kid needs to learn to calm down

  16. I'll be honest, I don't like the harsh trash talk before of after the games. I mean it's fine when they know each other and are just joking. What we like to see is them to shake hands and keep the friendly mood. Thankfully it's what we see from most pro players at the FGC.
    At worst, if you not feeling friendly after losing, just go away and the winner DOESN'T pile on them if not provoked. And if you don't want to see physical reactions to happen, the best you can do is keep the provocations at minimum too.

  17. Didn't have to bring the madden incident but I agree, they should do some sorta mandatory life training before joining a tournament.

  18. Why did you bleep all the good parts out? You a Mormon loser or something?

  19. Jokes aside how the hell did he hit the cameraman?

  20. 2:20 What a sore loser. Was he about to punch you in the face?

  21. ZOOMING waaaaay OUT: especially in this day of instant videos and pics; winning and losing with GRACE and DIGNITY is an important life skill.

  22. That is a 16 years old that never get an ass whopping , you can tell right away

  23. Permaban a 16 year old 😂 makes no sense whatsoever but he should be banned for at least a few years

  24. "You gon' learn today. This is the REAL world. YOU GON LEARN EARLY SON."
    -Justin Wong

  25. LTG leading off ? We're in for a good one folks !

  26. If you 16 and swing at me im 32 I’m gonna lay you out 😂

  27. In today's episode of Nerds Acting Gangsta…

  28. Naw talk shit in a game 😂 get your ass beat in real life…man handled naw kid could of just head butted him and follow up with a upper cut elbow and square up jab and follow

  29. The way these people play, i would never have time to get good at some game just to beat a guy who slept with my mom

  30. More chance of a black shooting the place up

  31. Imagine killing or injuring someone over losing in a tournament. People take the time out of their day to come to test their skills in a game, and most importantly have fun or just love the game that they play. Then they just lose their life over it. There's one thing I always remember is that there's no cure for stupidity and these were some good examples. To the ones that did and do that shit are pathetic plain and simple.

  32. This is why the FGC has been and always will be a nappy laughing stock.

  33. It's totally normal behaviour to want to put your hands on someone after getting shit talked to you. The video only starts once the match is over, if he was heckled the entirety of the match I say he is vindicated. He's a young man that doesn't want to be disrespected, his conscious will surely stop him next time. Fighting someone at a gaming event with cameras everywhere is life ruination, and not everyone at 16 knows that.

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