Fighting Games Are...Food? -REAL TALK-

Fighting Games Are…Food? -REAL TALK-

Maximilian Dood
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Today we make comparisons of fighting games to food dishes…for seemingly no reason. What does each fighting game taste like? Why does it taste that way? Does presentation matter?! …I’m now hungry.

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  1. This video is very rewatchable. It's like the mom's cooking of youtube videos.

  2. I'm more impressed by how much Max understands food. Indeed banchan is the most important part of Korean and his understanding of Pho is A1. I'm from Florida and most caucasian people I know refuse to deviate from TGI's lol

  3. So if Guilty Gear is authentic Mexican. What does that make Blazblue ?

  4. I really hope there’s a part two to this discussion.

  5. I think Strive is looking better than Chipotle now

  6. What the HELL kind of McDonalds and Whataburger is this man eating?! I mean Whataburger isn’t great, but I think it’s a step above most of the meh burger fast foods. I can’t get half way through a McDonalds burger before vomiting. Not even exaggerating that.

  7. i could listen to dud talk about bulgogi sides for an hour. damn covid 🙁

  8. Maximilian really showed off top quality food knowledge.

  9. I feel attacked for my choice in food more than anything else.

  10. Skull Girls is more like a bag of "Albanese Gummies".
    You walk into an Allsups looking for a snack (indie fighting game) that'll give you a good fix so you look in the sweets section for something good. You see trolli gummy worms, Old school brands, and then you see the magnum opus of littles sweets. "Albanese gummies" you pay like 2 cents and walk out with the best sweets you can buy at the price. Like these should be 5 bucks but they know if you don't underestimate it from the price you'll be delighted from giving it a shot. Every different flavor (character) tastes really good and distinct from others. Despite being rooted in they're tastes, they enhance these original flavors and make you wonder "why don't these flavors taste as good in other sweets?" It's hard to not finish the bag after an hour but you know you've gotta step back from it because eating all those gummies will ruin your teeth from other foods.

  11. Power Rangers Battle for the Grid: A big bowl of ice cream topped with Carmel and fudge and gummy bears. Then you sprinkle bacon and celery on it. Then you dump a bunch of cocaine on it. Then you stick a gun in it… Then you blow it up.

  12. I'm late as hell to this but I gotta say it.

    Heritage for the Future is like Pizza. At a base level, there's just cheese and tomato and crust, but then you get the different toppings for each one and those toppings make them distinct. Everyone has a Stand, everyone can use their Stand, but no one has the same Stand and no one uses that Stand the same way.

    Is it always great? No. Do you always want it? No. But does it hit just right when you really need it? Of *course*.

    Was supper innovative and people from all over can appreciate it for what it is, despite the overabundance of people that talk about it to annoy them.

  13. I love how progressively more deranged and outlandish the video gets

  14. GG +R really made this age well. People are playing it most days of the week and the gatling is delicious.

  15. I wonder what food under night, BBTAG, and p4au would be

  16. As a HUGE Mortal Kombat fan, I can agree with his assessment of MKX

  17. bbtag is pineapple pizza
    the pizza being the stuff i like (the roster)
    and the pineapple being everything else 🗿
    shit just leaves me disappointed

  18. Marvel vs Capcom infinite is like Fruit stripe gum, you think it's going to be good but then it disappoints you.

  19. Fate Unlimited Codes is that little hole in the wall restaurant you find while abroad. You don’t know how you ended up there and you don’t know what half the menu is. And there’s barely anyone in there. But the food that’s made has so much passion put into it you can tell it was made by someone’s who cares. Is it made perfectly? No, but you can tell that it was made by a well versed home cook.

  20. Snk Heroines is like a maid cafe. It takes a very specific type of man to willingly walk into one. And it takes another type of man to walk in and enjoy himself. You’ll certainly judge him for it, but you can’t say he’s not enjoying himself.

  21. That was the best food to fighting game comparison that has ever been.

  22. New video idea: what if fighting games were drinks?

  23. im astonished at how well thought out this seems

  24. Skullgirls is a slice of cake
    Small, luxurious, well made, and the obvious pun

  25. Third Strike is like meat at a churrascaría, good ass game

  26. This is the smartest thing I’ve heard in my entire life, ever

  27. Mk11 and injustice 2 are like healthy vegetables, you wanna get into them because of how good and healthy they are, but it's just too bland for your taste, does anybody agree?

  28. I think "Bloody Roar" is like Traditional Ramen stall run by the 70+ years old Grandpa, it's taste like home, the broth is a little sweet, warm, the boiled eggs, the pork very well prepared once you taste it, it's unforgettable and you'll want to come again but but sometimes you can't find it because the stall might move to somewhere else or Grandpa is sick and the last one most new generation are ignored ramen stall, most local people enjoy and love it.

  29. As a longtime SF fan, I just want something that incorporates the classical SF2 characters and feel, with new mechanics and updated looks. SF3 didn't do this for me as much as SF4 did. Not that SF3 was a bad game, it just didn't do it for me until almost at the very end of its life. Certainly SF5 didn't do this for me. Not at the beginning, not at the middle and not at the end. And even though USF4 kinda ruined the series for me, it still held on to most of the things I loved about it. As Max said, there was an amount of individuality to characters and gameplay in SF4 where you KNEW which character was being played by which player. That's missing in the new Street Fighter for me. And not just for each character individually, but every character in general. So it's even more of a mess. For me to like the next SF game, they need to bring back all the classical characters. They need to bring back SF3 and SF4 characters. And they need to get back to SF's roots of having multiple options for every character. They need to bring the individuality back.

  30. 12:40– What is Skullgirls? Skullgirls is the strawberry, chocolate, and whip cream crepe you get outside of the arcade at the Ebina, Japan train station's mall.

  31. Since he's brought it up… I wonder if he has ever played Toshinden 4 since to my knowledge it was never released in the us. And that game was a HUGE part of my childhood.
    So Max, if you see this and have the chance, please try out Toshinden 4.
    Not only is it a fun, if slow, fighting game, it also has a metric fuckton of minigames in it too, some of which are very very arcade-y.

  32. 1:29 yes but in almost every dish you can taste a very very slight hint of cat piss, some more prominent than others

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