Fighting Games Most Notorious Attack -

Fighting Games Most Notorious Attack

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Can I get some balloons in chat?

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  1. Yeah nobody really gives a shit about that game anyway so

  2. I think Karnov is wearing a fat suit.

  3. I've been an avid FG fan for like 15 years and literally never heard of this game.

  4. I dunno if it’s necessarily “broken” also namely because he’s a boss character and the title character.He should be OP.

  5. It’s a crime this video only has 241k views

  6. I recognized this silhouette immediately and was confused that anyone would make a video on it. He also has this move in the first fighters history albeit there he is an unfinished character with only one move per kick/punch/crouch variation. In fighters history one it may be even more broken but his charge special move where he does a bunch of kicks legit is + on block, does ton of chip, and half health if he touches you with it ,it's pretty absurd and should win matches on its own. Balloon is probably weaker there because he can't combo out of it as far as I'm aware.

  7. Nothing really to say, but I enjoyed this video. Thanks for making and sharing it.

  8. you're here for the Chinese Spy Ballooooooooon meme going on 😛

  9. I've never even heard of this ugly ass game.

  10. I just like being able to play as Abdullah the Butcher.

  11. That stray mouse cursor does a number on this vid's arcade cabinet aesthetic..

  12. Is this why people are so afraid of the idea of inflation fetishes?

  13. BALLOOON is a messy move for sure, I would still put the MK1 Sweep up there

  14. 6:30 Okay, Gio’s Trovão is not full screen, it only travels 2/3’s of the screen and takes a long time to come out. If this goes through a projectile, it was 100% your fault, as, again, it takes a long time to come out. So you were playing very predictable. Also, Ky’s heavy projectile is an awful example, as that alone is ultra react-able. Using his H projectile in neutral is asking to get hit by Trovão. Not only that, but due to the Trovão’s react-ability, you can 6P it on reaction. So if you block it, you got conditioned. If Gio punishes a whiffed button with it, it just means you got read. 9 times out of 10, whiffing a button and mashing 6P will beat it out anyways. It’s also +4, which means she’s not in favor of starting a block string 100%, as after that it’s a guessing game of “will she dash up c.S, throw me, or counter hit me with 2K into 2D when I mash?” As she has to dash forwards to do the c.S and throw, so there’s room to mash a 2p. You can also just DP to beat all the strike opportunities as well, but she can beat it with throw.

  15. It's reasonable to assume that the reason attacks like this exist is because the development process boiled down to designing the characters, designing the attacks and what they should do, and then being put under crunch to program it all with testing only ensuring that everything works. No roundtable discussions or committees discussing every minute detail of every attack.

  16. that character looks so funny, I like that one of his most powerful tool is inflating himself

  17. Strive was the first fighting game that clicked for me, and while I love that game, I find myself spending dozens of hours going back to older FGs (not just Guilty Gear, but mainly GG I won't lie lol) specifically for those weird nuances and cool tech/moves, the situations created by the mechanics and way moves function in some older FGs give me LIFE. Legit the most fun I've had in a video game in a long time has been thanks to how wild and unique the concepts those games executed upon were. FGs are🐐

  18. Very similar with chain does on fatal fury 2

  19. I think the most shocking thing about the move is that the main character has it and looks like that

  20. @1:10 "It's going make you feel some kinda way."

    The right feeling is hype af. Zazie is hands down the character with the most favorable matchup spread in the game and that Karnov BALLOONED his ass. I want more Karnov dumb dumb and less boring shit made broken by stacking a character's toolset around what's strong in the meta while breaking the rules of the game everybody else is bound to. Launch Leroy (Tekken 7) and A21 (DBFZ) immediately come to mind in how make something broken and uninteresting to play or fight against.

  21. Imagine if your entire body had a hit box irl

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