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Episode 158 – There are a lot of fighting games out there and inour quest to cover a good majority of them we bring you the third (actually fourth) installment in our episodes dedicated to one-on-one fighting games.

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  1. Glad you like playing as Ryoga in that Ranma 1/2 game. He's my fav.

  2. You know Dave, id recommend you at least try watching episode 1 of Ranma as whether you like it or not, its bat shit insanity of its premise will be an unforgettable experience.

  3. Rage of the dragon is so impossibly tough. The arcade computer can do the most brutal juggles. Great play and concept, but it’s so frustrating

  4. Capcom Fighting Evolution looks like a MUGEN game. And yes… It sucks.

  5. I'VE NEVER WATCHED ANY GOD DAMN GUN-DAM!!!😠😠😠…but I'd like to.😄✌😄

  6. I kept thinking the now on blueray was a troll but now i know its real and when i get paid imma buy all 3

  7. Just going to say this here…I haven't seen you guys cover it, but one of my favorite fighters for Game Boy. Konami's Raging Fighter. I know it got average ratings back in the day, and the controls got complained about. However, it was released about the same time as Street Fighter II for the GB,and I always enjoyed it. Beaten it numerous times. Check it out.

  8. 14:04

    I was a fan of Ranma, since 1989, when my penpal used to send me VHS tapes of the episodes… I was 11 years old in 1989.

    The attack is called "獅子咆哮弾" Which is Romanized to "Shi-Shi Hou-Kou-Dan" (pronounced "Shee-Shee Ho'o Ko'o Dän"), which is the Japanese phonetic of the Chinese (Romanized) Jíè-Xié HwóGuò Deng" which both means, "Lion Cub Roaring Bullet"

  9. So did SFv come out with all the characters and modes? Lol

  10. 13:25 5 stages backs to back, which seems to have inspired stages in various Tekken games. Wow.

  11. THIS IS HULK HOGAN!!!!!!!!

  12. No disrespect meant towards today's fighting games, but I don't know about you all, but I think you can never go wrong with plain old Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat 2. My old self keeps playing these games and I don't even get bored. Best channel in the history of earth, past, present and future. I'm out.

  13. Hey guys, i would love to see Masters of Combat on the SMS.

    btw. WHERE IS TEKKEN!?

  15. Guilty Gear is a good fighter series, quick, with awesome animations, music, and death moves.

  16. Just for the record, Ranma 1/2 is one of the funniest animes/cartoons EVER

  17. Correction Street Fighter 4 was not the first 3-D Street Fighter game that was Street Fighter EX in fact there was a Trilogy of EX Games before Street Fighter 4 🤨👎 .

  18. I was surprised I didn’t see Primal Rage, Street Smart or Pit Fighter in your fighting games series.

    I couldn’t believe you did Fighting Masters on Genesis in your 16-bit fighting games video. I completely forgot about that game, I owned it and played the hell outta it back in the day!

  19. The Ranma game played is called Ranma ½: Chougi Rambuhen (Super-Skill Wild Dance Chapter).
    Based around the manga created by Rumiko Takahashi in 1987, which lead to an anime series in '89.

  20. thank you so much for the mostly thorough review of gundam wing endless duel, this game means a lot to me so i thought i'd add to some mechanics that weren't mentioned:
    Every character can shield boost dash and shield boost retreat which adds another depth layer to the regular double tap dash and retreat by pressing the super jump input with the directional input being left or right instead of neutral/up, since it moves you while defending from high attacks but you can be hit from low attacks, although the shield boost retreat does a little hop so low attacks get blocked, but you can get grabbed while doing shield boosts regardless.
    Also to add to the double super jump, every character can glide if you just do 1 super jump and hold the down arrow (the tallgesse AI likes to do this a lot).
    And regarding to the super jump, the screen actually scrolls vertically, a thing that iirc hadn't been done yet on a fighting game, this game also allowed blocking while on the air, something that most other fighting games decided against, this makes jumps a safer and more confident move, making fighting more varied instead of the usual ground footsie-fests where jumping is a liability, and you could hit an opponent that was downed, extending combos and doing more damage, although reduced damage, which iirc also had been decided against in most fighting games and something you'd never see today.
    The reason as to why the game doesn't lag is not because of the lack of background movement (there is some albeit minimal, you can see flickering fires at heavyarms' and deathscythe's, and a scroll to the latter, heat wave at sandrock's, the aurora flickers in tallgesse's, lights flicker too at mercurius' and vayeate's, and the scroll and lightning at epyon's) it is because every sprite is comprised of smaller sprites instead of one big sprite, you can notice this if you check the standing animation for each mech, you can see it is divided into 3 parts, the waist and above part, the legs, and feet, although for most other positions the mech is divided into only 2 sprites, but this does wonders resource-wise.
    The special meter also goes up when you block attacks not only when landing them and you can pull-off special moves that don't use the meter by doing the directional input but using the weak weapon/melee button instead of the strong one this in turn makes the special move overall weaker but at no meter cost

  21. Holy cow! I marked out at the Atlus PS3 'aquaplus' game, when I noticed several characters from Comic Party!😍

  22. I know this is an older video, but sadly, they made Street Fighter V where you have to buy multiple DLC to get the full roster. Although most of it is just extra costumes and cosmetic changes, not just extra characters. Maybe in the future Capcom will make a "Game Of The Year Edition" or something to that effect with all DLC in one purchase.

  23. i notice you guys often credit great composers and programmers for their excellent contributions to games but we shouldn’t forget about the sprite artists, perhaps the most unsung heroes of the 8 and 16 bit eras. In Capcom for example, often one character in a fighting game would be assigned to one artist who would do all the sprite frames for that character. The reason for Street Fighter’s sprites’ superiority over other games like Martial Champion wasn’t down to hardware differences (though CPS was good hardware of course) – it was down to their raw skill as pixel artists. Unfortunately, these artists weren’t credited very clearly in those days for whatever reasons, and so time has forgotten about their amazing contributions.

  24. Now its the time to review Street Fighter V after Season V comes out.

  25. Isn't Seth an Old God in mythology?

  26. Please can you include more games that you actually do recommend on these lists?

  27. Someone get Dave some Ranma ¹/² to watch! That show is hilarious and well done!

  28. The Street Fighter Ex series were 3D polygons though.

  29. Awesome episode as usual! I keep coming back to the old ep’s to rewatch, never dissapoints 😄

  30. What was the track playing during ending credits?

  31. Martial Champion was great in the Arcade.

  32. Gundam Endless Duel! You are the shit if you know how to do wing zero special move and Epyon secret character lol

  33. I hope you do another fighting games episode! Also.. random pretty girl appears at the end 🤯

  34. Would love to see a Fighting Games 4 done for this channel! Great work Game Sack!

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