Fighting Games - A Genre that Keeps Struggling -

Fighting Games – A Genre that Keeps Struggling

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Fighting Games – A Genre that Keeps Struggling

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  1. Atm the only fighting games doin well is Tekkan 7 Mk11 and Dbfz

  2. I think it mostly just comes down to marketing and presentation. Basic customer orientation too.

    People have no idea what to expect from which fighting game, unless they dig really deep into the respective communities. Means fighting games tend have their bubble, where fighters are mostly just marketed to people who already play fighting games and know what to expect.

  3. Tekken X Street Fighter is in development hell, not cancelled.

  4. Autocombos are a struggle in fighterZ because most players from earthling to ssj2 rank just love to spam autocombos. Autocombos won’t make you want to get better, they will make you want to keep using the same tactic.

  5. I hate fighting games.
    It's not that I don't like fighting in general, it's just this genre of games I hate.

  6. Sometimes fighting games just be overly complicated for no damn reason

  7. out of all genres fighting games have the strongest and most loyal community. Just joind sfv 2 months ago best the arcades on hard mode and having fun online.

  8. They require practice and that is something most don't wanna do, they want to be the best from the get go. The worst imo is that you can't make excuses if you lose since it's 1v1, you can't blame teammates, etc. Just yourself and this is something people don't wanna deal with.

    Dumbing down mechanics will not help anyone. The problem is that they release games with little single player content to keep the average Joe content. Not everything is esports and that focus is what is hurting the genre imo.

  9. 6:44 The input lag was intentional by capcom to make the game more "offensive"

  10. Main reason people don’t get into is because some people are too impatient and mash buttons and don’t feel like taking the time to learn how to play good

  11. Fighting getting less and less characters and more paywalls c
    Title should be “Why Capcom is Struggling”

  12. I think fighting games need a lower skill floor. They need to be enjoyable to casuals without removing the complexity for compettetive play.
    I played a lot of fighting games but none really clicked for me until super smash bros ultimate. It has a ton mechanics stuff but it is even fun to play with a friend who plays it the first time.
    In sfiv I couldn't even execute the ultra combos consistently.

  13. Jackie there certainly looks like a cute MILF

  14. Turns out, SF5's input lag problem is just a bug they never bothered fixing. It has nothing to do with using the Unreal Engine.

  15. Fighting games when learned are some of the most satisfying and rewarding genre. And the variety between them are better than other game genres.

  16. Easier to be a pilot than be a pro street fighter player

  17. another thing these games need is advertising when comes to many of these games they are rarely advertised that not many people know about these games so they end up with low player numbers and the price these games cost is too high for the content they have and lastly is these companies started to do exclusivity for these games which I think kind of hurt them as it limits the amount of people that can see them

  18. King of fighters have a lot of combos Can you watch my video on my Channel and comment i will love that thanks

  19. Fighting games are almost never advertised outside of FGC events like EVO. It’s so rare to see an E3 trailer for a fighting game other than Mortal Kombat. That’s one of the reasons why MK is so popular

  20. That smash bros melee music in the end was amazing.

  21. I'm a KoF fan and i don't take issue with the graphics themselves but with the animations, they look very stiff compared to the old games, although that's the same problem capcom had with sf4, i think snk did a grat job with samurai shodown and for that reason i have high hopes for KoF XV.

  22. Why learn this when you can go to tilted with your boys and shoot peeps up.

  23. I just hope Fighting Game devs start making them for the games and not the potential profit. We've clearly seen where that leads.

  24. How to make them better?

    1) Remove all execution barriers from the genre. For instance, in Tekken I need to press multiple keys every second in order to move in one direction in an effective manner. This feels clunky as hell and distracts from the actual meat of the game. It should be more like literally any other game where you press a single key and keep pressing it in order to keep moving in that direction in the fastest way possible. Yea, they may be a sprint button, but fighting games could implement that as well. If a combo requires me to press a large number of buttons in a very precise manner then it's gonna stop me from ever performing that move because I suck at pressing buttons quickly. Autocombos are a problem because they allow unexperienced players to perform very powerful moves without any difficulty. How it should work is that you press a single button or two ONCE to start a move that would normally be locked behind a lot of button presses, BUT it should be hard to find a way to do this move uninterrupted, requiring you to first down the enemy or be in the exact right spot, replacing execution difficulty with difficulty in situational awareness or planning skills.

    2) Let me do something other than fighting 1v1 in a tiny arena with no gameplay available besides that. Pit me against a huge boss or something that requires a similar skillset but allows me to practice my moves in a way that's not extremely bland like the training arena or regular NPC opponents.

    3) Less reward for playing well. A skilled player can beat a noob in less than 10 seconds a round without the noob ever getting the chance to literally do anything, which makes it feel akin to spawncamping in a shooter or getting one hit killed in an RPG. Moves that chain together well need to have a clear limit where not only the defending player has the option to escape, but the attacking player is forced to back down and give them a chance. A stamina bar or something similar would solve this problem.

  25. "KOF XIV represented their first move to 3D graphics"

    what is KOF Maximum Impact / 2006 then?

  26. You haven’t said a word about Tekken. Namco has achieved what none of the other brands and titles have.

  27. Remember Arcade cabins? I don't, I only 20 years old, when I was born they already were extinct.

  28. Well , growing up with Mortal Kombat made this genre easier and fun for me

  29. the genre is struggling because first person shooter games are popular

  30. The problem with fighting games are:
    1. They're hard
    2. They take time to get good at
    3. Ppl don't like losing frequently
    4. Bad netcodes in a majority of these games

    Maybe with Esports ppl will be able to observe the beauty in skills but you'll never know. I personality think they have a tad bit more of a boom b4 they peak.

  31. I really want to get into fighting games, but the mechanics take so long to learn, and the tutorials just suck. I hate how perfect your timing has to be to land combos, especially long ones. It takes me like 30-50 tried to land a move one time, and I just get frustrated. Plus all the frame data makes me feel like I'm studying for a college exam, not learning a video game. I feel like the genre alienates new players this way. The skill gap is too large, and I don't have hundreds of hours to spare.

  32. Back in the Arcades when you had to fight for your quarter and play next person in line was the golden era of fighting games.

  33. For me the problems are online battles,, Fighting games were usually played with your friends beside you..

  34. i still don't get why the fgc and smash have a never-ending feud, why should everyone be arguing over whether it's a "real" fighting game? the characters are obviously fighting and it's a game lol, if anything it's just a different genre just like team fighting games or 3d fighting games

  35. Fighting games is hard because people have to much to learn with the mechanics and frame datas and mostly from the outsiders Perspektive its looks to boring and sometime the gameplay looks to easy as well particualy if people spam it but these spamers can be hard counter it with they Strategies and techs and so on

  36. A lot of people are complaining about one thing that makes fighting games unfriendly and difficult for beginners and that’s a tutorial, while at the same time not mentioning the huge and amazing about of content for those games. Wanna Learn how to play mvc2? Look it up and I’m sure you can get a comprehensive and helpful guide about the basics, that’s how I got into guilty gear and it was really easy even for how notoriously complicated guilty gear is

  37. If only fighting games were played like Bedrock Edition PVP or old Minecraft Java PVP, then maybe it would be better, I guess.

  38. Fighting games will always be about someone happy to stand on the losers holding him up. Competitive should be more than king of the hill.

  39. So fighting games is popular but not as popular because they haven’t dumbed themselves down. Thank you fighting games creator for not dumbing themselves down. Just like real fighting it takes practice.

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