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Fighting Games by Non-Fighting Game Developers

Seldom Sad Sam
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Capcom, SNK, Namco and Arc System Works fighters get all the love.
Let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known fighting games not developed by these big names.


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  1. lol I've already had two separate people talk my head off about waku waku 7 and Power Instinct. I'll have to see if they know that third one

  2. A fighting game with Murata art, amazing!

  3. Power instinct had to be one of my favorites to play, tbh

  4. @Seldom Sad Sam Despite positive criticism of Groove On Fight, that game didn't sit well with fans due to the Darker & Edgier tone.

  5. Great vídeo! Also, Dandy J is a reference for Crocodile Dundee!

  6. You are the only other person I know besides me and my friends that I have PlayEd "Groove On Fight" I recently lost my Sega Saturn in a move when I got a new apartment. We used to play that and "Last Bronx". Groove On fight also so why the main character is able to throw a fireball if you look at the artwork he made a gadget for it

  7. Not going to lie i clicked for the thumbnail

  8. Thanks to emulators and my trusty old Saturn I've played every one of these games quite extensively haha.

    – I actually got a bit into Galaxy Fight even though it had its issues, but I LOVED Waku Waku 7. Such a fun departure tonally and they addressed a lot of the gameplay shortcomings.
    – It's funny, for me growing up Atlus WAS a fighting game developer because all I really knew from them was Power Instinct haha. I was actually one of the ones who dug Groove On Fight's change in tone right from the jump, though I also felt the same way about Street Fighter III from the beginning, so I guess I'm just ahead of my time haha. Matrimelee still remains one of my favorites.
    – As far as I know Aorn wasn't actually affiliated with EA, so we can't really say that Rabbit was developed by EA, just published. Aorn was a pretty short-lived studio with only a couple games or so to its name so it's definitely not as viable an entry as the others on the list. I think a better example would be Shaq Fu, which was also published by EA (unless this list is specifically highlighting good fighting games haha). It was developed by Delphine Software, which has developed a few pretty notable titles like Flashback, but I think Shaq Fu was their only fighting game. Delphine was kinda known for their fluid animation for the time, which Shaq Fu did have, but it was basically the only positive the game had going haha.

  9. man i remember playing waku7..
    the amount of dmg i dish out with that tank is absurd.. well if you hit the target that is.. lul

  10. Ah! I remember playing as the Totoro character once as a child and I've been trying to find where it was from for a long time. Finally, I know!

  11. I knew WW7 because of Slash, I had him on my mugen collection back in 2005.

  12. Thanx for xplaning the waku waku 7 characters back story grove on fight is so underrated and unknown it’s the only 2d fighting game I ever played that has a goth industrial feel to it.

  13. I have another question aside of the games

    That wallpaper at the start of the video in 0:25 is beautiful, does anybody knows the source game or artist? Please?

  14. Thanks for this! Underboob I mean Groove on Fight is something that I missed when I lived in Japan during 1997. I admit I keep on seeing the underboob girl a lot in many posters on game centers and game magazines but for some reason never once saw the game.

  15. Waku waku 7 my childhood lol i play waku waku 7 using an emulator

  16. From my understanding Power Instinct was always an arcade release first fighter, With home ports coming second

  17. huh….. so that flash parody animation of a melty blood characters fighting game of the name "Glove on Fight"(Search it on youtube, comes up in the first couple results) was base off "Groove on Fight"…. after 20 long years I only finally know now.

  18. I'd love to imagine in another universe in dragonball Super, this game's world exists.
    We have a world of mechs, a world on magical girls, a world of kyusentai and kamen riders; so why not this?

    Although considering they are animal-people they'd probably be part of Universe 8, with Basil, Bergermo and Lavender; which again matches up with the dragonball's hint in this game.

  19. Mauru is famous for early mugen. Nice see it.
    Always fun see old fight series.

    Groove on fight probably creator of makoto from ghost in the shell. Love the illustrated.

  20. One that i find extremely interesting is Fighting Bujutsu from konami that was made exclusively to compete with Virtua Fighter 3 and as VF3 it had really impressive hardware and graphics for the time. Unluckily the arcade board is unobtanium (really expensive back in the day and extremely scarce nowadays) and extremely hard to emulate/impossible at the time (Lack of documentation and really complex hardware for just a single game)

  21. As far as I've noticed, the first Power Instinct game was actually originally released in the arcades, and then got ported to SNES. It's not a Streets of Rage 2 situation.
    Good vid with lots of information.

  22. I love Waku Waku 7. I also love that Mauru, despite being another slow character, has the 2nd fastest Hara Hara move. (he simply inhales deeply and releases a large shockwave/projectile) outside of the broken final boss. And it doesn't do obscene damage like others, but it is actually not impossible to use, unlike others where you have to kinda get lucky to get the time to produce it

  23. One detail I liked on Rabbit, at least if you play solo, you actually 'collect' the animal spirits of beaten opponents, and you can use them in future fights, as shown on the footage, and i believe you can switch which one is the active one with button combinations. I don't recall that many games letting you 'steal' opponent moves to use later.

  24. Me: Why Disturbed started to play when EA is mentioned?
    Realizing it's Decadence playing: oooooh, good move Seldom. Good move

  25. Groove on fight should be under by arcsystem.
    The art is so good that if they managy to snag this diamond ,just like dnf duel .
    I'm sure this game will be appreciated and if they add more character aswell

  26. You missed One Must Fall. I believe that's an even not obscure game. I actually played it in it's entirety.

  27. Sf1 had more frames than this. The game was aesthetically beautiful for its time. Sound track was okay too. But you could see it's not even half as smooth as sfii, (except mauru) let alone games like breakers, ninja masters and kof94.

  28. the colors of this arcade are so eye catching, can't believe it's been out for so long 👁️👄👁️

  29. So well made. Where have you been this is great 😀

  30. Both the appearance and BGM of the Politank-Z in Waku Waku 7 remind me of Yatterman which is playable in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom.

  31. Gonna be honest with you:
    Waku Waku 7 is a fun game but they go too much on safe mode and aside from the instakill attack and the high jump knock down Attack, it would be another Street Fighter 2 clone
    Groove on fight, beautiful models, great Animations, mediocre gameplay….just an exercise of style to prove Atlus is a master class Animation team
    Rabbit, same with Groove on fight except that either no one knows of its existence or, in my case No one cares

  32. Playing Waku Waku 7 is so infuriating that I'd rather just beat people up in real life.

  33. Waku Waku 7 is easily one of my favorite fighting games of all time. I found it at an arcade on a Neo Geo machine, thought "that's a weird name", switched the game and watched the intro scene. The second I realized it was a fighting game, and gave it ago. After trying a few characters, I eventual tried Mauru. They immediately became my favorite character, and one of my favorites of all time, and I don't even usually like grapplers that much! Over time it's become one of my favorite fighting games of all time, and absolutely needs more love! Oh, and seeing appearances in crossovers, or even a possible Waku Waku 7 x 2 (for fourteen characters maybe?)!

    Oh and the other games are neat too. Great video!

  34. Power Instinct was started on arcade then ported to SNES and Megadrive..
    You also didn't mention Gogetsuji as the 2.5th installment of Power Instinct.
    Except Groove on Fight and Rabbit, the local arcades in my town had all them.

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