Fighting Games are BORING, So I Made one that makes you feel like a god -

Fighting Games are BORING, So I Made one that makes you feel like a god

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I’ve been playing a lot of chess recently, & have been wishing that chess wasn’t so boring, & so I try to make a fighting game that is strategic like chess, but is fun to watch!

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  1. yes, i think you should keep improving this game mate, it looks like it has potential to be a new thing.

  2. so actually…you can play animations without that smoothing stuff. you can put your animations direcly into the animator. and just play them by code without that janky smooth arrow stuff.

  3. Actually pet neat idea. The UFC could cash in on something like this

  4. Ayyy me and my bro was playing a few weeks ago and I set him up Soo good I was so happy I felt like an evil villain and lost everything else

  5. Meh that's cool I guess. Try making a Unreal Engine 4 version of this. Then I'll be interested.

  6. If the objective behind this game was to create a version of boxing but in terms of mental exercise, such as chess, I do not see that the objective has been achieved. I mean, there are already a multitude of fighting games and all of them can be considered that they fulfill the objective for which you made this video game: each movement, each kick or punch, is assigned to a different button and the player can use that movement in any any time you want, you can make combinations of movements. The only thing that "fails" is the immediacy of the combat that does not leave you time to think carefully about each movement, but pausing the game in each movement slows down everything… it takes away the emotion and fluidity of the combat. Then there are the UFC fighting games that have all of the damage location stuff, which adds an extra layer of strategy to the fight.

  7. If it was actually more polished with better animations and was multiplayer itd be fun af

  8. Yoo, this prototype have lots of potential!
    this would merge the Strategic And the Fighting game communities flawlessly!

  9. Alright.Add more combat items, make it more clean, allow yourself to be kitted out with different cards, add different elements like a maybe earth, wind, acid, water possible.Polish it.

  10. "I promise you, they are for sure not comin-"

    Already on the way to becoming a triple AAA dev. great job man!

  11. i’ve been waiting for the chosen one to step up and take hold.

  12. I was praying my prayers went unanswered fuck raid

  13. I've been looking for something EXACTLY like this!!! I thought it would be a great idea after playing both Torribash and Punch Club.

  14. Opening a chess match with the fetta cheese open is 💪

  15. Yes this game needs to be published and tsken seriously

  16. Oh feel like a god….,you should play doom eternal

  17. so… i hate to say it…. but you made toribash.

  18. To be honest fighting games are action chess. The most major difference is the lack of tangible turns. Although you do have turns in strategy, where you apply pressure as long as you are "plus". Imo fighting games are way more strategic than people initually think and you could have included a bit more of the actual mechanics that make them interesting.

  19. im so proud of myself for seing the move right away lol

  20. The throwback Donkey Kong Country music is amazing lol

  21. ''that makes you feel like a god'' but its a scuffed turn based game GOD WHY

  22. Youre like the chilliest Guy in the internet

  23. yeah lets go i wanna play this, make it a full game plz, that would be awesome

  24. Need a full game of this, it could change the mindless mashing/spamming in fighting games. Making it more of an actual strategy game that most fighting games strive to be but fail

  25. Played it multiple times only spamming Fire 1 which was the first attack I picked and I only got hit once…

  26. Omfg i can't believe you brought up tori bash no one has talked about it in years except for me

  27. Flesh this game out with deck building and youd make some serious cash

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