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Fighting Games Facts – DidYouKnowGaming extra Ft. Dazz

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In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs surrounding fighting games such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, SoulCalibur, and Marvel Vs Capcom.

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  1. thumbs up for the game at 0:22 , I remember that thing I think it was called "Ballz" or something. Odd game

  2. dija know??? smash bros is a party game 🙂

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  6. not gonna lie, sonic fighters had some pretty good graphics for the time


    **Street Fighter II: World Warriors** (classic original. 8 playable, 4 bosses. Akira Nishitani, team lead on this project, left Capcom later on to form Arika, which developed the Street Fighter EX series for Capcom, and developed PS4/Steam’s semi-recent Fighting EX Layer for themselves, which features all the Street Fighter EX characters that don’t appear in any other street fighter game but lacks any of the non-Arika street fighter characters. Capcom was forced to allow him to do this due to a genius decision Akira Nishitani made when he first began work on the first Street Fighter EX game to ensure Capcom put in writing that he would retain all rights to these characters. trivia: back in the day, a fan showed the infamous “guile’s handcuff glitch” to a programmer at an early fan-engagement event… despite how proud the fan was to show off his devotion to the programmer’s work, the programmer was mortified, as he was not actually aware a bug/exploit of this magnitude existed in the game)

    **Street Fighter II: Champion Edition** (now you can play as the bosses. mirror matches are possible now because every character has an alt color scheme for player 2. a slight rebalancing too as Capcom always did moving forward)

    **Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting** (overall game speed is sped up at request of Capcom USA to fight against the sale of bootleg arcade-cabinets of Street Fighter II that have been circuit-bended for silly glitches like faster overall game speed or mid-battle character switching… most famous of them today is Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition, nicknamed this way by fans due to the glitched-out titlescreen logo having all the wrong colors. interestingly, by sheer coincidence and totally not cultural bias whatsoever, this is the version of Street Fighter II many americans today [AKA James Chen speaking on behalf of the late ‘90s american arcade scene] consider to have the best character balance, except for M.Bison who is verrrrry good in this version in particular)

    **Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers** (More alternative color schemes are added for each character. DeeJay, Cammy, Fei Long & T.Hawk are added. Deejay does not yet have his vertical kick special move yet in this version, but he can still anti-air opponents jumping at him with certain normal attacks, or a pre-emptive jump attack to hit them out of the air, like M.Bison players traditionally do with their forward or backwards jumping medium punch. DeeJay was designed for this game by James Goddard, creator of WeaponLord for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, based on Billy Blanks’ character Khan from the 1990 action movie King of The Kickboxers. funnily enough, Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers has the slow speed from before Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting because Capcom Japan only sped that game up for Capcom USA)

    **Super Street Fighter II: Turbo** (colloquially called Super Turbo by the fans, this one added Super Combos to the game, which allowed every character to do a powered-up version of one of their existing special moves by performing a special command input after filling their Super Meter all the way up by attacking, performing special moves and maybe also blocking and getting hit like in later Street Fighter games though it’s been a while so i’m not certain. It also speeds the game back up again, because Capcom Japan finally started agreeing with Capcom USA’s feeling that it was way more fun when it was faster, despite the fact that Akira Nishitani deliberately timed out every animation his artists drew in Street Fighter II: World Warriors with a stopwatch and some research into the speed of the average human reflex. Akuma is added as a secret replacement final boss who assassinates M.Bison right before you are supposed to fight him who only shows up if one of 3 gameplay requirements are met in your arcade ladder advancement, them being a very high score, a very fast advancement to the final boss or the defeat of a very large number of human opponents without losing a single credit. you can also play as a slightly toned-down version of Akuma yourself thru a specific series of character-select-screen inputs, though even this version of Akuma is banned at virtually all competitive super street fighter II: turbo tournaments)

    note: when each of these street fighter II arcade games were ported to home consoles such as the super nintendo or sega genesis, their names were changed in confusing ways… often to intentionally trick console gamers into thinking that the street fighter II console port that had just arrived on store shelves contained all the new features & improvements of the new version that had just shown up in arcades a couple of months prior… when in reality, the home console ports took many many months or even a year or more to create. the screen resolution, soundchip & overall processing capacity limits were all worse on consoles than on the arcade cabinets at the time so a lot of assets had to be redone from scratch by hand to take advantage of the strengths & weaknesses of the different hardware so it could be good enough to compare admirably to the arcade versions. *this is why Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting on the Super Nintendo has the name it does:* it has the increased speed from Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting (as an ingame setting called “turbo”) but it doesn’t actually have any of the features of Super Street Fighter II: Turbo… no super combos, no akuma… it doesn’t even have Fei Long, Cammy, T.Hawk or DeeJay from Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers!!!

  8. This "Mitsurugi reskin" is also in Soulcalibur 6, in Libra of Soul Story Mode. Our hero talked about Mitsurugi, and he said in response that he wants to meet with him.

  9. That moment when you gotta blur out lewd pixels. lol

  10. did you really use the term boomer in this video? Christ sakes.

  11. I have both bootleg pokemon games, unstable and badly translated but fun, Telefang is the original name if someone is curious

  12. What's a name of this bootleg pokemon game? I remember it from childhood…

  13. I wish you'd better label when a video is 100% advertisement.

    That wasn't the case here, but it's been a problem before.

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    Also me:ah i know what they are going to talk about

  16. I swear that picture of Toriyama will be the only one anyone will ever have until the day he dies

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  18. I feel like I’m the only one who actually likes Sonic Fighters. The gameplay and music is great.

  19. "Fighting Games Facts"

    Has Smash Bros on Thumbnail

    Which one is it?

  20. Man, I want a southampton samurai in more fighting games.

  21. No Matt or Woolie of Best Friends and Fighterpedia acclaim to narrate the video?

    Missed opportunity.

  22. Pokemon is a RPG game, not a fighting game.

  23. Wait, people think that Smash Bros isn't a fighting game?

    Then what do they think it is? A platformer? A brawler? A beat-em-up? An action adventure?

  24. Why do we like fighting games? It has nothing with "fighting someone without getting battered and bruised in real life." It's about the competition, the idea that literally anyone could be the champ if you put in the time and effort, regardless of gender, religion, where you grew up, or how you look. It's about the hype, seeing people perform combos or sequences that are natural to them while seeming inhuman to us, even under high-pressure situations where single misstep or mistimed input is the literal difference between victory or defeat. It's about the community, the fellowship that comes from liking and enjoying something similar where we are both friend and foe, equally growing and learning and pooling our resources to become the best we each can be.

    We are the FGC. During this time of social distancing it's hard to get together for fighting game events and not a lot of games have good netcode, but we'll get through this. We will always stand back up, ready to shake it off the dust and do what we do best.

  25. i'm so confused by the "nothing to see here" at the end.

  26. Smash is a party game not a fighting game…. rage in 3, 2 ……..

  27. Smash isn’t a fighting game. Sakurai confirmed it himself in the byleth direct.

  28. Smash. Is. Not. A. Fighter. When the creator flat out fucking says the game is not a fighting game guess what? It’s not a fucking fighting game. The one mode that even remotely makes it a fighter isn’t even played. Eat shit.

  29. You had the chance to explain why smash isn't a fighting game, but you didn't.

  30. There are people who say Smash is not a fighting game?

    What the fuck is it then?

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