Fighting Games Are For Everyone* -

Fighting Games Are For Everyone*

Leon Massey
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*But watch the video you pee pee head.

List of games (in order of appearance):
Ultra Street fighter 4
Halo 3
League of Legends
Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2
Fantasy Strike
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
Tekken 7
Counter Strike
Valorant (I’m f***in board)
Granblue Fantasy Verses
Fighting EX Layer
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Fall Guys
Them’s Fightin Herds
Power Rangers; Battle For The Grid
Super Smash Bros Melee
Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX
Street Fighter 5
SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike


  1. The way I play Fighting games is that I first go through the SP part of it and test out most if not all characters. Too see which one I had the easiest time with and which one I've learned the most moves with.

    Then I try to up the difficulty a bit but Fighting game have this weird behavior of making the game just ramp up the difficulty higher and higher when you get to the last fight so now it's not on the easiest setting anymore, it's on Hard or higher. Which for people who want to learn will just hit a brick wall. Fuck you I-No in Guilty Gear XX2 while playing Dizzy story line.

    But after all that. I go like, "Okay, I'm pretty good at the game now, I can defeat higher level AI somewhat well, lets try the MP" Proceeds to lose every single round.
    This has been in Street Fighter 5 and DBZ fighting game so far. Even though I've played Guilty Gear series the most. Mostly Sol.

    The online part of fighting games are easily some of the hardest to get into. Finding a person around your skill is nearly impossible because all of the higher ranked people have accidentally chased the lower ones away. I don't blame them. They need to rank up too.

    So I play them for the story and call it a day, then go to Battlefield game where I've been called a blatant aimbotter and feel good that way instead. Even better when I get to kill the accuser repeatedly on range with DMR. Love it.

  2. This is such a great video, I have friends that always try to get me to play new games with them but A. these are more often than not new games that are full priced or popular games that don't go down in price for years, every instance of me buying a game for them was an instant regrettable purchase because I either didn't like the game or we never got around to actually playing it together, biggest regret was Monster Hunter World, knew I wasn't gonna like it, got it anyway for the friends, we never got into the game. Right now one of my friends is trying to get me to buy Guilty Gear Strive and that's a 60$ game from a series I have no opinion on when I'm not making any money, I have money saved up but if it's not a necessary purchase or something I want I don't care.

  3. I bought tekken on steam sale and i couldnt necessarily get into it, when i looked for more fighting games to play i remembered fightcade cause of an old game i wanted to try and play (cant remember which) and that it had a bunch of fighting games on it. I got into street fighter 3rd strike and ive been hooked and playing with a few friends has been really fun

  4. Ay this is a good video. Think I'll have an intimate moment with the subscribe button.

  5. Anyone else paused on the “hentai games” gag so you could buy them too?

  6. I usually say that I don't like fighting games, and I have a friend who is super good at fighting games tell me I just don't want to spend the hours into learning one. We sometimes play tekken/ street fighter/ SNK / Smash / DBFZ / U MvC 3 or w/e together. The thing i don't like is how I miss an input and I have to watch a 40 second cutscene with 80-100% of my health bar gone. I sometimes enjoy playing with people as clueless as me (tho i get bored rather quick), cause we get in 1-2 hits and then go back to spamming shit in the air. But I don't have the patience to see my self repeatedly get beaten up for the offchance I learn something. And that comes from someone that can spend hundreds of hours into games like Destint 2 or Black Desert or w/e. So maybe, fighting games are not for everyone

  7. That's why I picked up DBFZ after getting overwhelmed in Street fighter. It has four buttons and 8 directions

  8. After watching a bunch of your videos I'm learning this channel is just a long running chance to put down Jack-O


  9. I like how he says he's disappointed that people won't play certain games solely because of how they look then immediately proceeds to say he won't play certain games solely because of how they look.


    Blatant hypocrisy aside this video makes a lot of good points both for people considering getting into fighting games and people trying to get others into them. All in all a pretty good watch, thanks

  10. favorite fighting game is skate 3

  11. Thank you for showing me what fighting games I should buy now I'll totally not just go back to playing smash again since I found the subspace emissary cutscenes when I was 4 and I've built way too much of my identity around it no of course not

  12. thx for recommending fantasy strike this game is fun

  13. I can't get into fighting games.
    Most are boring as fuck.
    The ones that aren't get boring after like an hour.
    And anyone online are either tryhards or play like spammy cunts.

  14. I really like Skullgirls and all the characters and combos, but the only problem is i bought it on switch where there is virtually no players…

  15. I play SNK heroines with peeps just because we can 2V2, and I love seeing the flashy effects whenever I hit people.

  16. I bought Ultra Street Fighter 4 for the hell of it and only ever tried online once. I had about a hundred hours spent just playing against the AI because I enjoyed it.
    The "matchmaking" put me up against a random Yun player who instantly broke my guard and then basically TOD'd me. I didn't even touch the ground until I died.
    Its experiences like THIS that make people never want to play fighting games again. And that's exactly what happened.
    To this day I have never given another fighting game a chance based solely on that Street Fighter 4 interaction.

  17. I wanna get my friends into fighting games cuz I love playing them, but they have 0 interest and it's hard for me to find communities and make friends there due to being uncomfortable in social situations

  18. Leon is surprised that a game that was advertised as being inspired by Super Turbo and directly marketed as a fighting game for new fighting game players is simple

  19. Just to say…blazblue tournaments suck,cuz EVERY air combo will fail cuz…inf recovery.

  20. I honestly would pick up fighting games but every time I've ever played a fighting game, I've been over at a friends house and they just shove a controller in my hand and proceed to use me as a training bot despite the fact they despise labbing. Not to mention how fucking expensive these games are, I don't want to spend $120 on Fighterz bc I want to play as my favorite characters. Strive is a good choice, but I don't feel like picking up a game that will be negative fun for months on end until I can learn the multifaceted encyclopedia that is that game's combat. I guess these games just aren't for me.

  21. Cmon get fucking real buddy I’m not about to play no dumbass pony fighting game ( great vid btw )

  22. Leon: "accent core plus r has dogshit netcode"
    Accent core plus r: "and I took that personally"

  23. I really, really hate people who don't have time to play fighting games. All my friends are like this, "Boohoo, I don't have 900 hours to learn to play this one Blazblue character just so I can play hotseat with you once a week". Fuck you, just quit your job and play with me!

  24. My issue with getting into fighting games is that I constantly get stomped and whenever I talk to people in the communities they just tell me that I should be having fun getting stomped. IDK man, if I can’t even win a single match in 3 hours of trying to get into a game and I don’t feel like I’m improving at all I just can’t enjoy it. It takes so much damn time to get into any of these games and so much frustration that I never understood how people can get into them.

  25. Fighting games are prolly the only game genre u can literally get lucky and win even being a beginner unlike a shooter lol there’s no luck

  26. My brother plays smash and I wanted to show him fighterz so he played one ranked match (against my advising) without learning the controls first (not my idea) and got fucking pounded so he came to the conclusion that he hates all traditional fighting games. Totally logical, right?3

  27. "Fighting games are for everyone, you just need know how to get into it right! Here's how:
    Step 1 – Do homework."
    I think this is another reason why people don't get into fighting games. It's one of the few games that require you learning through study (memorizing combos, learning Techs, frame data) instead of familiarization (Stuff like Mega Man and Hollow Knight. You don't study boss patterns from a wiki for the most part, you just got your ass beat enough times that it's ingrained in your muscle memory.)

    Another point: Fighting Games are for people who like Minecraft and not for everyone. Minecraft may be fun, especially with friends, but you need to be a specific kind of person to fully get into it if you're playing it singleplayer. Someone who can set goals for themselves and strive to achieve them.

  28. When I first started Brawlhalla I was very lucky to have picked Diana when I first started playing because once I nailed a dude with DSig on Twilight Grove's platform and sent that fucker to the shadow realm I got hooked

    Play the game almost any time I have down time now, having fun learning Blaster Combos and pissing my friends off whenever I play Diana on Twilight Grove

  29. Tried to get my friends into Virtua fighter 5 FS and it was unsuccessful 😀. It was new, well populated with ppl trying it out, and they liked the visuals of it. They simply dropped it and refuse to play with me because they feel like I've gotten "too good" and it won't be fun for them.

  30. My thumbs just don't do command inputs right

  31. I've been playing fighting games since I was four starting out with Turbo on SNES. However I'd consider myself a "casual" player as for me it's more about having fun than getting better. Which is the main reason I play fighters with a lot of spectacle and easy combos enabled.

  32. I don't like fighting games because of their fundamentals.

    So yeah, I don't like fighting games.

  33. Hello from August 2021. I am ankle deep onto Strive after a week of Xrd Sign for a few bucks and I really enjoy it but… I am without a hook. It wasn't Ramlethal, no matter how much I cS-Fs-Hs…

    What else ya got for me, gov?

  34. My boyfriend trying to convince me to play fighting games be like

  35. I have third strike on that collection on the switch, and I totally agree. I play with a friend, we both suck but we enjoy it, i play with randoms and that shit turns scary for me because I'm big on other genres and dont really play fighting games

  36. I think one of the biggest issues imo with fighting games that hold themselves back from actually being for everyone, is that I don't think I've ever tried any fighting game as a certified fighting game scrub, that teaches scrubs like me how to start learning and I don't think any fighting games give any sort of "warning" for new players on which characters they might want to avoid sinking into first due to difficulty.

    I've tried a lot of fighting games, I have a friend who loves playing them and has TONS of time put into many different fighting games. I bought Dragonball FighterZ on release because it's Dragonball, everyone was just doing auto combos and that was enough to make me dump like 10 hours into it just going oonga boonga me press light because my friends made it funny.

    It was only when UI Goku released when I first felt I had a team of 3 characters that I actually had interest in playing that would do well on a team, that being UI Goku, Yamcha and Teen Gohan mainly for awhile. My friend was the one who taught me what a BNB even was, taught me what the BNB for UI Goku was, explained to me how to learn more stuff, etc. From there I bit by bit changed up my team to other characters I had fun playing with some friends and would actually take a bit of time to at least learn BNBs and maybe some specific combos for corners and such.

    Now the issue is when we at some point decided to try Tekken 7, the first character I had interest in was Steve Fox, so I spent my entire time of some hours playing him. The wiki page describes his gameplay as, "With a unique fighting style based on bobs, sways and punches, and almost no kicks, Steve is one of the most unorthodox characters in the series." Meaning he's played very uniquely and he's probably one of the worst characters to start with. What about XRD2? Well I happened to think Johnny of all characters was going to be my go to first character and my friend said he's one of the harder characters to learn then I went into Leo who has stances involved and as a result ALSO pretty bad to start with.

    You can obviously start with any character, but when you're playing a more technical fighting game due to either unique to game mechanics or just the overall difficulty of the game, having a more "standard" character is by far the way to go, it lets you learn the basics that can be transferred more from character to character and then you can pick and choose when and who you want to invest more time into.

    I really think fighting games need to start implementing like some sort of very basic new player introduction. What characters are recommended for learning the basic game? What are the core mechanics of the game and their purpose? Things like that. I don't think I've played any other game or genre that almost requires you to use third party resources to learn. Shooting games? Shoot the guy. Racing games? Race the guy. Puzzle games? Solve the guy? RPG games? Be the guy. Fighting games? Learn the handful of mechanics at least at a basic level, find a character you enjoy, devote possibly hours to learning to play them, start learning what other characters do, start learning how things interact with each other, etc.

    For proof on that being an issue btw, think of smash bros. I'd argue it's the most widely played fighting game and the reason for that is it's COMPLETELY friendly to casuals. All characters for the most part share the same core mechanics, their specials are relatively all simple and often share a similar purpose, the overall concept is so universal within itself that there's no real wrong first choice of a character and there's so little to learn to be able to win that the game can and has QUITE LITERALLY explained the basic button inputs and and sent first time players in to play. You don't need to know more than moving and how to attack as well as that up B is a recovery move to be caught up, it's learning to play better and the random nuances that are hard to notice like SDI that the players who want to invest time will take the time to learn but at no point is it needed. I've never felt the need to learn frame data, different techs, BNBs, etc. In smash to be able to have fun because it's so basic that you can just actually pick it up and play, yet still perform.

  37. I really can tell the egorapter influence, and I think I like your videos more because of it.

  38. For me, I find that Mortal Kombat, even with all its violence, is rather easy to get into.
    The in-depth tutorials really help new players learn some of the ropes.

    And plus, I find that it isn't too complicated in terms of mechanics.

  39. My main issue with fighters is population. For as much as i like 3rd strike and HFTF, Fightcade is hard to use in Australia. Same goes for games like UNICLR and BBTAG. They're fucking dead in my region, Melty as well. I used to play melty with a friend over quarantine last year, we were both dogshit and didn't really understand what we were doing but it was fun, really really fun. So when I look to play with others and I realise that no one is at my skill level and that games are scarce, I dropped it.

    Same reason I avoid games like ultimate. Maybe I'd learn it if the netcode wasn't in the gutter. There's so many dealbreakers in the fgc. The reason I dropped Akuma in SFV is because his is shorter than ryu's and ken's. I'm very new to fighting games despite being in the community for a few years now and had watched yours and Core-A's entire youtube catalog. I find it really fun and interesting when it works but fucking hell if finding games in SFV takes as long as it does for OCE, then imagine trying to play something else. With a game like league, i wait 2-3 minutes for 20- 30 minutes of gameplay. In Tekken, I wait 3 minutes for a 2 minute match. I have spent longer in the training mode waiting for games than actually playing. Especially since you can't access sample combos in the warm up room

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