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Fighting Games For An Empty Wallet

Leon Massey
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Some of us don’t have money, whether that be by circumstance or poor decision making (for me it’s poor decision making) so here’s some fighting games that you can play without money to see just how poor your decision making really is.

Fantasy Strike –
Killer Instinct –
Rising Thunder (follow this guide to find a match) –
Brawlhalla –
Dead or Alive 6 –

Additional games used
Fight of Gods –
Punch Planet –
League of Legends –
BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle –
Melty Blood –
Fist of the North Star (Hokuto No Ken)
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Tekken 7 –
Power Rangers Battle For The Grid –
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 –
Street Fighter 5 –

Don’t worry the more essay focused and higher quality videos are coming this is just something in between working on projects I promise this won’t be a common format ;-;

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  1. TheFGK fighting game king DBFZ UMVC3 SF and more says:

    What game was from the very first clip it was Santa versus Jesus

  2. "a butchering of a game from 1994"…… modern KI defenetely hurt your butt

  3. I got DOA 6 on the PS4 becuase of a fuck up in my loca game store, they gave me the wrong game, didn't wanted to reimburse me, so I had to buy the game I wanted again, so they can get the order right and after Kareing my way up to management they decided that they can't reimburse me but can offer me a game of the same value, being DOA 6, since there's no demand they had it dirt cheap, so it was the least worst option, I still feel scammed, by both the game store and KT, damn I won't pay DLC for characters that already were in previous games. Screw them!
    This is coming from a DOA fan.

  4. forgot to mention riot games took rising thunder to make a fighting game out of their mechanics which is why rising thunder isnt getting any sort of focus or attention anymore, still expect the same game mechanics but with different more developed characters

  5. Yes! 100% agree with you about the Killer Instinct. Also, with every hit the screenshake makes me sick.

  6. “An owl png away from identity theft”, hey i got that one!! Nice reference

  7. KI is my favorite fighting game ever but it's dead, wait for the (hopefully) sequel.

  8. Tekken Revolution was one of BN’s attempts at making a F2P model fighting game. SoulCalibur: Lost Swords and Rise of Incarnates were also in that same vein, from the same publisher, the latter being a very terrible attempt at removing the Gundam license from Gundam Extreme Versus for ease of worldwide release.

    All of these versions were, how do you say, not good.

  9. I feel so much on the playerbase of KI but for SC6, it doesn't have crossplay and on steam it has a whopping 300 players. I really really wanted to get into it but having every third online match be against a tournament player just killed any hope of playing against people of my own skill level.
    I know you could fight against bots still you are ideally about average but who gets a pvp game just to play against bots 90% of the time?

  10. glad the devs of rising thunder got adopted by riot games instead fading into obscurity.

  11. Yeah I have bad reaction times, I get hit with most crossups and don't properly pay attention to my opponents habits. I'm like a really bad fighting game player.

  12. King, you need to ask your viewer to subscribe so that you get the sub count you deserve. ❤️ keep up the great content

  13. When that riot fighting game comes out it’s gonna fuck so hard

  14. I aways imagined to have a counter combo system if i would make a fighting game mysef

    Looks like some games already have a similar system in place

    I might have to check them out

  15. Guessing due to its lack of inclusion here, we can expect a whole video on the greatest fighter, Ultra Fight Da ! Kyanta 2

  16. Something I like about killer instinct is how dynamic it is. The fact that you can start a round with less health, or better position than your opponent is fascinating (not to mention characters like arbiter and aria, who could only make sense inside KI), but I had a similar frustration with the combo system and ended up dropping it.

  17. This video feels a little passive aggressive…

  18. Try Hyperfight free steam fighting game that has a good community

  19. A Shammy reference, huh? No wonder I immediately enjoyed basically all your videos as they kept popping up. Good stuff, man.

  20. is it fair to say your little blurb at the end is what got me into brawlhalla?

  21. Is that a Shammy reference? Please tell me that's a Shammy reference.

  22. In the begging he’s talking about Fightcade. It’s a free online service where you can play old fighting games against players with Rollback netcode. But they do run off Roms.

  23. You friends are all super awesome! Oh no, moments of this video are so very very horrible and so very very terrible.

  24. it’s not a leon massey video without shallow comeback mechanic slander


  25. This video is relevant again because VF5 is free for psplus, and is absolutely worth checking out

  26. The steam version of Killer Instinct is the only one that doesn't have crossplay. With the Microsoft Store version you'll get a higher pool of players.

  27. What was the song at the end? It sounded kinda interesting

  28. You mentioned free MMOs being trash… may you get every success bro. Easy like

  29. Wow, the camera is Rising Thunder was making me sick

  30. Sorry Santa beating up Jesus in the beginning of the video is the best way to start anything

  31. Rising Thunder has boring looking characters. A bunch on indistinct looking robots won't get anyone wet.

  32. Super late, but since you brought up brawlhalla I want to mention something.

    If you are a competitive player, dont play this game. The core mechanics are super fucked to where passive play is actively incentivised. Playing aggressively feels terrible because 50% of all matches you'll play the opponent just runs away and punishes any aggression.

    Weapons are often terribly designed, like the lance for example, which has few weaknesses, being lack of kill confirms and laggy aerials. The problem is these flaws create a weapon that not only further incentivises passive play, but is brutal against aggressive low level players while being generally considered the worst in the game the better you get. It's a pain to fight against, and a pain to play as. That's just one weapon as an example but there are others too.

    With all that said, it's very fun casually. Long, freeflow combos make dealing damage interesting and the movement is fast and unrestrictive. So long as you aren't having to deal with the unintended consequences of the central mechanics you'll have a blast.

    TL;DR play brawlhalla if you have people to play with so you dont have to go online and get cancer from the absolute mess that is the passive meta.

    If you want to see what I mean by the passive play, watch a pro match. Every single one is an uninteresting poke war where 2 players flail around like a severed cock thrown out a window hoping for the other guy to whiff so they can get a free one hit punish. Ew. I play this game because Im poor and I dont like the tilt mechanic from smash/rivals. That's it.

  33. Another title to consider is the Community Version of Melty Blood has roll back p2p and is "fairly" active would at least give it a look see if you are really short on funds
    it is also on steam but that version has issues with fightstick controllers and ps4 controllers from my testing.

  34. 7:28 Hehe, 40% of your life, heh… laughs in 70+% RAAM combo

  35. In my opinion, brawlhalla has a developer than understands keeping a good community, but… theres a lot wrong with net code (7 frame delay ggpo style rollback), the patch to patch balancing, the visual cues and design etc.

  36. If anyone's wondering why I didn't mention tough love arena, since it's currently in beta and ONLY available on a browser I'd want to wait for it to release in a finished format, potentially with its own executable before putting it in the spotlight. Chances are I'd want to do a full video on TLA instead of it being a footnote in a video that's much lower effort

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