Fighting Games are Way Too Hard to Master -

Fighting Games are Way Too Hard to Master

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  1. Then when you find out your main is one of the worst characters in the game and now you need to start all over, and there's like 70+ characters. May as well just kms

  2. Back in high school my homie and I would get super high and play street fighter on his old ps1, he would beat my ass lol I’m trash at those games

  3. Casual to pro level is like when Luffy discovered about Haki

  4. Of course he only talked about fucking combos and frame data, as if those are the only aspects that you need to master in order to succeed. It's not like spacing, reads anti-airs, conditioning, setplay, gameplans, etc. exist, right? It's not like knowing how to avoid and block mixups or stray hits in neutral, while punishing mistakes is more important than knowing how to do a corner-only, heavy character-specific, counterhit crouching heavy attack-starter combo, that only works if you have 5 bars of meter and 2 assists…

  5. And then there's me, who prefers single player and story engagement. What fighting games can I play then when I can easily watch the story mode on youtube?

  6. Conner: I don’t like fighting games.

    Litterally the entire tutorial/video essay side of the FGC: Allow us to introduce ourselves, casual maggot

  7. Core A gaming and Leon Massey make some good fighting game analysis videos if you ever wanna get into them

  8. Fighting games aren't the hardest, you can win without learning optimal combos.

  9. Wait till these guys here about mugen games

  10. Lucie’s Guard [8th Apostle of the Twelve] says:

    Connor seems to think that Fighting games ask you do combos but just mashing at your opponent will get you really far once you figure out what to mash at people
    Also I think it’s really important for people to come to tournaments just to watch because not enough people watch fighting games and bring attention to the genre

  11. Trash Taste: Fighting games are so hard to master
    Me: Masters any fighting game in less than 2 months

  12. My problem is that I'm uncoordinated. It's no use, I tried but I'm not fast enough to input so many goddamn complex moves in a heartbeat. And while I try to figure out how to do so, I'm being crushed once again. Thanks but it ain't meant for me.

  13. my first taste of a fighting game is Tekken and speaking from experience its very hard to play other fighting games even smash.Tekken has very specific buttons and games with simple controls like Smash and other fighting games, its hard for me to control.

  14. I don't playing against friends bc I'm a sore loser and winner, it applies to arcade as well… the only game I like playing against friends is ping pong/badminton/tenis

  15. Lol, I think this was the most honest assessment of why people can't get into fighters that I have ever heard.

  16. Look I just think its fun to lose 80% of my health on one combo alone fighting game rounds are way to short like I play dbfz a lot and it really annoying to get hit once in that game since when you get hit you lose one mistake shouldnt have to cost you the game I didnt buy the game just to get beaten up for 30 seconds straight

  17. I will say that nowadays, many games have been starting to appeal to a broader demographic that doesn't play video games by making the difficulty curve a lot smaller, which is something many people forget. As one would expect, many of these games may or may not have kept up good ways of dealing with it, like autocombos being easy to do but nevertheless will get you no where, buttons being taken away and just simplification of commands. Therefore I find it a bit odd that many people say that smash or rivals of aether are more superior than any of the other fighting games.

  18. What i like about fighting games is i train for a week or a month after i bought the game then after i master some good combo i will ask my little brother to play with me and destroyed him

  19. ikr the reason i like game like league is the trash talkin when you are winning

  20. I'm a Tekken player, and a Bryan main, i got past the learning curve relatively quickly, but then again my older cousin, who plays Tekken in the pros, helped me learn a lot

  21. Rule #1 on how to be good at fighting games: choose a game and character to play, then dedicate yourself to learning that one character

  22. I get that playing them alone is a frustrating and you dont care enough but playing tekken with my friends is the funniest most competitive thing

  23. Tekken is better than smash in terms of personal progression imo

  24. fighting games are really meant to be played with friends

  25. Street Fighter is the best fighting game for me

  26. The enjoyment of fighting games for me is the self-expression. You can literally tell who someone is, based upon the way they move their character. Fighting games are very personal. Its like playing poker 1v1. You learn a lot about each other, each other's tendencies, and strength/weakness. It hurts the soul when someone knew you were gonna do x, before you made the choice to do x. If you got a big ego problem or have that attitude of "oh I don't even get to play T.T" because someone advises you to not push buttons for like 4 seconds… you're not gonna have fun. People who think they are talented at everything they do, HATE fighting games.

  27. Commenting now since he’s trying out and learning how to play Guilty Gear Strive with Iron Mouse.

  28. For me it's really hard to get into fighting games, because I live in the middle of nowhere and can't get any good connection to anyone. And all my friends are already defeated by me so they are not an option either. At least I can somewhat play Strive, thanks to amazing netcode, there are still a lot of lags but at least I can control my character half of the time.

  29. Connor : fighting games are hard
    Me: why u complaining I'm here 13 maining terry,guile,Jin,

  30. people saying that dark souls is just as hard as fighting games sorry but in dark souls you dont preform combos that are impossible for the casual player or frame perfect cancels. in dark souls its just rolling and hitting, fighting games are not popular to play for a reason

  31. I wonder how Connor reacted to fighting games joining smash. Especially Kazuya

  32. It’s interesting too cus once you make it more beginner friendly, like fighterz, you get frustrated at people who don’t actually play to improve they just mash at an unprecedented rate so you can’t actually be ready for higher levels when you get there cus practicing on real people requires people that don’t play like bots. So there’s trade offs to making it more friendly for noobs in the idea that it takes forever to get to a point where the fights feel tense and interesting.

  33. "There are no lores"

    Guilty Gear and Blazblue: U saying sumting?

  34. And here I am in fighting games, never memorising combos… RANDOM BUTTON MASH! IF I DONT KNOW WHAT THE ACTUAL F I'M DOING, NEITHER WILL MY ENEMY.

  35. Man as a fighting game player this does hurt to hear a little bit. They aren’t as hard to get into as people think, and in most games you really don’t need to look up combos or frame data as a beginner. Everyone is so afraid to get in to this genre that I love so much because of misconceptions like these.

  36. Fighting Games are not inheritly harder than any other genre of competitive games.

  37. Fighting games are more fun when you realize they are party games.

  38. I play tekken and tbh for a combo heavy game, i have never ever counted frames, counting frames is something that professional do more. Knowing combos is not a necessity.

  39. dude fighting games are easy, yeah it takes skill to play fighting games and there's people who put years into them but they're still very simple to understand, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how to play a fighting game, well that's just how i see it.

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