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Fighting Games For An Empty Wallet

Leon Massey
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Some of us don’t have money, whether that be by circumstance or poor decision making (for me it’s poor decision making) so here’s some fighting games that you can play without money to see just how poor your decision making really is.

Fantasy Strike –
Killer Instinct –
Rising Thunder (follow this guide to find a match) –
Brawlhalla –
Dead or Alive 6 –

Additional games used
Fight of Gods –
Punch Planet –
League of Legends –
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle –
Melty Blood –
Fist of the North Star (Hokuto No Ken)
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Tekken 7 –
Power Rangers Battle For The Grid –
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 –
Street Fighter 5 –

Don’t worry the more essay focused and higher quality videos are coming this is just something in between working on projects I promise this won’t be a common format ;-;

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  2. I know it probably sounds dumb, but what beginner-friendly fighting game would you recommend for local multiplayer? I love playing locally with friends and we tried Tekken 7, Street Fighter 4 and Injustice 2 but they tend to get frustrated (a feeling I understand, playing casually with someone who plays them pretty regularly). Any suggestions? Even full price games

  3. So wait, there is no way to play KI for free on PC?

  4. Tbqh this whole video gives off a very frustrated, negative and whiny mood vibe. Frankly, makes me want to not play any of these games at all. Hope you are doing ok my man.

  5. Fantasy Strike is so ugly and so basic idc how bored I am I'm never playing it

  6. Bro, you REALLY deserve more views and subs

  7. Cough cough SSBM on an emulator cough cough

  8. Ya know i really enjoy to watch FG but its hard to play em can you if its not too much to ask do a tutorial in the future of whats A QCF? A 360? etc etc. But in your videos showing us your hands on how you do them on your fightstick?Sorry if im asking too much but for me the inputs are what kills fg for me .For ex i find it super difficult to do Oros Chicken wing combo in 3rd strike my brain needs to see the hands of someone doing it so i can memorize it….

  9. You should add Brief Karate foolish on this list

  10. Welp guess it's time to wait for you to appear on said PNG's talks how.
    I say that but we all know who really runs that ship lol

    Edit: On another note I personally recommend Rivals if people are looking for a platformer alternative but that's taste at that point. To my understanding Brawlhalla's developers are really cool people.

  11. Man, I wish KI was on PS4. I'd love to try it but I don't have a PC or the means to acquire one.

    Also, to address what you said, I think there's a very clear reason why more mainstream fighting games haven't gone free to play. They can count on a consistent core of fighting game players to buy them even if they claim to dislike them. As you mentioned, a lot of these free to play games have/exclude elements that might make a 'hardcore' FGC member dislike them. By being free, those players don't have an excuse not to at least try them out, and new players are much more likely to dip their toes in.

  12. Honestly despite having trash reactions myself I LOVE KI.

    The game becomes less about reactions and more about predictions. In short the more you know about each character and their game plan the stronger your defense not just from a technical standpoint but a very literal one because you know the exact buttons they want to press.

    It is DEFINITELY not an easy to get into. The reward comes from patience and lots of pain.

    But the reward is so worth it. Even when losing that understanding of simply not having learned enough is one of the best things. I do feel that not enough emphasis is put on the tutorial which covers a massive range of topics that also apply to other fighting games. And I mean stuff I don't even think Skullgirls covers.

  13. "don't watch one piece"
    Correct. Read it. Anime ver is a dumpster fire of pacing and low budget time saving shortcuts.
    Oda's artwork, pacing, world building, and overall story telling is off the charts in the manga though.

  14. Wasn't Rising Thunder only in alpha before Riot games bought the company ?

  15. Me: "Oh I found those 2 other characters the funny Youtube man was talking about in the files for Rising Thunder Community Edition"
    Also Me: (Realizes he's too dumb to figure out how to access these characters in-game)

  16. Yo, if Leon sees this I want to ask, will there ever be a “why jack-o is bad character design” video cause damn would it be interesting. I definitely don’t want to prove to my friends on why she is stupid

  17. Im actually very curious to hear the indepth thoughts on BlazBlue as a whole (and BBTAG too cause why not?)

  18. Killer instinct is definitely not everyone's game, but personally as a killer instinct player, it's one of my personal favorite fighting games. The mind games you create with the other player, and the fact that even when someone is laying into you, you're still playing the game, trying to cancel their damage is so much fun. It's totally understandable that there are people that dont find it comfortable

  19. – Skullgirls is often at 1$
    – Kyanta is free
    – DOA5LR and DOA6 are both free, with 4 free characters. Then you can buy another main for 4€
    – ACPR gets dirt cheap during sales

  20. Z inputs are indeed stupid

    ➡️⬇️↘️➡️ and other weird lengthy inputs as well

  21. Tough love arena is pretty good and it is played in your browser

  22. Pls start using that owl png in all ur vids

  23. Can you make a video about the many flaws that kof has?

  24. this might be ignored but i wanted to ask for a vid on frame data me being fairly new to fighting games and your vids are very engaging and interesting for example your jump arcs helped this poopoo brain learn to commit less and use air dashes when needed your time vid helped me learn how to play according to the clock and your hard to learn showed me what goals i should have but i still have no idea how to incorporate frame data into my play

  25. The switch joke hurt
    It's true but it still hurt

  26. Holy shit, I was so relieved when you mentioned Brawlhalla.

  27. Not bad, nice videos you got here.
    Aight, I'll subscribe.

  28. I think you could check out Shadow Fight Arena on mobile. It's a free to play fighting game on mobile that actually don't suck.

  29. Why do people generally dislike the Dead or Alive games? Just curious, never played any of them

  30. Dead or Alive “Free” in the biggest quotation marks

  31. Skullgirls, Thems Fighing Heards, Fighting EX Layer, any Kof and old guilty gears are good and fairly cheap, the video seems more like a begginer fighting games than a cheap one.

  32. Shit the main menu screen is the same as overwatch and the character screen of gigantic

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