Fighting Games' Greatest Rivalry -

Fighting Games’ Greatest Rivalry

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Some rivalries push a game forward. Some rivalries make for the most exciting, incredible matches.

But some rivalries transcend the game.

SonicFox and GO1 are two of the greatest fighting game players of all time. They came from two completely different scenes, two different countries, spoke two different languages, and when they were brought together, they created the greatest rivalry in fighting games.

Written and hosted by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)
Edited by: Connor Dunn (@ConnorDunn_)

Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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  1. There good but is it really the greatest rivalry of all time

  2. Okay the ending got me. I wasn't planning on crying today, my schedule was already pretty full.

  3. When Go1 was crying and SonicFox stood him up and raised his arm to the air, That was beautiful.

  4. rip fenretti he is the ultimate stepping stone

  5. This is one of those videos you come back to over and over.

  6. Go1: sonicfox your next
    Me: and so it begins

  7. These videos are getting me more into E sports and it's greats. Thank you

  8. I cant get over how much of a humble and nice person sonic is, seeing him lift up his opponent and celebrate him right after he just lost speaks volumes to his character

  9. So in the future will their kids continue the rivality?

  10. I’ve never had a problem losing to someone i knew was just as good as me, or better. Respect.

  11. The respect of this two to each other 😍😍😍😍

  12. If you like sonic fox or not, you got to respect him for being a fair and good loser

  13. Sonic fox vs ninjakilla is a better rivalry imo

  14. Damn, those tears from GO1 at the end were really powerful.

  15. at 5sec mark at the beginning behind the guy on the left is a arcade cabinet with dbz what dbz game is that its not fighterz hmmm

  16. So this is the Closest thing we have to Johnny Lawrence vs Daniel Larusso
    Attack vs Defense.

  17. Great rivalry. Greatest? Thassa Gomu Gomu No Clickbait stretch

  18. SonicFox is such a great sportman. Massive respect for the man.

  19. just one word betwen these two: WHOLESOME

  20. This is not the greatest rivalry at all, nice try though esports

  21. Reads title….
    Daigo: hold my evo moment 37

  22. The only community that seems not to be racially profiled

  23. This isn't a rivalry, its the biggest story of sportsmanship and respect in gaming.

  24. Two Gods of Fighting Games lmao
    Glad it's an American vs Japanese

  25. god IMAGINE what couldve happened if covid (and you know… scandals) hadnt happened and they possibly got to face off at evo 2020 grand finals. i mean of course there's a real chance kazunoko or someone like that couldve won lol

  26. Imagine if they had Combo breakers like Mk11😬

  27. I highly appreciate you guys using they/them pronouns for SonicFox.

  28. The best rivalry in the fgc history, no salt, no rage, pure friendly rivalry across the years. The respect that they have for one another, and the will to surpass their rival are so strong, the bond is unimaginable.

  29. I like sonic fox style take ya L and give the respect ✊🏾

  30. When go1 started crying when he won, that had me 🥲❤️

  31. Turn on captions and watch 🤣🤣 They call GO1 "Gooey Cheese" and Sonic "Sonic Box" 😭🤣🤣

  32. Incredible reaction by Sonic Fox. Pure genuine class.

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