Fighting Games, Reactions, and Cats with Molly Bee! Channel Trailer -

Fighting Games, Reactions, and Cats with Molly Bee! Channel Trailer

Molly Bee
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I guess I ought to have a channel trailer! If you like fighting games, reaction videos, and of course, continuous interruptions from cats, this is the place for you! I’m on a mission to play all the fighting games and watch/listen to all the good stuff out there! Want to help me take this journey – hit the subscribe button!

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  2. The Dead or Alive series is still one you need to try out.

  3. all fighting games damn Molly that'sa lot but hey your expanding your knowledege of fighting games Molly I honeslty think if you cna master any figting game then you can enter the evo tournament and come out the winner hellyeah Molly wins fatality flawless victory ha ha ha

  4. Noice lol can't wait until you start my favorite fighting game franchise Tekken

  5. It's so cool to see people getting into new or more fighting games. I'm 38 now so I've been playing them for a long time, since when SF2 came out on the SNES, so that series is very dear to me, but what really pulls my heart strings are SNK games… I love their universe and characters so much, ever since I played the first Fatal Fury on the SNES too. Then I knew fighting games were definitely my thing. I'm into every type, 2D, 3D… Doesn't matter. And I'm glad to find someone getting into all of it too! I've subscribed, it will be a cool journey. All the best, Molly!

  6. Unfortunately I don't just play fighting games, I prefer a story with them like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Witcher 3 Assassin's Creed Valhalla. TV wise have you seen Killing Eve or 911. Are you looking forward to season 2 of Good Omens.

  7. Its nice to see more women getting into fighting games. I think you have a knack for them. Based on your SF5 and Guilty gear content you could probably make really good guides. You could be like a chick version of Rooflemonger imo 🤷🏿‍♂️.

  8. Fighting games are among my fav genres but I'm very tight with MK, Smash, SF, TMNT tournament fighters and Clay Fighter(literally a parody amalgam of MK and SF) 😆 also nice thumbnail lol Molly the model.😉

  9. Hi how are you how much cats do you have also love fighting games

  10. I love all games, especially a very good story with it, fighting and shooting games are my favorite, Call of Duty, Street Fighter 4 and 5

  11. Tekken and KOF …… Grettings from Perú 🤗🤗🤗

  12. I have my two cats Dancer and Blitzen and I have learner that "dogs have owners and cats have servants". I love your react videos but I really love your smile even more. Keep it up and we will watch you.

  13. Hello! Thank you for the video!Please pay attention to the young singer Diana Ankudinova.Make reactions to the songs of Wicked game, Human🌞🌞🌞DIANA ANKUDINOVA is a talented young singer. I would like to know your opinion. I think you will be surprised. Diana has a very unusual voice and artistic presentation for her age.🌹🌹🌹 Thanks in advance

  14. Hi, Molly! How's it going?!

    Please, watch the trailer for Zafina being announced for Tekken 7. Because you liked Luong, she's badass and a very mature woman. You're late to the party, but better late than ever, right?! Welcome to the FGC! 🤗

    Here it is:;

    People missed her for the latest installment, when she gotta announced to come back, we Tekken fans got excited af.
    Also, Kunimitsu:;

    Lidia Sobieska…;

    This woman rocks!

    And Anna… Queen of debauchery:;

    Ready to meet 4 new baes from Tekken?! Those links I posted are from Bandai Namco official channel. May I suggest you click this URL's while making the video, to avoid spoilers… It's gonna be awesome to see your first reaction to their visual!

    You're awesome! Keep up the good work!

  15. A reaction to Devin Townsend – kingdom live from emg would be great

  16. “I am pretty good at commentary” yes yes u are

  17. Please, make  a reaction to the songs of the singer Diana Ankudinova.

  18. Hello, thank you for the video. I would like to see your reaction to the performances of Diana Ankudinova. This young singer with an amazing voice and artistry will surprise you

  19. To be honest MK (+ Injustice.. same studio after all) and some SF are also my main fighting games. But I do like diversity so in 2019 I bought Killer Instinct and also planning to get DB FighterZ (cuz I love Dragon Ball.. the tv show) but they annoy me with not releasing a more complete edition. I think even now they only have the standard edition to buy. (after ALL this time)

  20. King of fighters and melty blood try those out

  21. Awesome video Molly.

    Fighting Games have always been my passion since I was a kid and I mostly play Smash, Tekken and Bloody Roar, but I also play Soulcalibur, Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, Guilty Gear and Mortal Kombat.

    Keep up with the awesome content and I look forward to your future fighting game reactions.


  22. I don't know if you've ever heard of Darkstalkers, but it's a Capcom game inspired by the classic horror movies, Frankenstein, Dracula, Swamp Thing etc. It's pretty fun & even though Capcom no longer cares about it it's one of my favorite fighting games.
    There's also a new fighting game Terrrordrome that was inspired by horror movies as well and started as a fan game made with a bunch of slasher movie characters, plus Ash Williams & Herbert West. But the 2nd game is using public domain characters like Dracula & Frankenstein, and they have the rights to the novel version of Herbert West. So it's actually available for sale, but it's pretty inexpensive.

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