Fighting Games Are BULL$!%#! - REAL TALK -

Fighting Games Are BULL$!%#! – REAL TALK

Maximilian Dood
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  1. The title's a bit clickbait for my taste.. I'd prefer something more specific and less emotional/extreme.

    "Bullshit in fighting games" for example 😌

  2. So many annoying things in fighting games but its fine, mk11 needs to remove all the options for the losing player though

  3. Real talk, who play killer instinct? Genuine question 🤔🧐

  4. Reversal Edge: Soulcalibur 6 – baby back bull shit…

  5. Am I the only one that plays Fighting games offline? PVP is garbage.

  6. I feel like the Bullshit gage is also the Hype gage, but inversed from each other.

  7. SFV is that for me none of the characters are fun to me or grab me enough and I hate the mechanics online and fight flow so just stopped playing it lol

  8. I was thinking about this for GGS coming up with the beta, being excited but wondering how much bs will be in it.

  9. Melee = killing by grabbing the Ledge
    Brawl = Tripping
    Smash 4 = shieldgrab
    Ultimate = ???

  10. I hate,
    Endless Combos.
    Broken Characters.
    MvC/DB Fighter Z style Striker Spam.

    I reay hate when a game let's someone do the same simple move over and over in a combo loop till they won.

    I don't so much mind endless combos that kill as long as you have to keep changing the inputs.
    I hate when you can spam a single simple command over and over.

    I also hate when people get online, find that single broken character, and every match has them.
    You can tell when you've played a dozen people and they all use that same character in a roster of 50.

    Finally I really don't like the four v one on screen chaotic cluster fuck of MvC and Dragon Ball Fighter Z when you're being attacked from below, behind, above and front making block and even dodge useless.

    Generally, any scenario where being hit once means you might as well put the remote down, there is nothing you can do till the knock out.

  11. DBF Super Dash is what makes it so diffierent for me. Love it as a mechanic. More fighters need it even

  12. How do you stream snipe on a fighting game I’m curious

  13. Why fighterz don’t have the geni-jin? I knew something was missing

  14. i can't play sfv bc it feels like the entire game is footsies.

  15. Every Fighting Game is Bullhsit but the Best Fighting Games are also Celebrations!

  16. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is the definition of bullshit and I love the game to death besides all its frustrating mechanics and characters

  17. "all fighting games are bullshit"

    Virtua Fighter: Any exceptions?

  18. I love Smash.
    I love the characters.
    I love the music.
    I love the people I meet.
    That's why I play Smash, and that is why I LOVE smash.
    Even if people don't see it as a fighting game, it's still MY fighting game.

  19. Wait, super dash in fighterz? I thought that was a "hey, aa and combo me now" button,

    The only time it can be even slightly bad is if you're freeza from fighting Broly, as he can give himself a projectile free shield, and freeza's aa is a projectile.

    Super dash is also VERY slow, it's NOT hard to react to, even at point blank.

    I guess the bullshit is learning that there's a universal anti air?

    I guess of you never played the game and went straight online it'd be a problem , but beating superdash is one of the first things you learn,

    NOW fighterz has a TON of bullshit, I just don't think superdash is one

  20. for me the biggest bullshit in fighting games are OP assist moves assists moves that can stop everything or much worser the assists that do full combos and hold you still in your place….
    If the bullshit is so op that u are dead just cause the enemy land one start move u can throw the game away in my eyes…
    In MVC Sentinel assist really piss me off but the worst assists are in the naruto Storm Series (btw really sad that the storm series never got attention on this channel)

  21. Just started play MvC3 again getting my ass handed to me and this video gets recommended 😀

  22. Street Fighter: Footsies
    Tekken: Footsies
    Guilty Gear: Footsies
    Smash Bros.: Footsools

  23. On another note, it seems like some people play fighting games they don't even enjoy.

    I can't even begin to understand why.

  24. I do agree with your analysis on MKX 100%.

  25. bullshit huh? strive beta just ended and I'll I could hear was potemkin buster

  26. Smash Bros is the best game period! Only game that doesn't have much jank

  27. Nah ultimate bullshit in any fighting game is when you literally miss only one attack and get comboed to complete life bar kill with no way to get out of it.

  28. What’s the difference between X factor and Fightersz sparking blast?

  29. 5:30 complains about projectiles. But then complains about DBFZ's super dash… : P

  30. I hate how SF5 is just footsies. I loved using the Focus Attack in SF4 and it gave Guile/Ryu Spammers less answers and opened up the option for more counterplay. In my opinion, giving the option for more counterplay and less linearity is good game design. Playing Vs. Guile/Ryu just already puts you at a disadvantage and it's annoying and discouraging that I have to put in more effort in order to reach them.

  31. I love hearing Max talking about all these different kinds of fighters with the pros and cons

  32. Me: hmm he didn’t mention tekken I wonder what it’s bs is
    The movelist: 100+ moves

  33. Y'all know what the song thru this video is?

  34. Street fighter V made me break 3 controllers and 2 headsets.. I think it’s the king of bullshit…

  35. I stopped playing Blazblue due to online bs… I played every single title actively online only really using three or so characters I loved (Lamb, Platinum and Bullet) but got so so fcking sick of facing really not well balanced matchups online. For all the work and gameknowledge I had I still would find myself losing to frankly crappy Ragna player who got carried by their main's general dominance. I think the last straw was Bullet actually getting hit with nerfs despite being a bottom tier character up until CF's last patch. The total lack of care and consideration being sent to the mid to low range cast members put me off entirely and I haven't really played a fighter again since.

  36. Mfers are plain annoying usually with bullshit spam attacks, trolls, and just the crazy intense gameplay. As in going batshit insane just to win.

  37. Fighting people is more anxiety inducing sometimes than an AI. Sometimes you just need a break from online.

  38. But the zoning in injustice 2 is just bad. I understand if you don't wanna deal with that on a daily basis.

  39. This is how I am with fighterz. I’m someone who’s never played any other fighting games my whole life, and just by watching videos like yours combined with my natural dragon ball love, I taught myself that shit. Since I’ve never played a fighting game without super dash or vanish those things are normal to me, I can’t imagine fighting games without them low key lmao but I think if you love a series or game I agree you can definitely get past the frustrating parts. Thanks again for all the content and I hope everyone has a good day 🙂

  40. With like mk 11, i kinda like the break away, because you have armor breaks. And you get rewarded for guessing when they are going to break. Like in my opinion get juggled for ages and nearly dieing from one combo is bull to me so havin the option to break add another level.

  41. BlazBlue is so full of bullshit but it also has Lambda-11 and its story and characters are legitimately interesting. Continuum Shift Extend was the best BB game, fite me.

  42. The perfect fighting game:

    All characters have maximum effort put into designing there move-set

    Over 800 playable characters and stages (not combined)

    A store, allowing you to buy different move effects, costumes, characters, voice lines, and even moves.

    A story mode with decent lore.

    A Meme mode in the settings

    A stumbling and tripping option in the settings.

    A fire soundtrack

    Stages that aren’t chaotic but still good to look at

    Defense is mega buffed:


    Perfect shield


    Perfect Dodge

    Combo Breaker

    The ability to use weak or medium attack and immediately dodge or shield after

    The ability to shield, spot, and directional air-dodge when fighting in the air, stunting the fall

    Wave-dashing to stay facing in the same direction while moving forward or towards opponents

    Universal counter and ability to cancel out of and escape moves when correctly timing the given input

    Offense is mega buffed:

    Auto Combos

    Grabbing in the air

    Weak, Medium, Heavy, Super Heavy, and Mega Heavy, Ground and Air attacks

    Specials that can be amplified

    All moves get a frame decrease when connecting with opponents, allowing fast pace combos, and if you miss the attack is easily punishable on all Heavy attacks.

    Weak and Medium footsies are a thing

    Angled variants of most if not all attacks including Specials.

    An impact mechanic that allows you to ping pong your opponents against the roof, wall, or ground, depending on where you are and launch them


    And yeh add anything else you want and I’ll put it in. I’m working on this right now 🤗👍👍

  43. "ui goku is amazing" oh god its a ui goku main, how does his right bumper still work

  44. to be honest i kind of hate super dashing too, but its pretty punishable and it makes the combo system more interesting, while it would be interesting to see a fighterz with no superdash, i think the bigger problem is how good the autocombos are at low to mid levels

  45. Bruh Tekken 7 oki is BULL. you literally can't get off the ground sometimes. However it doesn't ruin the game for me. It's just annoying

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