Fighting Games' Greatest Rivalry -

Fighting Games’ Greatest Rivalry

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Some rivalries push a game forward. Some rivalries make for the most exciting, incredible matches.

But some rivalries transcend the game.

SonicFox and GO1 are two of the greatest fighting game players of all time. They came from two completely different scenes, two different countries, spoke two different languages, and when they were brought together, they created the greatest rivalry in fighting games.

Written and hosted by: Daniel Rosen (@Daniel_Rosen)
Edited by: Connor Dunn (@ConnorDunn_)

Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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  1. All im gonna say is that Smug coocked sonic Fox, he went 37-1 in Street Fighter

  2. The chilly neon climatologically scorch because beaver temporally encourage following a unequaled passenger. flagrant, optimal february

  3. Sonicfox celebrations makes you forget this wasn't an actual fight he flexes hard

  4. Underrated to this video but there's more buff dudes in tank tops in fighting game tournaments than I thought there would be

  5. real life Goku vs Vegeta in Fighting Game form

  6. Man Sonic Fox is such a good sport. I wish them the best.

  7. I know 1 means ichi but Go-One sounds like Gohan you know.

  8. This is about as close as we will get to Goku vs. Saitama

  9. Love how the match ended with the canon Goku vs Kid Buu as well!

  10. I actually cried at the end as well. This is real life Dragon Ball characters playing a fighting game

  11. This is simply untrue. Like literally these two were the only highest contenders for DBZF, but Justin Wong vs Daigo is just objectively the best rivalry, next to Leffen vs Everyone in melee

  12. The ending of the set with SonicFox holding GO1’s hand up is glorious.

  13. You need to thumbnail sonicfox with his dumb fur hat or he's unrecognizable lol that's why go1 is squinting so hard in the thumbnail, "who tf is that guy?" Lmao

  14. I feel real bad for Fenritti tho, he’s always there like “c’mon :(“

  15. Probably the best rivalry in fighting game history.

  16. hard to believe parents tell kids not to play games when rolemodels like sonic fox exist.

  17. This is the best video after the Panda guy in Tekken

  18. One of the most beautiful rivalries I have ever seen, actually brought a tear to my eye hahaha 😂

  19. Me at the end: No, I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry…… FUCK😭😭😭😭

  20. Of course a manga was released surrounding their upcoming match. Id expect nothing less

  21. lol i tried to take this seriously but the mans walking around in a furry costume like bruh, I get the express yourself but on a tournament that wants to be taken seriously…….

  22. The fact SonicFox wasn't salty about losing to GO1 in 2019, instead held up his hand, is insanely sportsman like, mad respect

  23. How embarrassing is it to lose to someone who fucks their dog

  24. …smh mans talking about two people and calling each one of them they i was lost for so long lmao…

  25. whoever is good at film industry, this rivalry deserve a movie for them

  26. Dude why am I crying at the end. This shit really like a sports anime fuck.

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