Fighting Games: Why Learning "Neutral & Footsies" Is Important! -

Fighting Games: Why Learning “Neutral & Footsies” Is Important!

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Let me tell you why learning the neutral game is important in fighting games!

For beginners, the concept of neutral is often overlooked, but today let me explain why this is something that need to be integrated in your gameplay! This will help you open new opportunities as well as controlling the momentum of the fight!

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0:00 – Is this you?
0:52 – What is Neutral Game?
2:16 – Option 1 (Movement)
3:50 – Option 2 (Jump Ins)
4:36 – Option 3 (Neutral Jumps)
5:29 – Option 4 (Zoning)
6:27 – Footsies
7:45 – Punish Game

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  1. In fighting games, the NEUTRAL GAME can be often overlooked. Especially for a beginner when learning how to approach their opponents. However, the neutral state (footsies, jump ins, movements etc) is an important skill to learn to get most out of your gameplay. Hope this have open your eyes on the new possibilities you can find when playing a match! It is best not to always be grounded since the possibilities are endless!

  2. Very informative video! Whenever I play fighting games like Mk online, I always struggle with performing combos etc. because I always get very excited for no reason. I always do very well in the Towers of Time, but online is something else man😅

  3. Please do you have Twitch account?If yes then what's the name?

  4. Ed Moon needs to award you for your tutorials help improve the gameplay of many people.Now thank to your tutorials I am able to beat people I wasn't able to beat before.

  5. Please when you are making tutorials, please could we let us see how you move your fingers or press on the pad so that I can learn how;I mean the timing of your pressing on the pad.Bcos I''m having problems with the extended combos.I've been practising a lot but still can't do the extended combos. MK 9 and X were easier for me but MK 11 very difficult to do the extended combos.

  6. You're describing footsies. The neutral game is the actual state of a game, when both players are in equal chance of winning the game, in positioning, health and meter. The community that describes fighting games the way you did in this video, is not the FGC, but the Smash community.

  7. Great video I’ll be looking forward to the next one 🙂

  8. TitaniumTiger as sheeva just ignoring neutral lol.

  9. In Mk11 , noob saibot and spawn are the ridiculous mid and close range characters. You’re forced to play far range. Their reactions are pretty fast.😩

  10. You should add a new time stamp at about 8:27 called outro cuz you're not talking about the punish game anymore

  11. Hey Maddog can you do a guide for kano when you are finished with school ?

  12. overall I find sfv way harder than mk but I find the netural game easier on sf lol

  13. Great break down. Your videos have helped me dearly. 💪🏾🎯

  14. As a Footsies style player, I appreciate this type of content. 👍🙂👍

  15. Could u please make example combos for mk 11? Pls

  16. I find the neutral on mk11 is a lot more difficult than mk9 and mkx

  17. Man I really need help with liu kang and Jax Briggs in mk11… Plz help anyone pressures mixups…. Weaknesses everything

  18. Footsies is a game on steam that is entirely focused on whiff punishing and spacing. Any computer can run it and it's only 3 dollars right now.

  19. title should also be why archetypes are important

  20. Best one, yet (out of the ones I've watched, at least)! Keep it up!

  21. You forgot to also keep an eye on your opponent character

  22. Mk11is basically a tuned down easier SFV which way less people would play or praise if it hadnt these amazing Visuals

  23. Criminally underrated channel, thank you for this!

  24. I Call It Coward Fighting Everybody Who Fight's Me Just Run's Away An Stand There Faraway Cowardly Blocking An Doing The Same Attack Over An Over Again Their Such Cheaters Just To Win Over A Game But What You Said Give Me Idea's How To Deal With Them.

  25. Good set in Kombat league, good to see another Johnny main!

  26. I've gotten so much better at mk11 and mkx thanks to this guy

  27. I like your channel more than TrueDawg, because he's been lately doing a lot of nonsense in his videos, but you're direct and to the point, no fillers.

  28. Seriously, thank you. I was trying to know what it meant and how to learn about it, but had no idea how.

  29. I don’t understand why people over complicate these games so much. I’ve played these games for years and I’ve never learnt what any of these terms mean. I’ve performed fine by just learning characters strings and learning how my opponents play.

  30. I was confused on the attack range part of footsie tools. Is the drawing stating that zangief normals that try to reach mika are terrible at that range?

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