Fighting Games Are...Food? -REAL TALK-

Fighting Games Are…Food? -REAL TALK-

Maximilian Dood
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Today we make comparisons of fighting games to food dishes…for seemingly no reason. What does each fighting game taste like? Why does it taste that way? Does presentation matter?! …I’m now hungry.

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  1. "Everybody's hungry, and everybody loves fighting games." 🥂

  2. Does that mean Smash Ultimate is a pot luck buffet?

    Edit: yup.

  3. The video, the comment section, its one of the most perfect places on this platform. xD

  4. Does anyone feel like we've been getting to much fast food lately? Although there is some good stuff

  5. So does that make actual fist fights home cooking??

  6. I think that Under Night is like In & Out. There isn't a lot on the menu and what they do have is very basic, but the stuff they have is fantastic.

  7. MvCI is Filipino food, it looks super unappealing but my God is the flavor immaculate

  8. We will have Max’s head for slandering whataburger

  9. You forgot to rate deadliest warriors 1 and legends, we have a good sized player base in michigan

  10. Obviously for honor is the McDonald's of fighting games. You wonder why you keep eating/playing this but continue to play/eat it anyway

  11. Im coming in late, but what do you feel power rangers is? I feel like it's a Halloween grab bag of candy. Like it's super sweet, it's sometimes cheap but I there you have a piece of candy that you just love and and eat the hell out of. That's my thought.

  12. To me, Guilty gear is like a big bowl of punchy ramen rather than just mexican food. You have the structure of the dish clearly cut, with the core of what makes it a ramen, but there's so many ways to have it. The variety of fighting styles in Guilty Gear blew my mind, and all of that is just so powerful, after some games of Guilty Gear you're satisfied. You can have delicate but addicting chicken broth with whatever toppings you want and classic noodles, you can have super aggressive pork bowl with buckwheat noodles for extra flavour, you can have complex fish bowl, curry, etc… It's the same with Guilty Gear. You can have it slow and steady, fast and aggressive, mixed and controlled, it's a complete specter of different flavours to get it. And most importantly, it's a rude game. Playing it, you don't feel like saying "sir" to the chef, you're like having a dialogue about dumb things with the friendly cook. The way the whole game is made is so irreverent, but so heartwarming.

  13. BlazBlue is like Dunkin’ Donuts. There’s so much and most of it tastes pretty damn good and looks pretty nice, but holy shit, does that make it difficult to choose something. I’ll walk into a Dunkin’ Donuts one day and say “Oh, I want that Strawberry Tsubaki Donut today, I’ll get that.” And then another day, I’ll be frantically looking around and wondering if I want a breakfast sandwich or one of the crazy seasonal donuts or just a black coffee.

  14. Max then: "Guilty Gear Strive could be Chipotle"
    Max now : plays that shit everyday

  15. Fast food in general is basically a Kusoge

  16. BBTAG is Burger King

    Its good when you first try it, and its easy to get into. Its understandable. But once you start trying other stuff, it suddenly feels a whole lot worse

  17. This video really makes me like max more than I already did.

  18. We need a Part 2! I wanna know if his opinions have changed since this video.
    I wonder what he thinks newer fighting games & what food they are XD

  19. I want to see what the food comparison GG STRIVE gets now! I'm loving it (I wasn't good at GG before this)

  20. Jump Force is like Heart Attack grill the online will raise your blood pressure until you have a heart attack

  21. This was discussed in vod 11-29 (2019) which is 06:07:46 in length, in case you wanna se chat lose their shit

  22. I would say street fighter is pizza. Everyone likes it and some people say it's their favorite. There's ton's of toppings to choose from. And everyone says their version of pizza/street fighter is the best and the others are not.

  23. Dissidia Duodecim is a fancy café lunch, it has a large menu of fun snacks and such but its the refined and well thought out combat brew of coffee that makes it special. However, if you simplify that (Dissidia NT) it ends up being Mc-café, some may like it for its simplicity but its not what I ordered damn it!

  24. Wow I was not expecting Max to make a DougDoug video, huh.

  25. For me, Dragon ball Fightez is like shaahi paneer masala with tawa roti.

  26. im mexican, and i love how both of my favorite fighting games are mexican food

  27. "It's difficult to stuff down your mouth. The best players can swallow everything." Whoa, phrasing!

  28. Jojo eyes of heaven is burger king shitty food that occasionally tastes good

  29. Power Stone1 & 2: Italian food.
    Twisted Metal series:greek food
    Evil Zone: Lunchables
    Thrill Kill: The Elvis sandwich
    Gundam Battle Assault 2: Subway
    Arcana Heart series: Indian food

  30. After watching this video im hungry for some food… and competition

  31. Undernight is kinda like the local burger joint. Its got a lot of the fundamental parts that make up the typical fighting game cheeseburger, but then they got their handful of wacky specialty burgers that you learn to love and cant get anywhere else that makes you pick it over the typical chain like mcdonalds. The fucking grid burger topped with vorpal cheese and force function sauce. Good ass shit you can only get there, and while it deserves the attention it gets, you wont see it becoming the most popular thing in the world cuz the number of people who know about it is reletively limited.

  32. Max: movement is the meat of tekken. You have to prepare it yourself
    Me: who’s KBBQ place cooks the meat for you

  33. The Strive=Chipotle comparison turned out to be spot-on. Good, if straightforward to the point of simplistic burritos, they move you down the line and process your order nice and fast, but you get an unpleasant reminder of why you don't eat there more often when you have to sprint to the bathroom with a case of Totsugeki-spammers.

  34. SFIV Is the nice steak house with all the steak and steak compliments and there's also a bar
    SFV is a Sports Bar. The Steak's good but its clear they really just want you to bring more friends to watch the game.
    Also Tekken is Def a Pizzeria

  35. Smash Bros started off as a french fry shop where you could add whatever you wanted on top. Chili, chicken, salsa, gravy, baseball bats, pokeballs, hammers; so no matter what, you were going to have a great time because the fundamentals are straightforward. Yet there are those that care about nothing more but how the potato is prepared and cooked, and will just gorge themselves on fries and shines. Also, there's always some kind of cheese you can add that will make someone mad.

  36. As a gamer and a foodie, this speaks to my soul.

  37. If you make a video cooking chinese food I'd love it

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