Fighting Games (Unedited) (HD) : Neurotically Yours "Chibisode" -

Fighting Games (Unedited) (HD) : Neurotically Yours “Chibisode”

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Germaine is the worst at fighting games… (Unedited version)

HELP OUT!, New “Guidelines” has made ad rev hit or miss with every episode posted, so I never know if a VOD will generate income from YT prior to posting, making a weeks worth of work fairly worthless as money goes. So please help if you can. 🙁

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  1. To hell with the fighting game tactic debates, I want the end credit song, lol

  2. Noob logic: I'll spam the same move over and over and put my self in an easily counter-able rhythm all game so I should win.

  3. i want the credits song for a ringtone! also, the episode was great. 🙂

  4. Yeah, i get mauled in online fighting games, which is probably related to the fact that they are one of my worst genera's offline.

  5. That would be me playing a fighting game….

  6. Whoa too many quotes to QFT here!! this was all good
    and the music at the end!!

  7. Jonathan needs to do a Dark Souls/ Bloodborne episode.

  8. One of the things I've always wondered from the chibisodes is Foamy looking young and chibi. It makes me think about Roswell's theories on Foamy being Ratatoskr and being a squirrel that has lived longer than is possible. Then again. Foamy does use a time machine, so perhaps he used it when he was also young to chill with what could possibly be a future owner of his to add to the steaming pile of sacrifices to the cult.

    Or maybe I'm just thinking too much about a cartoon with a chibi squirrel and a chibi girl that swears a lot. Who knows?

  9. I wish Pilz-E, Begley, and The Hatta' could have appeared in the Chibisodes.

  10. simple advice for anyone new to fighting games. B.Y.D.


  11. Germaine has such an interesting vocabulary.

  12. I'd like the squirrel to have a mouth, and us to see that mouth move. Even if it's something simple like a line that gets longer and shorter on his grey little face.

  13. we all know at least one of these players,hell im like this sometimes whan i play soulcaliber

  14. This hits close to home for me, you try to get better so you try to play as much as you can but it's hard to enjoy the game when you're constantly getting curb stomped, so you end up rage quitting, but you won't get any better if you don't play more; but you don't want to play more because getting your ass kicked isn't fun so you rage quit, it's an endless cycle!😡

  15. ive seen every video…yet i havent seen this…the crap

  16. The song goes from catchy to straight blanchin!

  17. That's actually a good idea. I can't fight club

  18. I am so glad I found these during the Great Covid Lockdown of 2020. I won't say these preserve my sanity because I've been insane all my life. I would say these have modified my insanity, and I am in a way happier place having discovered these. Thank you Dawn – you have the perfect voice for these.

  19. I hear ya, Germaine! I get just as angry when I encounter these assholes online. Sometimes I think they rig the game in their favor.

  20. Ok I am new here how long as this been on is it a series from kid to adult of Jermaine and the squirrel is there a time line esipode

  21. So basically Germaine was spamming the hell out of her characters main move. Sounds about right

  22. I want to start an 'I CAN'T FIGHT CLUB'….
    First rule of I can't fight club is, don't join an I can't fight club….

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