Fighting Games Are For Everyone* -

Fighting Games Are For Everyone*

Leon Massey
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*But watch the video you pee pee head.

List of games (in order of appearance):
Ultra Street fighter 4
Halo 3
League of Legends
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
Fantasy Strike
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
Tekken 7
Counter Strike
Valorant (I’m f***in board)
Granblue Fantasy Verses
Fighting EX Layer
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Fall Guys
Them’s Fightin Herds
Power Rangers; Battle For The Grid
Super Smash Bros Melee
Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX
Street Fighter 5
SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike


  1. What happened with the developers of Skullgirls?

  2. My favorite fighting game of course is Blazblue…..Is made for me …So Perfect and too much content and Big Variety of Characters and Mods …..and Great lore and deep story with masterpiece Music…i love it too much even if I'm such a noob in fighting games…

  3. For Honor – Hitokiri (Variable Timing is a drug and I refuse to go in to re-hab)

  4. The reception of Them's Fighting Herds/Skullgirls and the reception of Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite aren't really comparable. The first two are indie games with unique art styles, the last one has Capcom and Disney involved and it looked like a mobile game.

  5. When he mentions the smashers i felt guilty

  6. You should play this cool game called Guilty Gear xrd

  7. Look guys it's an anime character and it looks like a child!!! How disgusting am I right fellow redditors? FBI meme hahahah!!!

  8. I only play Soul Calibur 6 and GG Xrd .. The rest, I don't like .. Totsugekiii !!! 🐬🐬🐬

  9. This is where sucking irl friends into a rabbit hole pays off. My friends and I really love Dragon Ball and been oogling DBFZ for quite sometime, but our fighting game experience was Smash and one or two other games like kof or sf2.

    So we all came in blind with picking whoever we liked, and we started learning and getting better as we played as noobs, then learning combos until we could slowly match-up vs other people

  10. i hate how similar we are, ill put hours into a game even when i never find a character who clicks. then i go play minecraft.

  11. As soon as I saw Faust’s super in xrd where he shows you the new world doctor style, I really wanted to get into fighting games. I knew then and there “man I wanna start playing fighting games if I get to finger DIO that’d be lit”

  12. For me, I can't play many fighting games because French Bread games really spoiled me with reverse beats to the point where I physically can't play any fighting game that doesn't have this mechanic.

  13. Yeah that happened to me. I picked up Umvc3 in 2016, got bodied, gave up.

  14. fun fact i dont play fighting games i watch this videos for the reason of LEARNING

  15. Just had a thought, and it may be just me. But, the whole issues of the creators only really comes up when the creator is still in the background rubbing their hands together while licking their lips and winking suggestively.

  16. Wait is that Koihime Musou? The VN was like watching cute anime girls do a Chinese play with screaming eloquent war cries. Great story

  17. A couple of my friends play tekken every other day and I've been wanting to get into it for years now, I started playing last week and it's fucking insane to me how much shit I have to learn to be somewhat decent in the game

  18. I'm still waiting for a fighting game that isn't a Super Smash Bros or a DragonBall Z Budokai 3 to give me fun.

  19. "Youre either a person who's decently well invested in fighting games or youre a smasher"

    that hit a little too close to home

  20. I think fighting games need to implement more learning tools. I think both MK 11 and guilty gear strive have pretty good tools for teaching players more advanced topics while also not being overwhelming but in some other fighting games it kinda feels like your being thrown in and told to just figure it out.

  21. guilty gear strive is out now babyyy noone in southeast asia is even online lets gooo

  22. I just picked up Guilty gear strive hopefully this game will hook me i already picked up a few wins and its my first fighting game ever

  23. How people don't like Skullgrisl?The animation is so good and fluid…Ohh..try battle fantasia and tell me what you think!^^

  24. wanna stroke your ego buy gg strive put your feet on your fight stick and totsugeki spam online

  25. I like fighting games on a surface level. I love the characters, music, visuals and how combos look when good players do them. I just can't get into em much because it takes too much devotion, and I play too many games to focus on getting good at 1 of them.

  26. Now that Leon blew up, he needs to give Arcana Heart a shot to make up for dissing it in his breakthrough video. #shill

  27. My favorite fighting game is dark souls 3

  28. Hisoutensoku. 11 Year old fighter. New player. What could go wrong?

  29. I am personally in love with FighterZ because of its simplicity. My friend just got the game and we are having a blast learning shit doing un optimal combos against each other and generally dicking around.

  30. I wanted to become a content creator for legends of runeterra, but I'm pretty bad at card games.

    When the fighting game comes, i hope i can manage to play it

  31. It happens to me
    I'm pretty good playing mortal kombat and street fighter, but i suck playing games like blazblue or others that looks like some mugen

  32. Faust slander will NOT be tolerated on this website

  33. I thought I liked fighting games. Turns out I just like Tekken 4.

  34. Imagine being new to any fighting game and playing online instead of offline.

  35. I finally put my finger on your style! This is sequelitis but for fighting games, love it!!

  36. Persona 4 arena on xbox is a really weird example as some people just picked it up as well as the rare veteran

  37. A buddy of mine who plays exclusively fighting games recommendeded this video. I don't play fighting games, I primarily do FPS and RPGs so I'll give an opinion based on what I believe is your targeted audience for this video. The main reason I dont play fighting games is not simply "you must be bad, you suck, or git gud," it's the opening to this video you made and understanding how to play the game. I play games that look cool, have interesting characters, and something that I can play with friends offline.

    Everything that you said was spot on until the 4:45 mark, after that is where I think the divide starts. A game that is simplistic even with minor options is a great fit for me and would probably get more play from me. The simplicity of a game is good for non fighting game players, but your reasoning for hating the game is from a fighting game exclusive mindset. Lack of advanced options means this game sucks and alot of variety of moves and effects make it great.

    The point I am making is this video, whether intended or not, is attempting to explain why people who dont like something are the way that they are. This is something that is not easy to do, but is a common topic I hear all the time when it comes to fgc and the "new player experience." Also keep in mind, fighting games just might be something people don't like. Basketball is just throwing a ball into a hoop, anyone can play it, but not everyone will like it. If you dont like Basketball, there's more to it than "git gud or you just suck" so why is this the only thing I hear when I tell and even forum posts to those who vocally say I dont like fighting games?

    There's alot of reasons but this is the broad answer. I think the video by Extra Credit explains this very well.

    EDIT: 9:35 ish mark also is a great point that you make about street fighter and the other game (X-art I think). Your semi frustration for learning a game is because you have no prior knowledge of the concept of the game and are only assisted by prior game genre knowledge. Most fighting games now rely on players having previous experience and my biggest issue with the genre is "3RD PARTY RESOURCES" I should not rely on the internet, other 'professionals' to understand how your game or product works. Your game should explain what the hell is going on, and that is why I would hold Skullgirls very high as a game that would get me interested in playing.

  38. While Apache MGS says that Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is his favorite fighting game, I have to say I prefer Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

  39. Picking the character that you think is the coolest isn't always the best idea. Ever since I bought Dragon Ball Fighterz, I've been a Majin Buu main. The problem is that Majin Buu is very beginner-unfriendly, so now I swim in the deep end of the pool that is DBFZ.

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