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Fighting Game Sub-Genres

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  1. "The horny one." Pretty much sums it up.

  2. Do you watch MMA? That “I don’t blame you”! reminded me of Dana

  3. what if on stream you teach some random people from chat a fighting game they wanna learn that u know to the best of your ability and just put that out on youtube as easy content/useful stuff for other ppl wanting to get into some of these games

  4. The only arena fighters I like are Pokken and Dissidia

  5. i think the fact that you refered to it as arena fighting game shows that it isnt in the same subgenre as anime fighters

  6. Fighting Games are really diverse and really have branched out in variety since the home consoles could match the arcade machines. Then there's weird hybrid fighters such as King Of Fighters with it's technical gameplay and in-depth jump arcs, Divekick where's there's quite literally two buttons and players die in one hit, Kill La Kill IF which is one of the few good Arena Fighters, Sonic The Fighters that's a 3D Fighter but plays like a 2D one with some interesting techniques involving walls, Sailor Moon S basically being (as a wise Core A Gaming once said) "Unregulated Waifu Cockfighting" and also made by Arc System Works funnily enough, Fatal Fury housing two different lanes to fight in, Wavejammers- . . .wait, is that even a fighting game? A sports game? Whatever, it's cool and something completely different just like Lethal League (tho sadly no music by the legend that is Hideki).

    Anyways fighting games are cool. There's something for everyone, from easy fighters like Fantasy Strike, Smash Ultimate & Dragon Ball Fighterz to more complex ones like Tekken, King Of Fighters & whatever a "Melee" is. You'll have fun so long as you find the right community and game & give them a chance.

  7. I wouldn't call "anime" a subgenre cause eventually one comes along and plays nothing like the rest. "Airdashers" which they almost always have makes more sense

  8. If your reading this, Your thoughts on Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3

  9. Idk about putting MK (at least in regards to X and 11) with all those other games because its """Neutral""" is so different that It's arguably closer to Guilty Gear Strive than Street Fighter.
    And the fact that links dont exist in MK
    (Also I'm aware that Strive wasn't out when this video was uploaded, Its just something I noticed)

  10. This leaves me wondering where the later Touhou fighting games would go.
    Now, the first three, Immaterial and Missing Power, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Hisoutensoku, would more easily fall somewhere between 2D and anime fighters (I'm probably not well-enough versed in fighting games to be able to fully make a judgment on where in that range, but would guess the latter due to the existence of an air dash?) – though they can be quite a bit more projectile-focused, what with characters having buttons for "melee" "light shot" and "heavy shot" instead of the usual assortment of melee attacks that usually only produce projectiles with special commands.
    Hopeless Masquerade, Urban Legend in Limbo, and Antinomy of Common Flowers are fairly similar in many ways too, but have this added element of being fully aerial fighters. There is no ground, there is no crouching, there's just flight, essentially jumping above or below the default height. I guess part of it also overlaps with platform fighters, with the extra emphasis on positioning and less complex inputs for moves.
    Wonder if "aerial fighter" could constitute its own subgenre, or if this is too close to those aforementioned ones?

  11. Platform fighters are meant to have fun in not to be competitive lmfao

  12. Tag fighters are a sub genre of vs ? How about KoF? Is it traditional 2d or vs? What about the simulators like ufc?

  13. so, frame links is basically buffering your input/"pre-ordering" the next move?

  14. What about boxing and mma games like UFC 4 and fight night? Would that be 3d fighting games

  15. when he said anime fighters and i noticed a character called makoto around 4:09
    *having flashbacks from rule34 when a dude described his true intentions below a post about this specific character giving someone a titjob"

  16. that rivals gameplay was painful to watch

  17. Does KOF go in your Team Fighters category?

  18. footsies belongs in a weird subgenre that doesn't really fall under conventional systems:

    these are fighting games which are focused on looking for your opponent's mistakes in their defenses, and capitalizing on those mistakes. you're rewarded for this with a won round

    most often(? i don't know the sub-genre too well) there will be only 1 character everyone plays, or characters with very little variety unless the game's systems allows for variation in character design

    there are only 2 games that i know of that take this concept, being footsies (obviously) and divekick


  20. all aspects of gameplay that were placed as aspects of anime fighters exist in other older 2D games( Kof and Mvc2 for example).
    I still don't understand what defines the "AnimeFighters" subgenre, as it doesn't make sense to me because there doesn't seem to be any aspect that brings changes in gameplay that are unique to the so-called "anime fighters" .
    Fighting games are divided into 2 types which are 2D/2.5D and 3D, what we see after that are the sub-genres which are platform fighters that borrow aspects from platform games, arena fighters which would be a sub-genre of 3D fighters and tag fighters that may be a sub-genre because it brings changes in mechanics by switching characters mid-fight or calling in assists.

    Now tell me: WHICH ASPECTS OF THE GAME THAT UNIQUELY DEFINE AN ​​ANIME FIGHTER?!?!?!?!? Just aesthetics? Being from ArcSysWorks? Just kidding hehehe. I really don't know and wanted answers.

  21. Lethal league would probably fit in the Sport fighting games like Windjammers

  22. Lethal league would probably fit in the Sport fighting games like Windjammers

  23. I didn't see any 3d fighting game in your video which is totally 3d some examples are Urban Reign, Absolver, Anarchy Reigns.

  24. I didn't see any 3d fighting game in your video which is totally 3d some examples are Urban Reign, Absolver, Anarchy Reigns.

  25. "It'll be classified as garbage" 😂😂😂😂😂 I wholeheartedly agree

  26. "It'll be classified as garbage" 😂😂😂😂😂 I wholeheartedly agree

  27. 1:20 when it comes to traditional fighters I always stick to Street Fighter

  28. what would you classify Paint The Town Red and We Who Are About to Die as, these games are clearly fighting games. to me it just looks like your covering the one main genre for 10 minutes

  29. What's the blonde girl in the blue jacket on the thumbnail from

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