Fighting Games (Unedited) (HD) : Neurotically Yours "Chibisode" -

Fighting Games (Unedited) (HD) : Neurotically Yours “Chibisode”

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Germaine is the worst at fighting games… (Unedited version)

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  1. Is the ending really a minute and a half long?

  2. Dat end music doh! I was beatboxin to iyvand recorded it should i putbit up pn YouTube?

  3. "The toastman wears a bacon robe"?!?! Then the word "dicknipples" to top it off?!?! I thought I was random! (I am, but that's not the point!)

  4. "Butter rolls with sloppy mangoes!"

    …wait, what?

  5. Haha! That's right Germaine! What are you doing still playing fighters you old granny! Leave it to the pros. The ones still in diapers. lol

  6. Playing Online is a horrible experience unless you are like a super expert at the game, which I haven't patience for

  7. Aww! Chibi Germaine is sooo cute! Especially when she moves about so frantically. :3

  8. using one move over and over can work if you do it right

    i saw 2 people playing mortal kombat…one just kept using that move where you start from crough and jump up to low punch….just kept holding down and tapping punch and just did that one move over and over, keeping the other guy cornered till he died

    the other guy looked like he wanted to murder the first guy for being so cheap

  9. I'm loving the chibi stuff so much. The regular stuff has gone back to the dark side again.

  10. Blocking is hard, that's why I don't do it


  11. Germane took the words right outta my mouth… "You can BLOCK?!?"

  12. Dicknipples. JIM, you STILL have issues. 😀

  13. Also, Germaine is funnier super deformed. And by super deformed, I do NOT mean via massive spell and/or incantation induced mammary enlargement. Just clarifying.

  14. I'm starting to prefer chibisodes because the humor is more focused on the dialogue rather than Germaine's boobs and butt.

  15. more great remixes of some of my favorite chiptunes

  16. hahaha. There's so many great lines in this I can't pick a favorite.

  17. LOVE the chibisode! We get all the foul mouth fun that is Germain without pervs obsessing over her body!
    Plus, this just proves that Foamy was/is/and will always be AWESOME!

  18. Me in fighting games: I know theres a block button, but it just gives me less time to punch and kick like a fucking spaz

  19. wtf is with the super long end credits? was that just to show off your love of midi music? 

  20. Turn on the captions then watch that language 😀

  21. So Germaine is completely useless as a child. :O/


  22. Hey Can I get the song to that cold fusion keyhack you have in the end. I love listening to them 😀

  23. Nearly a half of the video is the credits.  Just saying.

  24. This me when I play Injustice's online mode. XD

  25. sounds like she was playing street fighter

  26. I must admit I have said "You can block?" On more than one fighting game. That's mainly because I never do it though and always forget.

  27. I understand that completely. I suck badly when it comes to fighting genre of games.

  28. Can take on CPU'S but gets ass kicked in online matches……I can relate to that. I tried an online SSBB match once, it did NOT end well……

  29. why is there a minute of credits for a minute and a half of content?

  30. "You can't watch language, Dick Nipple!"

  31. Heehee my bf got all excited about the music cuz he thought it was a new game. 😀

  32. I'm totally stealing the I can't fight club joke.

  33. Who need blocking when you have combos, never give them a chance to fight back

  34. I half expected one of them to make a comment about the long end screen…..FUCKING BUTTER ROLLS!!!!

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