Fighting Games Are...Food? -REAL TALK-

Fighting Games Are…Food? -REAL TALK-

Maximilian Dood
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Today we make comparisons of fighting games to food dishes…for seemingly no reason. What does each fighting game taste like? Why does it taste that way? Does presentation matter?! …I’m now hungry.

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  1. What's the ramen of video games?????

  2. I disagree with the DBFZ one, I think it's more like a sandwich of whatever you have in the fridge so you can eat during the midday before going back to work

  3. The real definition of being a content creator

  4. How could you say that about Whataburger when Freddie's custard literally has grease dripping from the paper wrappings of their burgers.
    LOL 😂

  5. i was watching this and chuckling how stupid this is….

    but it actually all made sense LOL

  6. Chowder is the GOD of all fighting game players! Because he loves playing ALL OF THEM! No matter what other people say!

  7. Garou Mark of the Wolves is like Starbucks due to how easy it is to get into it.
    Capcom vs SNK is like Greek food due to how unique each groove system is.
    BlazBlue is kinda like a fancy restaurant due to how insane it is to get used to
    Injustice is like Chick-fil-A due to how special it is

  8. I think Jump Force (or games in that realm) is a like a mixed candy bag.
    Variety in sugary, kind of mediocre, candy that you’d feel better sharing with your friends… but nobody is going to have a full meal eating a mixed candy bag.

  9. The largest L imageable for the Whataburger comment

  10. Samsho and Skullgirls would be my perfect meal

  11. Like 👍🏻for the wb burn. It's geasy ass.

  12. I ate a MK3 Trilogy CD once. Tasted like plastic

  13. Well i love mexican food maybe thats why guilty gear is my favoutire fighting game

  14. What foods are Under Night In Birth, Primal Rage and Clayfighter?

  15. WeaponLord is ground chuck. Served raw. Through a funnel.

  16. Authentic Mexican cuisine is quite soulful and a joy to eat.

  17. Hey Max, I'm curious. Did Strive actually end up being Chipotle in your view?

  18. marvel vs capcom (aside from infinite) is urban street food.
    You get so much variety in urban Street food, and but there is a sense of style when it comes to it. There's a different feel ordering a friend rice in a restraunt and ordering it in a food stall, seeing it be cooked in front of you.
    Marvel vs capcom is that, there is so much variety in terms of roster and gameplay, with characters being so vastly different from each other. Characters like X23 being on the same roster as someone like modok or Arthur, but what brings it all together is that sense of style. Mvc2 and umvc3 are my favourite looking fighting games of all time, I did just recently fall in love with these games and I'm not good by any means, but those games just have such a aesthetic that is hard to emulate elsewhere.
    Also, Garou is steak as well. Absolutely one of if not my favourite fighting game of all time.

  19. I still love this video. And KoF 2002 is tacos de suadero.

  20. Love the video, but the Whataburger slander has GOT to go

  21. mvc2 is the taco bell of fighting games in my opioin

    edit: i like mvc2 and taco bell

  22. Jump Force is convenience store sushi. You walk up to the sandwich fridge, and there you see a lone tray of sushi. It's got all the things you love. A bit of Salmon, maybe a couple of Ebi Prawns. A California Roll. A few Maki Rolls, all famous faces, you know. But after you buy it and start eating, you aren't satisfied. The fish tastes cheap. The Cali roll is falling apart when you grab it with chopsticks. It didn't even come with Soy Sauce or Wasabi?! That's Jump Force.

  23. * goes to smash buffet* I'll take a Snake with a side of Young Link and a Mythra Milkshake as well as a Sephiroth sundae

  24. Now I want someone to animate the mascots of these fighting games eating the foods their games represent. I can imagine that.

    Ryu sits at the head of the table, eating a steak.

    Scorpion having a Five Guys Burger, eating a bit far away from the table.

    Mario having like a lot of shit on his plate.

    Sol eats a burrito while Goku sits next to him eating a LOT of steak fajitas.

    Kazuya eating his Korean barbecue slowly so he can savor it.

    Kasumi isn’t eating. She’s serving everyone else their food.

    Roll is chowing down on a random flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

    Nakoruru finally getting the satisfaction of her perfectly made sushi.

    Sailor Moon opening up her Jack in the Box meal.

    Fillia came to the table late but she sits down with her Tiramisu, awkwardly looking at Roll’s Ice Cream

    Siegfried is enjoying the perfect Beef Lo Mein and he’s sure to get the best bites out of it.

    Akira is sitting with his Pancakes. Don’t ask. Even devoted martial artists need sugar.

    Jago sits with a big plate of food made by a different member of the KI cast. Orchid made the turkey.


  26. Bushido Blade is a lot less like an old refined taste, and more innovative and immediately good, but still sort of minimalist like SamSho.
    Now… what kind of food would that be…?

  27. This is so accurate it hurts, specially with the mexican and texmex food

  28. ayo dont even insult the best fighting game battle of gods

  29. 2:55 after playing KOF with my mexican family members do I now understand this joke

  30. Rivals of Aether is fish fillet. It's refined and particular but not as specific or straightforward as steak, and there's so much variety on what the sides can be that you will eventually find something that compliments the solid core

  31. I really want to know what Blazblue is, but every time Max talks about Blazblue he just brings up Arakune and his 100 hit negative edge bug combos, so, on second thought, I'm not sure I want to know what food Max thinks Blazblue is.

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