Fighting games Beginner spent 10 hours on Guilty Gear Strive -

Fighting games Beginner spent 10 hours on Guilty Gear Strive

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  1. HC can be played two ways: zoner (which was nerfed) and rushdown. I play him like a rushdown but most people play him like a zoner, which is the unfun one to go against. I expect the winter patch to shift his power from zoning to full rushdown, with severe changes to his gunshot proprieties. Elphet in Xrd was a more oppressive version of HC, the rushdown version was especially an oppression monster.

  2. It’s always good to see someone get into guilty gear even if it’s by questionable means coom on

  3. This is definitely one of those game where if you mash and don't know what you are doing, you will lose 2/3rds health and probably the round. Welcome to diaskues vision.

  4. To add any further salt about Happy Chaos Japanese Players don't think he's busted. They're too busy still being upset over Sol and Nago

  5. See Happy Chaos might be extremely overpowered and annoying to play against

    But also

    He's hot

    So I think he's fine actually

  6. Don't forget that happy chaos's reload is one of the easiest special input commands in the game (down down p) but can be a bit triggering when they unintentionally (or intentionally) start teabagging trying to input the reload.

  7. Absolutely stellar video. You have won over my heart and sub

  8. I like fighting Happy Chaos. His zoning isn't really threatening on its own and I like the dynamic of trying make a read about when he is going to either concentrate or approach. Plus he is p helpless when you finally get on top of him.

  9. I've been WAITING for you to start Guillty Gear!!
    So happy to see you playing it!
    Good video as always!! <3

  10. 1:26

    when mans said he loves all women, HE MEANT HE LOVES ALL WOMEN.

  11. I swear ppl always say when a new game comes out its easy every single fking time i tried getting into those games it was a nightmare and far from easy sfv first example not easy at all for someone new same with gg strive i eventually got into sfv but gg strive is just idk so weird its defo not easy for newcomers also the character i like is appearently garbage Millia so that was another reason i stopped trying to get into the game but ive been kinda feeling the itch also cus testament and bridget both look cool

  12. The Bridget mirror is a fucking nightmare, man. Also, Happy Chaos really isn't that bad. You just have to dash block up to him. Bridget especially has a pretty easy time with him because you have such long-reaching buttons and can close distance quickly. I struggled against him at first, but now most of the time I don't have trouble against them when I see them below floor 10. Of course, once you get to the really good ones in F10 or Celestial, yeah they're crazy, but that's true of a lot of characters. I'd personally say that Ram, Nago, or especially Goldlewis are a lot worse to fight at higher levels (though I personally really enjoy the Nago matchup for some reason). But yeah, people just think Happy Chaos is bad because he requires a specific sort of strategy to fight effectively, and most fighting game players don't like having to think and alter their game around their opponent, but for me, that just makes the fight more interesting and engaging than someone who I can just mindlessly do my usual game plan on. Like anyone on the cast, he is a pain until you figure out how to deal with him, though. I'd say it wasn't till I was close to 100 hours in that I figured out how to really deal with him and the matchup got fun, but that's how fighting any character is really.

  13. Enjoyed this. The tutorial isn’t bad for fighting game die harder but they’re generally terrible if you’re not. Even me who’s been a life time FG player…I hate them. They don’t give timing hints or anything which is the worst part.

    FGs always inundate you with data then let you figure it out yourself. Not very helpful at all. If they treated it like a beatemup it’d make things way more manageable in addition to having proper human like AI

  14. And he was upset that Elphelt wasn’t in the game…

  15. Something that looks cool and goes beyond language is…… Tekken 🙂

  16. use 10hours become master ? what is this xxxx game

  17. You almost had a new subscriber until you showed me that theme tier list
    (jk I still subscribe)

  18. Hello thatDoubleT I'm kinda new to FG I only played MK11 on ps when come out. I moved to pc and I want to go back to fighting games I love the online cross platform aspect so which choices do I have? I know MK11 got cross play with pc same as guilty gear any other options? I want a fighting game with healthy population to play against every day after a long day at work. I appreciate any reply from you or the guys from the chat.

  19. I want to reach through the screen and put the opponent in a chokehold when they play happy chaos 🙂

  20. Lmao happy chaos is a problem for even the highly skilled players. Hotashi constantly bashes this character on twitter.

  21. The only solace I have with Happy Chaos is that he's a complete headache to play. Despite being the worst character to play against, he's also the most boring, stressful character to play. You'll likely not come across many of him because of that.

  22. My first 2D fighting game. Took me 70 hours but grinded from floor 3 to 10 and then put the game down. Potemkin for life <3

  23. new fighting game players will do stupid stuff if they can get away with it, either because they're fighting bots or because they're fighting other newbies who dont understand whats going on.
    case and point: i spent most of middle school playing blazblue calamity trigger on my PSP against bots.

    what i played: nu-13, a zoner
    how i played her: a rushdown character

    and because it was only bots i got away with it.

  24. ok, as someone whos completely new to fighting games getting into guilty gear, after getting my ass whupped with only one win in dnf duel, this is the funniest game tutorial ive ever seen. lmfao golden.

  25. PLS MORE GUILTY GEARS! PLS love ur vids!

  26. Going from Dragon Ball FighterZ to a more grounded game like Guilty Gear feels so wrong. I feel like such a twat playing Strive and I can't do any combos from the mission mode. I got decent at FighterZ but I think Strive is a game I'm going to play knowing I'm shit and can't improve, feels bad man

  27. GGST looks awesome, and like you said, the sounds are great.. it's pretty close to perfection (at least imo, since it lines up with my taste). All that is missing for me is A.B.A though.. if my key-lady gets in, it would be perfect <3

  28. HC is the definition of, "God has allowed me to live another day and I'm going to make it everyone else's problem."

  29. How you feel about happy chaos is how I feel about ken and ryu anytime I go against them as juri. Spam spam spam spam they know 2 moves and they only know 2 moves xD worst part is its almost all you play against in ranked it feels like

  30. 5:40 That sounds like terrible design:

    Why put new people on level 6, often resulting in them tumbling down and suffering loss streaks?

    Instead of putting them on level 2 or so? That should result in a better experience for them.

  31. You are wrong to hate happy chaos

    Hes hot.

  32. If fgc latif gets mad at happy chaos, you are autorized to be as well, and so are everyone

  33. Happy chaos is fairly frustrating most of the time. He has the tools to zone out, the tools to mix, and has amazing buttons (even if he is short a heavy slash) Mind you i dont think he's broken BUT, he has all the things that make a character frustrating, and is definitely one of the best characters still.
    I still face them as to attempt to learn the matchup better, but they are one of the few characters i will actively avoid fighting if im not having a good time. Awesome story glad you enjoyed your time hating happy chaos with the rest of us!

  34. As a testament main i gotta say
    "Im not gonna sugar coat it RANDOM BULLSHIT GO"

  35. "I'm turning into a Ken main!"
    Lmao. I'm glad to hear you were able to have some good times with the game!

  36. Its funny how brutally honest you are about your self in your videos.

  37. I love happy chaos I try to learn combos with him I love flinging enemies into the air and shooting them I think it’s fun

  38. Honestly play 2 characters that are completely opposite in Happy Chaos And Sin and i can tell you the joy of playing Happy chaos isn't even from spam but the pure dopamine that's injected into your eyeballs when you hit a combo with a one frame link

  39. The happy chaos counterplay is practically: hope he messes up and runs out of focus or bullets 😂. Now i think since this video he has gotten some nerfs but he’s still a menace

  40. i got the analogy about the kid the first time i watched the video but i don't anymore

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