Fighting Games are Way Too Hard to Master -

Fighting Games are Way Too Hard to Master

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  1. Fighting games are easy to learn
    Just watch a Core A Gaming video or Sajam or some shit

  2. I feel that the biggest thing that prevents people from wanting to play fighting games is that it's 1v1. In other competitive games such as Overwatch, LoL, CSGO, etc, is that you have teammates to support you when you are slacking. But in fighting games, you're all alone. Everything is up to you and every mistake you make is caused by yourself, not some teammate. I feel that most people cannot handle that which is why they prefer those other competitive games I mentioned because at the very least, you can blame your teammates, but in fighting games, you can't do that.

  3. Fighting games I enjoy it because I can turn off my brain and button mash like my life depends on it. Which I think is fun.

  4. I wanna give some genuine praise to my fellow fighting game fans in the comment section
    while i have seen a few bad eggs, 75% of the responses and comments i've seen have been respectful and intelligent counter points about why fighting games are often wrongly seen as difficult to get into, and have given encouragement to those unsure about them
    Keep up the good work lads!

  5. Finally. People who play it as a party game. That's what it is.

  6. Nah, fuck the execution in fighting games. It's generally easier to do flashy things and get satisfaction from game genres like FPS, MOBAs, Singleplayer action games etc.

  7. Fighting games are hard for the first two games… Or even the first one after that its just like candy

  8. I see you came from the recent trash Taste Episode to check out the comments if this video

  9. When you've spent 5 years mastering the combos and techniques, then play with your friend and they beat you mashing the buttons.

  10. reading the comments and seeing random toxicity just because of an opinion jesus christ

  11. I think having that depth is what makes the games very fun. The skill is endless. But having a good balance of easy character to help ease that stress definitely is something that all games must have. But frames are something thar definitely scare many people away

  12. Anyone that plays moba can play fighting games. The question is, can you give the time needed to overcome the high starting learning curve in order to get that first legit win to start your career? That's up to you to decide.

    This is why I understand why the gang can't throw themselves into fighting games right now.

  13. I got a friend who plays Melee competitively and it’s all he talks about

  14. Funny to me he mentions learning frame data and what not. I think that's a very few number of people who look very hard into that to ensure their victory. My friend in smash has no concept of frames and doesn't care to learn it, because he monkey brain spams F-smash and Up-smash as Olimar and none of the locals ever understood how to deal with it. Likewise a lot of people just go by feeling or repetition as to when things work and dont work at lower levels.

  15. I practice real martial arts and I apply the same concepts in real martial arts to fighting games. They take practice and experience to become good at, but once you know the game they are fun.

  16. From Someone coming from LoL saying that fighting is to hard baffles me. There are like a 100 shitty things to do on LOL to actually enjoy that game and at the end of the day you don't even enjoy it and hate that fucking game.

  17. stares in 900 hours in 3 different fighting games

  18. There is no difficulty curve in fighting games. It's a difficulty cliff.

  19. Yes a fighting game could be hard but it depends on the game itself if it’s something like Power Rangers battle for the grid this game is a really simple to get into it doesn’t take that long of a time to get used to the controls and do combos easily and it’s probably one of my favorite fighting games but if you’re wanting something a bit more technical you play something like Tekken where you have to learn your 3-D space or if you just want to go and play a game that’s hard to do combos but are Really satisfying you play Street fighter Basically there’s just different levels to fighting games hard medium and easy in my opinion

  20. Fighting games ARE in the 'easy to learn, hard to master' category.

    The problem is that many people think they have to learn combos and frame rates (or even tech/counter moves). You don't have to when you're starting out. That's more for advanced/pro players (the types you see at tournaments and such).

  21. the learning curve for a fighting game is no harder than any other competitive game that you prefer. imagine someone who hasn’t played an fps going into some public over watch games. or someone that hadn’t played a moba just waltzing into league of legends. chances are if you don’t like fighting games, it’s because you lost and you don’t have a teammate to blame it on

  22. I mean really, you only have to worry about frame data if you're at that sponsored pro tournament player level. Most beginners have this unfortunate misconception that frame data and combos are everything.

  23. the sad things about fighting games is you're too good against your friends but not good enough to play competitively outside your group.

  24. I find that that the reward of improving at a fighting game is NOT worth the time or effort it takes to get to that point.

  25. tekken I can take time and learn, street fighter to me is impossible. imo the hardest fighting ever, purely made for hardcore players. theres just too much crap button combos you gotta remember in a street fighter game.

  26. Fighting games to a new player is like skipping to the final boss in any other type of game. In a normal game you have a few hrs of experience first but you don't have that if its your first few matches.

  27. Damn Joey's shirt is really pretty. I want one like that.

  28. Found this video now and there's a nice series of videos by Sajam talking about this perception that fighting games are so much harder to learn than other genres.

  29. you can't really button smash which is why
    Smash isn't easy to learn all my newcomer fans can't cope with it

  30. Fighting games (normally) are really lacking in solo play recently. I used to live in soul caliber IV not everyones favourite I know but there was a tower mode that got harder the higher you climbed. More games need something like this so beginners have a safe enjoyable place to get better.

  31. Honestly people like to say its not as hard as you think to learn fighting games, but it really is. Not even inputs or frame data or any of that bullshit, but the fact that you have to take L's constantly. Ive had to give up on learning fighting games since i literally just never improve at them past the 3 month mark, but some people give up much earlier because its literally having to get shit on and force yourself to learn mechanics or moves that beat your ass constantly. FighterZ for example, Z broly ki blasts giving you trouble? Gonna have to learn what he can and cant do with them, whats the best situation to use em in, whats the best way to get around em. Then comes the problem of finding people who play him to a decent level, especially someone that is willing to even give the shit player the time of day to help them learn to play around that one move, which can take fucking ages (most EU discords for fighting games ive been in fucking hate newbies, especially Tekken so i was fucked in that regard). You dont have that? Better pray to god you find that character in ranked or casual because otherwise the shit you learnt to beat that move will escape your mind and now you are back to taking the L from it.

    Most people dont want to take Ls over and over because it literally is a job to do that and then learn, most people play games for fun but with fighting games depending on how fast you learn you dont have the luxury of taking it easy especially if you dont have friends to learn together with. Its the sad reality. The perception of killing someone in a MOBA or shooter will feel better because it gives you gratification which can drive you to keep going, getting beaten over and over by someone much better than you in an FG because you got in a year late and the community has barely any newbies to learn together with can suck. Simple as that.

  32. Fighting games are bullshit. Who the fuck thought putting option selects in fighting games was a good idea? Much less not putting any discernible means of figuring out that they exist in the game short of discovering them by accident. Once I learned that option selects existed I gave up. I have a hard enough time performing combos normally, much less putting other inputs in between each attack. Fuck that.

  33. I used to hate fighting games growing up. simply because I didn't own a console when I was a kid and whenever I get to play with friends I always get destroyed. But I always appreciate watching the actual games. Then later on at my 20s, I had already developed the patience from learning music in my teens, that's the time I would enjoy playing the games even tho I know I'm a total scrub.

  34. There are a variety of fighting games with varying levels of execution and difficulty. It's up to you to find out what interests you. I reccomend you all try some of the main titles to get your feet wet. There are tons of resources to help you along with communities.

    However the only hard thing about fighting games is playing without practicing key fundamentals. The only people who genuinely don't like fighting games are people who flat out don't want to actually learn them. Which is a shame because with proper guidance any fighting game can turn into one of the most enjoyable games of fast paced chess. There's confidence in repetitions so 20-30 minutes of practice mode will help you more than kill you….practice mode isn't only for combos.

    Make friends not enemies in fighting games. A community can help you go from complete beginner to a pretty damn competent player in any game!

  35. The other guy has the right take, they're not insanely difficult to learn but are difficult to play against competitive players and it's not the games fault. Some players take games more seriously than others like any other competitive game like FPSs or MOBAs. Some cities have actual fighting game scenes but in life in general you'll always find someone better at you in something.

  36. Fighterz is the only fighting game I played and I love it

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