Fighting Games are BORING, So I Made one that makes you feel like a god -

Fighting Games are BORING, So I Made one that makes you feel like a god

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I’ve been playing a lot of chess recently, & have been wishing that chess wasn’t so boring, & so I try to make a fighting game that is strategic like chess, but is fun to watch!

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  1. The game lowkey gives me wizarding 101 vibes with the cards

  2. Cool idea bro, I could see it becoming popular if it was fully realized.

  3. this game looks fun pls work on it more

  4. Totally unrelated but I got an add of game theory advertising google 1

  5. As soon as he said, "everything changed" I just finished the sentence with him, I knew it was coming.

  6. please finish this
    You could legit kickstarter this and make a dedicated thing, or just take it seriously by yourself, whatever man. Id donate for this game, its really good concept, and also makes players who suffer from lag or bad wifi actually still able to play a fighting game succesfully

  7. Bro does glasses during the raid shadow legend plug is too funny

  8. First video I’ve ever seen of yours, I would play it lol, take it seriously

  9. Can’t believe I just found this channel. You have incredible potential, keep up the good work!

  10. "I made a mix between fighting games and chess"

    "It's a card game"

  11. Your the black and no neck version of dani lol

  12. This game has amazing potential and could even be an esport. I would pay 60 dollars for the finished product

  13. fights in tight spaces. on steam, you're welcome.

  14. Dudes just put some numbers and card option on street fighter

  15. I was lmao when I saw the animations. Funniest game I've ever played! XD

  16. chess is not boring to watch you must not ever if you don't play a lot of chess then YEA IT IS BORING TO WATCH..

  17. BUT FIGHTING GAMES ALREADY MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A GOD. This is because in comptetive tournaments or just competitive matches you use intricate combos and ridiculous loopholes in the nick of time. It is chess, just in real time-

  18. first vid of his I've seen and immediately subscribed

  19. I just happen to play a lot, I would wish PvP ¿maybe online? and specially AI difficulty because it gets boring quickly and I want to play more.
    I don't like fireball. As long as you have more health than the enemy and at certain distance, just spam it, they can only either receive it, evade (doesn't make the distance between each other shorter) or attack with fireball (but both receive same damage). So it makes it boring. Maybe it could be reworked with making it to deal no damage close but at certain distance so it deals plenty of damage.
    High knee deals a lot of damage, if you have the enemy at the right distance you will hit multiple times so it makes it don't match at all its values, but the mechanic of something that deals a lot more damage at certain distance it pretty enjoyable.
    Super punch, I only use it when the other does because you won't hit otherwise. I think it's incredible to punish bad moves, but in a fight of good enough players you won't use it (so short range)
    Jump, I don't use it so much (maybe when I'm literally in the same place because weird things happens) because you get easily conter with another jump 1 turn after or the thunder hook thingy (it's great)
    Forward step SO SLOW I stopped using fireballs for it to be more entretaining but stepping forward is better than charge because I can react better (to fireballs specially), but I take ages to get to the opponent and the only move with decent range is the long kick I would like more attacks with good range but takes like an extra turn to perform and kicks so maybe that cool kick of movies/ninjas where they jump forward and have their legs straight to the front. Also slide kick? You slide in the ground and if the enemy jumps they evade it and you are pretty much in their landing spot, it would be great to attack duck (which it's pretty useless, just to stay in place for me)
    adding ideas, overall more work in lower attacks to make you think about duck, also maybe a jump forward and then a punch directed downwards
    Punch has and incredible bad range (plus low damage so it's basically useless), an upper kick would be great and a move which ducks and then a kind of shoryuken that would counter it really good but if they were just ducking you're punisheable while landing ¿Maybe that part of guessing if it's one of 2 moves is bad because uncertainity or great if you can fool the adversary? (it should be tested)

    A really interesting game overall, please continue it

  20. Ikr, many of the game's combat system are good but could be way better as their moves are limited and not custom ( like we could perform using different movement in mouse and bottons in keyboard or even activate abilities)

  21. I got a small idea i got in my nugget for fast pace fighting mode, u draw cards but Thers is no pauses, for players who don't like the pauses and maybe some combos?

  22. By this point, I think Raid: Shadow Legends has permanently damaged their own business with their own advertising campaign and spent a lot of money they were better off keeping 🤦‍♂️

  23. This is practically how a normal fighting game works exept it pauses anytime you do something

  24. fighting games are boring so i made a fighting game that's the same

  25. It remins me a lot of Toribash Turn style combat.

  26. I’d like to see this be a full game

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