Game Grumps - The Best of FIGHTING GAMES -

Game Grumps – The Best of FIGHTING GAMES

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wait wait wait wait wait don’t don’t do anything wait lemme show you something

another one of my palette cleansing compilations where I go back into the VAULT and remind you Grumpcade, Steam Train and Ross used to be things, alternatively known as “please release more than one episode of Twilight Princess a week my harddrive is SCREAMING”


  1. No Jon era games? They played quite a few during his time.

  2. I needed some quality after today's episode

  3. Ross somehow manages to play blue Kirby the exact same way each Smash game.
    All this does is make me want to see them play more fighting games.

  4. Listen, you say Game Grumps and fighting games, all I think about is Arin and Dan just slowly coming up to each other and light punching each other for a while lol

  5. Man…now I miss the times when they were drinking

  6. Came for the "Oh hey Big Zam." Immediately wasn't disappointed.

  7. FighterZ makes me sad. Dan almost never plays anymore and you could tell when accidentally did something cool he would get so excited. I miss that energy

  8. Why make new content when you can make a clip show? And smash bros isnt a fighting game.

  9. I DONT WANNA BE CHOCOLATE!!!!! one of my all time faves.

  10. 2:57 "You're getting your ass kicked by people all over the world today, Arin." In my head I just imagine a line of internationally diverse people coming up & beating the crap out of Arin, like that one comedy movie where the people wait in line to smack the hysterical woman on the airplane (I forget the title of the movie)

  11. Ah, yes, a genre all about lots of practice and a severe lack of handholding. Perfect for the known professionals, the Game Grumps.

  12. Lucario is actually a child’s fursona. Before he died, ha asked for him to be in Smash Brothers. He was soon adopted into Pokémon.

  13. My personal Top 5, in no particular order:

    – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (NES).
    – Fatal Fury.
    – WWF WRESTLEMANIA (Midway).
    – Urban Champion.

  14. Skullgirls, and Smash Ultimate and Jojoban are the only fighting games I have played

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