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Fighting Games Facts – DidYouKnowGaming extra Ft. Dazz

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In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs surrounding fighting games such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, SoulCalibur, and Marvel Vs Capcom.

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  1. I grew up playing Fighting Vipers on the Sega Saturn with my brother and cousins, sucks that most don't know that the Saturn existed

  2. Calls K' "K"

    Duh, man. It's "Kay Dash". Why else would there be a hyph- erm, an apostrophe after the K? Sheesh, get it together.

  3. Those people who believe Smash Brothers isn't a fighting game also probably believes the world is flat.

  4. I mean even the creater of the game says he dosent see it as a fighting game, but be the first time something goes beyond what the creater intended

  5. I want to see Did you know Gaming? about…
    -Sonic Riders Series
    -Sonic Unleashed

  6. At least boomers didn't shill crap like AFK Arena and Raid. Also if you consider Power Stone, Poy Poy, or Rakugaki Showtime a fighting game, then you can get away with calling Smash Bros a fighting game, otherwise, big nope.

  7. I really like these videos and the in-depth information they bring but I still have a tick that goes off every time someone refers to Soul Calibur 1 as the 1st Soul Calibur game instead of Soul Edge/Soul Blade. That was an amazing game with one of the best intros ever and it had "disarm" mode!

  8. Nice work using Unwavering Resolve during the SC segment.

  9. Smash Bros. is a fighting game, so anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

  10. It's clear that the narrator didn't play Samurai Spirits before, otherwise you wouldn't pronounce Tachibana the way he did.

  11. Its extremely unsavory to keep mashing more ads in our faces and calling them sponsors. Those garbage games and other shits look exactly like the cheap ass game ads you see when you download a shitty app and get a ton of pop ups to dl those games.
    Dude nobody gives a fuck, show the titled content.

  12. TBH, The Thing and Human Torch lived on in Super Skrull, since that character had their powers as well as Mr. Fantastic's and Invisible Woman' powers.

  13. Soul Edge/Blade is the actual original Soul Calibur. And something similar happened with Mitsurugi. He was completely replaced by Hwang in Korean arcades. Then both were present in the console release.

  14. Marvel not understanding that Shuma Gorath is a key part in the history of MVC just shows how out of touch they are.

    He is literally one of the original characters in the series and is a staple.

  15. I used to own that bootleg pokemon game. The real name of that series is Telefang. It was release as Pokemon Jade and had a deer lookin animal on the cover. It was actually a really fun game imo.

  16. Los juegos de peleas son parte de la historia por el fenomeno que fueron

  17. What all fighting games need:

    Tactical-strategy RPG elements with interactive story modes.

  18. "Nothing to see here"

    I guess somebody forgot to remove the text template

  19. "Some people don't consider Smash to be a fighting game…for some reason"

    Because it's not. You have to jump through so many hoops to make it even competitively viable, including banning most of the stages, and even then, the objective is different from a fighting game, combos are situational, and there is a lot of RNG even with items turned off. Sakurai himself considers it an action game, and that makes so much sense.

  20. Just a few fighting games? Can someone tell me where bloody roar is? or Primal rage? instead they start off the list with what is basically toy story and fight clubs offspring!!!!!!!

  21. I love fighting games. They are amazing because they have a great replay value.

  22. I’ve honestly played AFK Arena exclusively for at least 10 months and I feel like I’ve beaten it. Completed the Dura quests, Ascended 5 heroes and reached the max lvl of 280. The game to me is busywork just daily questing and repeat.

  23. ive heard of Ukiyo Tachibana, but not this "Tackybana" character.

  24. So Korea doesnt like Japanese representation (understandably) but they will buy japanese games… ok…

  25. That music at the end of the video is like an audio representation of the buildup of mental degradation as the lockdown goes on.

  26. Unsure why you censored the breast. You clearly can see the nipple is covered, thus makes it okay. It isn’t obscene nor disgusting as feminists when they walk down the street naked for kids to see.

  27. Ding Dong was probably the one who found out that Wild Woody secret

  28. Arthur also appears in libra of souls of soul calibur 6 where he can also fight Mitsurugi eventually if you do his quests.

  29. Hi. A fresco refers to a preparation with lime, plaster and water.
    Art that looks nice in the viddygame isn't a fresco. It can't be. It isn't. Stop that.

  30. Smash is a fighting game lol anyone who disagrees just sucks at the game

  31. There's people who don't think Smash is a fighting game? Dumbasses.

  32. Not only does this person seem so un-interested with the subject, that sponsor was a minute of loot box drivel…

  33. Y'all should do Klonoa Door to Phantomile

  34. Never would I have thought to see Wild Woody of all games in a vid about fighting games

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