Fighting Games Are For Everyone* -

Fighting Games Are For Everyone*

Leon Massey
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*But watch the video you pee pee head.

List of games (in order of appearance):
Ultra Street fighter 4
Halo 3
League of Legends
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
Fantasy Strike
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
Tekken 7
Counter Strike
Valorant (I’m f***in board)
Granblue Fantasy Verses
Fighting EX Layer
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Fall Guys
Them’s Fightin Herds
Power Rangers; Battle For The Grid
Super Smash Bros Melee
Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX
Street Fighter 5
SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike


  1. This tittle bogus as Epstein killing himself.

  2. This video made me buy guilty gear on sale, after 60 loses in a row I finally got 2 wins with haehyun, the community of the game is also super friendly 😀

  3. 9:48
    Can we talk about that "three" pronunciation though?

  4. Ah yes, the Mishima Vortex. Once you enter it, every other character disappears from your mind forever.

  5. I think the big thing for me is, like the video stated, I have to find that "hook". That character or that moveset that really do it for me. I'll usually know the character just by seeing them once, if not their still image than their actual gameplay. It's just a connection that lets me know "Yeah, THAT'S the one that's going to keep me playing this game."

  6. Leon, I know im really late but I decided to comment so yeah. Anyways you should play either “Fight of Animals” or if your a little more religious “Fight of Gods” I am not joking both of those games honestly impressed me mechanically and I really loved how each fight flowed. So yeah play them pls 😀

  7. In my opinion the easiest fighting games to get into were USFIV and MK9. The older games are much harder to get used to but when you do they become really fun (personal favorite is 3d strike). Tekken is a game I could never get into even though I played like 3 or 4 tekken games.

  8. Dude who hopped on accentcore plus as I started this video

  9. That point about needing a hook to get into a game really spoke to me lol. I remember when i picked up skullgirls for the first time with my friends and immediately gravitated towards cerebella. I knew that she was a grappler from a few things i'd seen, and i love grapplers, so she was an obvious pick. She also had an alt color that represents the flag of my country so, another reason to play her, i thought. I spent 5 minutes learning her moves, went into a match with my friends and got folded. We were all new to the game, but something wasn't clicking for me the way that it was for my friends. "Well, what if i try the other grappler?" I thought, while switching over to beowulf. I tried his moves and his combos for some reason felt really awkward to me. I got folded again and was once again knocked back to the characrer select screen. I spent a few seconds browsing the characters, and one of them just happened to catch my eye…
    "Hey, what's this character's gimmick?" I asked. And my friend responded with: "well, he's kinda like a one man band but also a robot made entirely out of instruments." I was caught by surprise and said "huh, that sounds weird…" wasn't planning on picking him up, but decided to look at his color pallets. "Oh look, he has a third strike Q color. I think i'm gonna play him for a bit." With only 4 minutes of learning his moves and normals, they ALL clicked for me. Everything i tried to do with Big band just worked, and that's because every single one of his moves was made for me. After that day, i have put a thousand hours into this game, and i only play band. Oorah brother

  10. Nah we're in the good timeline where +R has rollback so people in the west are playing it

  11. Can't find a character? Just pick the busty chick

  12. You are right about the aesthetic part, I personally can't even be bothered with most of them since they look like a weeb's paradise, or some other stupid shit like ponies. I think Street Fighter does it well, and Tekken too. They don't look weebish enough that they make me wanna vomit, they also don't look plain and boring like an NRS game.

  13. 11:07, you can hear him getting challenged on fightcade with the sound "N-n-now, Fight a new Rival!"

  14. A great thing to try is games with great single player content like Project Plus (super smash bros brawl mod you can play on any pc) or Slap City.

  15. "…Or your a smasher."

    Me, at that moment:
    (´◦ω◦`) uhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  16. I will never understand why people won’t want to get into a fighting game purely because of the aesthetics or “look.”
    It’s so shallow to me.

  17. Oh no, moments of this video are so very very horrible and so very very terrible.

  18. His season 1 Tekken example is how I felt with marvel vs Capcom, I didn't really get invested until Dante fell into my grasp

  19. nothing pisses fighting game players more than telling them winning actually helps you learn just as much as losing.

  20. We should like play Strive together.

    I really vibe with Eddie

    Shit I mean Zato, I blame my first game being Accent Core back in 2012

  21. “Nobody in the West is even playing [+R]”

    ……that didn’t age very well.

  22. I got into fighting games through a friend who played Guilty Gear and wasn’t that good at it, so he suggested I get the game so we can fight each other and both get better. I’m happy I did get the game because it’s really fun, although the Xrd servers are dead af, and I’m still not that good, but I mean at least I had fun and that my friend isn’t complete garbage at the game anymore.

  23. Man this reminds of one of my first online sfv matches when I was stuck against some tryhard akuma player. I get hit with the raging demon and I'm like…ok…this is fun. Also doesn't help that I paid $60 for a game that's worth maybe $20.

  24. I remember when I got into Tekken, I prefer them fast fighting games, BlazBlue as well is a fast fighting game for people who prefer these games

  25. Great video.
    I really hate Guilty Gear where everything is + on block. 0 neutral and 500% combo game.
    Season 3 Akuma death combos feel fair compared to this.

  26. Well if you want complexity Virtua Fighter 5 is calling. There never seems to be one good option for any scenario so you're constantly guessing where your opponent is going to go next and every option has a solid response too so it comes down to smart play (evasion and blocking have a good synergy that makes it rewarding to figure out what you want to do next).

  27. I mean fighting games are for everyone who likes competitive player vs player multiplayer games. Unless you can recommend a fighting game with an actually worthwhile PvE experience.

  28. There's only 2 characters in GranBlue that I like, Beeazlebub, and Sora

  29. I disagree. In a populated game, a scrubby player will win 5 matches against worst players, then lose, and blame that loss on something other than themselves and they never get better.

  30. my first non-platform fighter was skullgirls lmao

  31. Shaheen is why I got hooked on Tekken. I prefer Kazuya storyline wise and looks wise, but the skill level required was a bit too much whether on stick or pad. Shaheen was a nice middle ground of looking cool, doing flashy combos, but also teaching me the complexities of Tekken. You can play Shaheen as a scrub or at a high level like LowHigh and get good satisfaction out of the game. I’ve mained him throughout all seasons.

    Picking “that character” in a fighting game can mean the difference between playing the game everyday for years or not at all.

  32. Make a JRPG that uses fighting game's features during combat instead of the ATB system in Final Fantasy games, and maybe I'll play…

    Fighting games just feel like fighting one boss after another without anything in between each fighter…and mashing in combos feels about as fun as mashing in cheats codes in 80's and 90's games……..

  33. you can also just include diffrent game modes that make the game fun for casuals. something like TDM, zombie mode and Infected in COD where the main objective is not to win but to get killstreaks, survive or work togheter. a coop story mode like those old arcade games. a mode where one person gets overpowered for a short period of time and the other has to dodge and block while collecting things. there is probably something you can do!

  34. the thing is fighting games need more modes the only reason smash is fun for casuals is often because of items and that more than 2 people can play so you dont constantly have to blame the same person for you not being good

  35. It’s funny that this is why I never left MKX and dropped MK11, because I wasn’t interested in any of the characters. Also one of the games I want to try is Strive but so far I haven’t seen any character that’s interests me.

  36. SNK Heroines being the go-to pick for game you absolutely should not give a shot no matter what is pretty ironic, considering it absolutely is a very fun and unique fighting game that is also easy to learn. The online is trash, but if the imaginary scenario where your buddies want to give it a fair shake actually happens you should definitely dive in. It combines aspects of Smash Bros. and air dashers in an environment where blocking is very easy yet extremely dangerous and meter management is vital.

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