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Ep 3: Senpai and Nagatoro play fighting games! Watch DON’T TOY WITH ME MISS NAGATORO on Crunchyroll!

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  1. Sometimes I'm the Senpai when I'm destroying them in DW8XL:CE.Yes,I play as Lu Bu with a maxed Explosive,Unearthly Halberd.

  2. In this one they looked like me and my sister playin Mario kart ;/

  3. There is nothing more pure and sweet than their faces by the end. This is why they work as a couple, at the end of the day they just love spending time together.

  4. Before I put up my anime glassesThat's kitties with the sword

  5. At some point he was starting to morph into kearu

  6. Is it weird that I looked at the game and analyzed the frame data of the attacks and supers from the first round?

  7. aight, time to do this during EVO tournaments

  8. Surprised there wasn’t an add every 2 seconds in this vid

  9. "I took it too seriously against a beginner"
    Dude, you just did a single combo into a super and she died.

  10. She simply cannot keep her hands, and foot, off of him.

  11. One of the things I like about this anime is that it shows there doesn’t have to be a bad guy for the anime to be good. Silver Spoon also shows this, and I love shows that can do this.

  12. Man I wish someone was that excited to play any video game with me

  13. at some point, it didn't matter who won.
    We just had fun.

  14. What is the damage scaling in this game and why is there a one shot option

  15. Notice how their special abilities takes haft of their hp

  16. Don't you think the game they're playing is likes look the street fighter game?

  17. How did they gained the license for street fighter?

  18. they are going to have a wonderful marriage.

  19. I suspect he doesn't mind the way she cheats.

  20. Am I crazy or is Senpai playing Ky Kiske from Guilty Gear?

  21. Battle strategy, I would like to se her carry out a war XD, all will fall

  22. Damn he has nice collarbones I see why nagatoro likes him

  23. U can tell she liked him from the beginning bc her cheeks turn red everytime he's around

  24. That smile Miss Nagatoro made after she breathed in Senpai's ear was priceless!! LOL

  25. Senpai: Beats her in round one. Nagatoro: Goes Beast mode. after Senpai loses: Nagatoro: Time to give me my money.. her and her friends: YEEEEEEE

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