Fighting Games - shorty Compilation -

Fighting Games – shorty Compilation

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00:00 KOF94
00:06 KOF95
00:10 KOF97
00:21 KOF99
00:28 KOF2001
00:32 KOF2002
00:37 KOF14
00:51 Marvel vs. Capcom 3
01:37 MVC Infinite
01:48 The Killing Blade
02:07 Granblue Fantasy Versus
02:21 Marvel vs. Capcom 2
02:36 Street Fighter X Tekken
02:50 Tatsunoko vs.Capcom
03:10 Arcana Heart 3
04:20 Marvel vs. Capcom 2


  1. As personagens mais fofinhas dos games q eu + gosto são a Eko, a Momoko e a Charlotta😍😍😍😍

  2. I remember Neko Arcueid being the most broken shit ever because you can only crouch kick that damn bastard, my friends and I had it banned becuase of that, but who know it's been over a decade I last played Melty Blood.

  3. its all fun and games till a small char come in where your normal combos dont work on them. looking at you melty blood cats.
    Charlotta from GBFV wasn't bad, seem like a good example of small but have the right hitbox size

  4. Being forced to do a crouch combo the entire fight ruins your whole day

  5. Where Soul Calibur Yoda, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Heritage for the Future/All Star Battle Iggy, Dragon Ball FighterZ Teen Gohan and Krillin at?!

  6. The 2 versions of Roll are my favorites 😍
    P.S. Where's Anita (Darkstalkers & Marvel Super Heroes) 🤔

  7. How about bao and momoko from kof?

  8. Nice job 👍 you have another game 🎯 the last blade 2 , ninja master …

  9. You know power comes in all shapes and sizes, and these ones are no exception.

  10. For Super Smash Bros., we have Pichu, Kirby, and Captain Olimar and the Pikmin. Pichu is 1'00" or 0.3 m, Kirby is 8 inches tall, Olimar is the size of a quarter, Pikmin are smaller than all of them, even the Servbots. Compare them to ordinary objects around you, if you will.

  11. Ah, yes, Small Frame Fighters, also known as "the advantages of crouching, without crouching"

  12. I love those dam cats… I cant even play without laught

  13. 2:22 Roll transforms into Aphrodite A from Mazinger Z 😆
    I like that anime
    3:09 Glad to see the Arcana Heart games 🥲
    Such an underrated and forgotten series.
    I really recommend it.
    It was thanks to this game that made me like fighting games full of anime ladies.
    cough SNK Heroines cough

  14. Choi's height: 153 cm
    Bao's height: 153 cm
    Mui Mui's height: 147 cm

  15. Where is anita from marvel super heroes? and kid boo

  16. Saludos cordiales desde Michoacán México viva sega siempre

  17. El Arcana Heart 3 está lleno de niñas, espero una segunda parte.

  18. Oh, man. There are so many that are missing from this compilation… Krillin, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks from various Dragon Ball games, Umbrella Renoir from Skullgirls, Happosai from Ranma ½: Hard Battle, Naru Amoh from Toshinden 3, Anita Baine from Marvel Super Heroes… There's also an "Alice" who controls a book of demons, but I can't remember which game she's in.

    But, hey. I'm just happy Best Girl Roll is in here. Twice! ❤️

  19. Alice from Asura Buster, Tsunade from Kabuki Klash… good compilation nonetheless.

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