Fighting Games Ruined Other Games For Me -

Fighting Games Ruined Other Games For Me

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  1. As someone who Loves Story in games. The feeling of going One on One with another human is nearly unmatched.

  2. Try Sekiro. Best Souls game. Great fighting mechanics and there is a ninja😁

  3. I can definitely understand where you're coming from I'm currently still trying to beat Final Fantasy 7 rebirth. It's a great game however I am getting to the point where I'm really appreciating fighting games more simple pick up and play mentality. It's way easier to button mash your way to victory, And whether or not you win or lose, you're still enjoying your time compared to a single-player story game where you have to know certain characters and plot threads, Do a bunch of side missions and learn the game mechanics In order to enjoy it. I hope what I'm saying makes sense.

  4. Come now! You should take a break from grinding and lobby hopping! Outplaying opponents takes a lot of brain juice. You need to turn that off at one point and enjoy what other gaming genres we have. Sticking to one genre is like sticking to one channel in tv watching reruns over and over again.

    Anywho, since math has invaded fighting games, you should try min maxing characters in strategy rpgs like Disgaea! However, I insist you play NES ninja gaiden 1. It will change your outlook on
    spinjas a bit. XD

  5. Try out smoking weed lmao to enjoy non fighting games I feel you, unless I’m flying I get bored. But fr try out start wars BF2 HvV mode. It’s basically a 4v4 of light side Vs dark side n it has some depth it’s pretty fun and can get sweaty when you be dueling saber vs saber. There’s parry and other mechanics. It’s like casual fighting like. N fun

  6. U def can’t outsmart a computer. When I play doa them things hit every hold possible 😭

  7. it's about the replayability , single player story mode games have no replay value you finish the story then you're done with it there's nothing else to do so it feels boring and pointless, but fighting games you can just play them endlessly , but at the same time i can't play TEKKEN 8 nonstop this game tires me out i need a break so i bought dead island 2 and dying light 2 cause i love killing zombies and i've been having me some fun with that, i will also get Ghost of Tsushima it's coming out on steam and i'm a huge nerd for japanese samurai culture

  8. Yeah, most story-based games now mostly focus on the story and graphics first, with the gameplay typically being a variant of something we've seen before with a gimmick or two.

    Also, they love to incorporate long sections where you're just walking as people talk in the background for exposition. That's gotta go.

  9. MMO player here , I cant play anything buy tekken 8 and sf6

  10. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, Wo Long, Lies Of P (Which is what I'm starting to play and stream), BloodBorne, Elden Ring. Are all very great souls like games that supply a good challenge!!! I have been a gamer all my life, learned how to read as a child by playing the older final fantasy games, that forced you to read the story. Games have lost their way a little bit, but the games I mentioned are still a good challenge if your looking for some action and hardcore gameplay!!!

  11. When it comes to Souls games I recommend the faster pace ones for you like Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3 and especially Sekiro because I know you love Tenchu just as much as me and Sekiro is like Tenchu meets Dark Souls so I highly recommend that game even though its tough as hell!

  12. The value of fight games. Infinite hours of challenging game play.

  13. Yes bro I’m 36 and only get great joy outta playing fighting games and souls games especially what’s yo PSN name cuz I play Tekken 8 and SF6

  14. Same,fighting games ruined single players for me
    But, if single olayers has left any meaning…i find it in hack and slash genre..they tend to be enjoyable and value your time you out on gameplay
    I think souls games are pretty decent,but they comes bellow hack and slash
    And therefore Ninja gaiden is vasically one of my fav game seies

  15. The one thing that always keeps me coming back to fighters, and this is something that I think fighters are amongst the ONLY type of games nowadays that still do this, is the idea of playing with someone else in person. Mix not having any ports for ethernet with the fact that matches online tend to feel hollow more often than not, but having friends I can meet up with and run some Tekken, SF, MK, KoF, whatever, so that we can impress each other with new stuff we learned and have close matches is a feeling unparalleled. I still love a handful of others genres as well, coop and single-player especially, but in regards to feeding that competitive edge no genre clicks the same as fighting games.

  16. I get what you mean, There's is nothing in western AAA gaming that stimulate you in the way a fighing gamecan. Japanese single player games hit those aspects for me but they hone in on either the mental or physical aspects of what makes fighting games great but they don't combine them.

  17. I disagree with the first part of your video, I'm very much loving the casual aspect of fighting games still, although modern fighting games have been a major disappointment when it comes to single player content in the last 15 years, but older games to me are very much fun to replay.
    What I do agree with you though, is that fighting games's complexity and depth has definitely ruined other genres for me lol, the gameplay is simply too addicting and has much more replayability value than most other games as far as I'm concerned.

  18. I felt like this in the 90's, all I played was Sports and Fighting games….up until around 05' and 06' when GTA:SA, Fable, True Crime NYC and Hitman Blood Money came out 🕵 since then, Fallout 4, Far Cry 5, Hitman 2, MGS5, Mafia 3, Control and Yakuza 0 have all been 200+ hour experiences I highly suggest….but I would REALLY advise against anything Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Sekiro, all that shit is trash and will actually ruin your perception of gaming as a whole 👎

  19. Not even just outplaying other people—the outplaying yourself in regard to execution and creativity in fighting games—is a spiritual discipline.

    I feel this opinion hugely!

  20. I feel similar.

    The word you're looking for is "competition". Furthermore, that fighting games have a complexity to them that allows a higher degree of personal expressiveness in one's means of competing against another player. Winning your way, in a sea of many options and competing strategies, is what's satisfying; it really demonstrates your superiority.

  21. Outriders is a DOPE ASS Shooting Game you'd love it check it out

  22. You should definitely play some souls games.

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