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Fighting Games For An Empty Wallet

Leon Massey
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Some of us don’t have money, whether that be by circumstance or poor decision making (for me it’s poor decision making) so here’s some fighting games that you can play without money to see just how poor your decision making really is.

Fantasy Strike –
Killer Instinct –
Rising Thunder (follow this guide to find a match) –
Brawlhalla –
Dead or Alive 6 –

Additional games used
Fight of Gods –
Punch Planet –
League of Legends –
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle –
Melty Blood –
Fist of the North Star (Hokuto No Ken)
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Tekken 7 –
Power Rangers Battle For The Grid –
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 –
Street Fighter 5 –

Don’t worry the more essay focused and higher quality videos are coming this is just something in between working on projects I promise this won’t be a common format ;-;

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  1. Holy fucking shit that Omen instant back dashing after each jump wasnt even something I thought you could do in KI. I think I should pick it back up!

  2. No one should ever watch One Piece.
    One should READ One Piece.

  3. It's a shame so many "hardcore FGC" guys don't give DOA the time of day, because, yes Koei Tecmo is pure fucking evil and deserve to go bankrupt and forced to sell their assets and dev teams to better publishers, but DOA is a genuinely complex and satisfying game, tarnished by shady and frankly disgusting business models. It's quite close to Virtua Fighter in its complexity with a few unique twists that make it its own thing. Tekken kids are in for a rude awakening when VF6 comes out.

    That doesn't however change the fact that it does some things better than other "respected" games do, for instance: free frame data, fairly good optimization for PC, and a completely free-to-play trial version that let's you get the feel of the game instead of wasting a full $60 on a game as inherently fucking broken as GBVS or DBFZ.

  4. Wtf why does he talk like the guy at the end of Matrix 2.

  5. I dont agree with your take on KI, but this is a good video. It properly addresses the premise of the title.

  6. Y’know, I never made the Shammy comparison before you made it, but I can’t not see it now.

  7. All hits in KI are reactable when you’re breaking, a bad internet connection makes it hard, but framing it as a guess initially is misleading when you immediately turn back to saying it’s your own fault for not having the reaction time for pulling it off. No haze here, just wanted to note that interesting editorial.

  8. As a KI player…

    … yes. ARIA /is/ a cosmic horror. You are indeed correct.

  9. Interesting you mentioned that Tekken is ripe for a Free-to-Play model because there was a Free-to-Play Tekken game for the PS3 I believe called Tekken Revolution. In addition to Tekken's extensive cosmetics, the game is monetized by a Stamina like "Arcade token" system where free tokens can be accumulated over time up to a certain amount with premium tokens being available for cash as well as a rotating roster of free to play characters.

    I don't think it lasted long since it was basically dropped on the PS3 with no warning, and the monetization model is admittedly a little much.

  10. I cant get good connections online since I live in a third world country so I'll never be able to actually get into a fighter game. The most I'll get is a casual 1 bar match after a 3 hour queue

  11. Why didn’t you mention the ultimate poverty game??? Melty.

  12. K.I is my favorite in the list but you forgot to mention DOA

  13. As a Smash player, Brawlhalla is commonly regarded as one of the better Smash alternatives out there. It has a lot of Smash-like elements that can make it easily accessible to anyone who's played a platform fighter but has enough of its own jankiness to give itself its own identity. There's someone else in the comments who has more experience with it than me (I've only played it for like a year) but basically, it has some elements that may seem off putting at first, like the basic movement, but the combat comes together so naturally that its hardly an issue and takes very little adjustment to get used to

    Also, if you want a free-to-play Smash game, literally just play SSF2. Its, quite literally, a free-to-play Smash game. It plays a lot like Smash 4 but has a lot less technical mechanics like Footstools and Ledge Trumps. Also it has Waluigi, Sora, Isaac and a single Fire Emblem rep so it immediately has my thumbs up

  14. Really waiting for that "I don't like motion inputs" video, I despise them too.

  15. One of my favorite fighting games is Touhou Hisoutensoku. Technically not free but the devs literally don’t care that you pirate it at this point so basically everyone does. There are some barriers though, like the lack of in game matchmaking system, the very unique mechanics (but that are maybe too unique for some at times), or the art direction since it’s a Touhou spin off and not everyone might be thrilled to play a game with a cast entirely made of anime girls.

    Still, definitely a good time imo and it plays like nothing else

  16. I tried fantasy strike and hated it i played for 5 hours or so hated it. I lost every match i couldn't find a character for me. I play zoners mostly but none of them appealed to me it was just too simple for me guess BlazBlue tainted me with amazing mechanics.

  17. I will die before i play David Sirlin's game.

  18. Tough love arena is the best free fighting game in my opinion. It's better than Fantasy Strike in a lot of aspects because it's so well made.

  19. Please god don't read Shammy's homework again lest you end up with a colon fetish…

  20. You want to buy a fighting just wait for a sale. Most fighting games are like 25 bucks at most. Got all of tekken7 for 25 bucks

  21. I'd be interested in rising thunder If it was not half finished. Too bad

  22. I really wanna see the Leon Massey video about walking forward, but it doesn't look like it exists.

  23. hyper dragon ball z is also a free game, fan game, but still free and DOA6

  24. You made the writing so snarky and detailed that it's kinda hard to understand your points compared to your other videos (just like Shammy lol).

    Maybe that's what you want, or maybe your other fans prefer this writing style, but personally I like your other videos' level of complexity more. <3

  25. rising thunder has cool mecha references

  26. it's messed up that we gotta wait till Riot's LoL fighter for a proper F2P, non exclusive, likely crossplay fighter. Like, i know fighters aren't that popular compared to bigger esports genres but surely someone else could've taken advantage of that big empty spot and slide in years ago.

  27. sfv seems like an obvious option.
    its on sale more often than not, with an already ridiculously low base price.
    its simpler than its predecessors, has a large player-base (cross-platform),
    and has communities entirely dedicated to helping newer players (such as NewChallenger).
    netcode is far from perfect, but has received fixes.

  28. Thank god someone else with slow reaction times who plays fighting games, as much as I love DBFZ it gets on my nerves how close-to-reactable everything is

  29. He do be on that shammy type beat but I get more Demo vibes sometimes.

  30. It's sad that Rising Thunder got left out for the developers to make the Riot Games fighter. I can't wait for that game but rising thunder seemed really fun, with some polish it could've become an great game

  31. Killer instinct is the best fighter.

    Make sure to try it, reader!
    I GUARANTEE YOU will find a character for you!

  32. Brawlhalla was bought out my ubisoft so take of that what you will

  33. Man, this atitude reminds me of…
    sees owl png
    Oh, glad we're on the same terms

  34. Thank you sir, for taking the time to make sure I know I lost 70% of my lifebar, but you're also assuming I consistently am able to hit with the "Take 40% of theirs" button. That's a lot of trust, and my win ratio and slow reactions tell me I may not be ready to meet it.

  35. You know, I noticed a lot of your videos are about Guilty Gear… What about Blazblue? Too much not your speed or a secret fetish of yours? Just curious.

  36. I think it's so funny how "fighters" that purport to take themselves seriously have mechanics that encourage the player to constantly jump around the screen for a positional advantage, when if mirrored in a real fight would make them look silly and exhausted.

    This is a fighting game cliche that needs to die. It is not fun, it doesn't look natural for a fight, and it's ridiculous.

    That and moves so fast nobody can see them coming and the 3d animations turn into 3d poses with hitstun that lasts longer than the actual move.

    Hit______hit_____hit_______POWER UP THE SPECIAL MOVE__________________hit __________hit.

  37. The new killer instinct disappointed me, instead of being able to play my favorite character, they wanted me to pay up

  38. your videos are immensely funny if you haven't been told so yet

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