Fighting Game User Experience Sucks -

Fighting Game User Experience Sucks

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  1. you said it yourself, you just want to play spiderman. so go pick spiderman and figure the game out. games don't always need to teach you the whole genre over and over again. that's how we ended up with FPS tutorials, everyone knows how to move and jump, but every god damn game feels the need to tell you how to do it anyway.
    coming back to your book analogy. the book expects you to be able to read and understand the language it's written in, the same thing could be said for fighting games, they expect you to read and understand the movelist and motions.
    i agree, fighting games need to optimize online play.

  2. had you checked the tutorial from MK11. It’s really solid.

  3. Dead or alive 5 has entered the chat again… And waiting for its turn… And skipped. Again.

  4. Nothing beats TFH's Story Mode to get people into fighting games. Every NPC-enemy uses a specific pattern, and to beat each one, you have to learn how to punish a specific attack. It teaches you through DOING, and then there's a boss at the end where you have to take everything you learned and use them together.

  5. I agree with most stuff but with two things:

    1. Strive lobby being bad (as far as concept goes). Out of all the stuff to say Strive does bad it would be the lobbies, that make it feel like you are fighting an actual person, not the fact it needs to ping the japanese servers 20 or so times to give you access to network shit or the fact that the lobbies are hella buggy in terms of picking up what you wanna do. I do think that it would be nice if it had a straight up random matchup mode so people could just casually grind till celestial.

    2. Skipping round starts. If you genuinely feel annoyed because of this I can see it a bit, I however feel like the lack of skips ruins the experience for the people who have already seen the animations at work. If I had to watch Strives opening cinematic every time Id have to fight someone I would probably stop playing more than if i could.

    Thats about it. I dont want to seem like Im just some angry Strive fan with the IQ that of the average twitter user, however. I still enjoyed the video, but I would say that it had a lot of stuff that I disagree on.

  6. Guilty Gear XRD has pretty solid tutorial and challenges. It was my first real dive into fighting game scene and it helped me understanding the fundamentals

  7. i havent watched the video yet but lethal league blaze has the best worst UX ive ever had. it makes it blatantly obvious when i do something wrong AND how i could fix it, its very simple but hard to master, good design, but god damn the menus suck

  8. ive watched all of your videos. please never stop using ordinary days in your videos. it makes me happy every time

  9. "What's the most important aspect about any game? Well… being able to fucking play it!"
    -Angry Nintendo Nerd, 2006

  10. -recommends battle for the grid
    -20 players in the 30 day average

  11. Lol I literally got bored of strive because of the game taking a year to connect and the lobbies were full of errors

  12. I love hearing "get ready for the next battle" hits me with hectic nostalgia

  13. Melty Blood Type Luminas tutorial system was half the reason I stopped playing, CHRIST I have no idea how that game works and I read every single word

  14. I think fighting games are just doomed from the start:

    it's really hard to teach something while playing when you lose control whenever you're hit;

    it's really hard to tell a story while playing when your gameplay are chunks of 60 seconds and you must concentrate on split-second inputs;

    it's really hard to get casuals interested, when games littered with knowledge checks not communicated during gameplay.

    On the other hand all those things are what we love with fight games, and taking that away would be like trying to play chess without turns: totally ruin the intended fun with the game.

  15. I believe Mortal Kombat 11 is the only fighting game I know of that has mouse support in menus…. and it has a decent if a bit wordy tutorial. It even has character tutorials where it teaches you tools specific to each character. Is it perfect? Nope. But it was the first tutorial to explain what a "cancel" is in a way where I could understand it beyond "input this other thing really fast".

  16. whats even more hilariously stupid about strive’s lobby is that if you go to quick start and queue through training mode, it wont just put you in a queue, it’ll spawn your avatar in the Habbo Hotel and stick you in a “cabinet”.

    you wont even find a match until someone goes up to your “cabinet” or the game puts two quick match queuers together

  17. I dont know why you havent mentioned strives Tutorials. They are amazing. AS a Newcomer the Tutorial really helped me Out with learning about RCs and how to usw them properly.
    The lobby Thing is a non issue and gets blown up way too much. Only issue i have IS after ranking Up in quick play i always have to reconnect because I cannot find players after a Rank Up for some reason. Besides that you never wait longer than 15s for a Match on floor 9/10

  18. This "you can't watch a movie wrong" argument has been floating around lately and it pisses me off.
    Video GAMES are GAMES! Are you telling me the people making this stupid argument on the internet never played football? Hoops? Tag? Fucking rock paper scissors?
    Games have structure and rules, it's what differentiates them from other "ludic" activities such as mindless media consumption. Learning the rules of how to play the game is the absolute bare minimum effort you need to put in to play the fucking game.

  19. I found that Blazblue Cross-Tag Battle (my first 2D fighting game) actually had pretty good tutorials. It briefly explained the concept, how it can be applied and then let you play around in a training mode with the button command on the side. It also made a tutorial for every character’s unique concepts, moves and playstyle, which I found super helpful as a beginner. The only issue is every other part of UX in the game

  20. How did it take me this long to find your channel? You are absolutely hilarious, concisely edited, *gorgeously edited*, and you speak with a beautifully clear cadence and rhythm. Keep at it man, I would love to see you keep going, or even covering other things besides fighting games.

  21. Not to Forget the Advertisement of DLC before the Games are Launching, effectively showcasing heldback content^^

  22. I think BBTAG has an alright tutorial, teaches you everything you thr basics need to know while also having combo trial and more advanced tech like back dash timing and how Astrals work. Too bad Tactics looks like Chess mode from the icon and the title you get for completing all of it looks bad, but you win some you lose some.

  23. The fgc needs to learn that just because it's not labeled tutorial doesn't mean that it's not a tutorial…

  24. Rivals has a pretty good tutorial system and an overall easy to navigate menu, so that could be a good example.

  25. Maybe I'm that guy but…I like lobby systems. Staring at a "finding match…" box for 30 seconds between matches is less amusing than a basic lobby. Plus, community interaction and all that.

  26. I instantly dropped SFV because the game immediately insulted me with a 50% slower game play tutorial and then bombarding me with around 20 popups before I could even navigate the menu.

  27. hmm… I'm quite fond of the intros when first fighting someone but on rematches they are useless especially if they only have the one intro

  28. ArcSys quirky lobbies cause me so much pain. Why can't I just press a button and fight someone. I think they might be doing it again for DNF Duel and if so I will be very sad.

  29. I hate fighting games. Just button mashing.

  30. Bro, I was trying to find SOMETHING that explained V-Trigger in SFV but I couldn't figure out where the hell the tutorial was.


  31. One of the things that I always wanted to have in a tutorial of a FG, is the ability to be able to select the character that I want to use to complete such tutorial.

    I'm not talking about character tutorials. I'm talking about being able to 1st select a character, and then start the 1st game tutorial with such character.

    I really think that I will be able to learn spacing, pokes, counters, etc while the game is explaining these concepts to me while using a character that I want to use from the get go, instead of the game forcing me to use Ryu or Scorpion to complete the whole tutorial without any interest in using them as a character online.

    I don't want to complete the whole Tutorial with Ryu or Scorpion just because the game is forcing me to use them while is explaining the mechanics. I have yet to find a game that allows me to select a character, and complete the main tutorial with it.

  32. I've always had the idea of making the story itself act as the tutorial. The basics like punching and kicking, thats done in like a training room with your mentor, before you get thrust to learn from the masters via whatever, whether thats the master dies and you didn't get strong enough, or its a challenge or something. For example, imagine a fighting game metroidvania, where the skills you learn are the reward and they only have stuff that challenge those skills. Neutral? Have the CPU only play neutral and you have to learn around it as an example. Mixups? have a character mostly use mixups teach you about them while learning what moves or combos you're more likely to use in a certain situation. Command inputs? Have the master you learn them from very clearly show their movements before they show up (for instance when learning a shoryuken, have ryu be the master and whenever he's about to do, say, a hadouken during the fight from a far enough distance away. have him crouch, then walk, punch, and then do the hadouken input… or something. I'm not a game designer, but I think making the tutorial part of the story in some way would be more effective than wall of text.

  33. This made me think of those album covers that have no band name or title on them

  34. Honestly nrs games, despite how controversial they can be, have pretty good tutorials

  35. strives so shitty at this. they even had a previous game with a good tutorial to work with. i guess money more important than condiitioning another idiot into playing to win hypnosis.

  36. i personally thing the best teacher is practice. i remember going through arcade a lot on UMVC3. my first real fighting game. YOU DONT COUNT SMASH. i got into it because i was in a Phoenix wright tangent those 3 months. but I EARNED KNOWING HOW TO DO A DP MOTION DAMNIT. and i dont think there was a better game to get started.

    i have yet to play an online match on it.

  37. In my childhood I played mortal kombat 1-3, after 20 years I wanted to go back to fighting games. I tried tekken (entry threshold too high, too complex), I tried street fighter (menus and keybinds are garbage) – both without proper practice mode for noobies scared me away. The newer parts of Mortal Kombat are the best when it comes to practice and expierience.

  38. Soul calibur one has a mission mode that teaches you everything and you can unlock things and learn how to play and feel like you’re advancing at the same time

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