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Fighting Games Are Insanely Difficult

Avoiding The Puddle
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Aris’ early copy of Injustice 2 has reaffirmed some of his thoughts about fighting games.

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  1. love that he picks resident evil and and darksouls as the easy games XD

  2. Talking about how hard fighting games are as he is coming dead last in the racing game xd

  3. This is just like every esports game. League dota ESPECIALY starcraft. Shit like that. Aris just only sees one view, that which is someone who is good at fighting games. And mobas like league or dota can be argued that they are even harder as you have to add in teamwork and the ability to play any character and know every role. Just sayin fighting games are not special.

    Oh and the reason that fighting games are not as popular is because while learning every esport game sucks, at least in league/dota/cs:go/overwatch, it's a lot easier do it with a friend or two.

  4. Apparently even games like Power Rangers for Game Gear are hard- James and Mike floundered around and NEVER discovered that everyone's supers are done exactly the same way. And they chose the most entry level input needed, which is down then forward (which you can still hit with QCF). Anyone familiar with Ryu will accidentally discover the movelist this way.

  5. People are willing to invest over 500 hours into something like skyrim, but can't spend 15 minutes learning how not to drop a combo, cmon son.

  6. I'm very sorry, but is he even a gamer? Also thinking that fighting game experts aren't bookworn smart is insulting, or maybe you think they are but…

  7. You spend hours in practice mode only to get destroyed by better players.
    You feel frustrated because you feel like your effort is pointless.
    But then it happens.
    That powerful almost orgasmic feelings you get after winning.
    You knew what they'd do, their moves and tactics and you counted it. All that practice paid off.
    The feeling of TRULY outskilling someone.
    A feeling that other games don't give you because they try to give you a lot of easy rewards for barely any effort.

    That's how fighting games makes you hooked.

  8. I remember spending a whole day trying to do electrics and still only being able to do them like 10% of the time.

  9. As someone who has never been able to input any combo that requires more than two steps, with anything that remotely resembles consistency, this is so relevant to me. I consistently get top of the leaderboards in FPS games but I have no clue how anyone does anything other than button mash in fighting games.

  10. been playing tekken for years.
    after working hard and practicing for countless of hours, I'm proud to say that I've finally come to terms that I'm hot garbage at the game

  11. Isnt that what we love though? The reward is still being bronze after being in the lab for 18 hours!

  12. Unless you are talking about Dota2. It takes thousands of hours to learn and still then you are still shit.

  13. I call it gamer smart. Like strategy games like League and Dota. It's all these calculations, sort of like chess but better as things are constantly changing.

  14. Master one simple combo after many hours
    Alright…this should be enough

    Finally execute the starter perfectly after a hundred match of playing only to realize that combo doesn't work on small characters
    Well fuck me with the Joystick of my arcade stick…

    Still love fighting games though.

  15. There might've been a better example than Dark Souls.

  16. Easily the most newcomer un-friendly genre in the industry. BY FAR

  17. When my 72 damage combo doesn't land the last hit against Gigas and I have to wonder who else is going to make me whiff the end of my wall carry…

  18. Is there anyone on the planet who can actually flawlessly and efficiently 100% (or 90%) backdash cancel ?

  19. Spend hours practicing combos but still get bodied because all I do is button mash in actual matches. Fighting games require such a high level of meticulous, long practice that it puts people off. Spending over a hundred hours trying to practice 1 character and you're still only stratching the surface

  20. Fighting games are hard to me, because the A.I. is aggressive as hell, sometimes even on the Easy difficulty

  21. If you can memorize a phone number you can do a combo

  22. I can certainly relate not just with fighting games but also with strategy games specifically Starcraft. Learning build orders, push timings, identifying cheese, other counter strategies that counter that cheese, upgrade tiers, unit tiers, different maps, micromanaging, and (especially in Brood War) certain quirks in the game like bunching up mutas in order to keep them clustered. Games have come a long way since pong and frogger.

  23. the funny thing is now that i'm actively trying to learn fighting games, no other game feels as rewarding or challenging. it's a god damned sickness.

  24. Spend 20+ hours within the first week of purchasing the game just to get my ass kicked because i can't block lucky Chloe's lows

  25. Wrong. Flight sims and racing sims take a lot of time to master. Proper FPS take a lot of time to master. MOBAs aren't generally as demanding on execution, but the complexity of the decision space is far greater than in fighting games. Fighting games, including their combos, are actually easier (or at least simpler) than those genres. The execution in fighting games only requires proper timing of discrete inputs. That's what good musicians do routinely. Racing skills require eye to hand coordination and good feel of the car, i.e. modeling the multidimensional state of the vehicle in your head and providing continuous inputs based on that, trying to also optimize them to cut the time to the finish line.

  26. I have 200 hours on SFV and I still don't know how to play the game, this is very true, and I am retarded

  27. absolutely true, its the reason they're the best games, they can't just be 'figured out'. It's a person on the other end, and they can change and react, and you always can get another opponent. Fighting games are beautiful.

  28. The reward for time spent in fighting games is the value of personal improvement. I wish more developers realized how rewarding that can be.

  29. Blazblue
    Smash (not really fighting game but you get what I mean)
    All these games have the exact same shit going around
    …. And aris forgot to mention that even after all this all your effort is naught cause you get paired up vs a dude who's been playing since day 1 or is just really good… And they don't let you okay the game… At all

  30. "You're not even good, you're trash, still. You're TRASH! Garbage. You're so shitty – you'll never win"
    I feel personally attacked!

  31. The only fighting games that are difficult are Marvel vs Capcom and it's clones and Super Smash Bros. and it's clones.

  32. "One combo, in the corner, when im not nervous" lmao. hella true
    Whoohoo I'm some kind of smart!

  33. Stoner smart?
    I hope someone makes a mod for Tekken 7 that shows frame data in practice mode.

  34. Ive been wanting to get into fighting games and this is what's been stopping me from committing. Lol

  35. Haha, i love the juxtaposition between another game giving you a reward for your dedication and with fighting games "you're still trash." It's like a life lesson. We're always trash, but do something you care about and your work is it's own reward.

  36. Like retard strength, fighting gamers are a special kind of smrt.

  37. I believe the phrase you are looking for is Autism Smart.

  38. I know I'm late but I was just watching some Tekken videos and this popped up..
    I think fighting games aren't as popular as other games because they are hard to learn and it's even harder to master. Other games can definitely give the feeling of practicing for hours without a reward but they are at least easier to get into.

    Rocket League for example. Everyone can drive around and hit the ball and in a few hours you can start winning online games. But once you start taking it seriously you will have to spend hours upon hours learning new stuff and failing hard. But that's the fun of these games. Same goes for high level shooters, racing games and I can think of many more. Dark Souls was the opposite for me, it was hard to get into but once it clicked it became pretty easy.

    I'm looking for a new challenge that's why Tekken is intriguing me right now, the only new thing to overcome is that when you start playing a fighting game you have no fucking idea what to do but practice and try to become less terrible each time you play. It's hard as fuck and that's the fun of it for a lot of people but it's not for everyone.

  39. I don’t know what Fighting games you guys are playing. I got to gold with Ryu by poking with medium kick and anti airing people with cr.hp

  40. That’s why I like fighting games. It cost $60 for a game you never master. That’s replay value

  41. Yall are acting like doing a basic combo is the hardest thing in the world, like its really not that difficult

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