Fighting Game Moves That Are Actually Broken (With JMCrofts) -

Fighting Game Moves That Are Actually Broken (With JMCrofts)

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Today, I asked @jmcrofts to share examples of moves that he thought were truly overpowered (while I came up with five more).

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  1. Lame, i don't wanna watch a 15 second clip from youtube on repeat while you dub it over, LK. Show us why something is wild. Boot up the game and demonstrate like JMCrofts was doing.

    I still like the channel, don't think it's just blind hate coming your way. This simply came across as lazy.

  2. Jmcrofts is much more tolerable when his face isn’t taking up 1/3 of the screen

  3. That Yattershield is actually disgusting.

  4. BBCF Izanami ribcage pre nerf deserves an honorable mention IMO. Shit was whack.

  5. this was a great video… when i was a kid blackheart air heavy kick was the first move i ever rage about.. long before i got serious about getting good FR FR at fighting games.

  6. Loving the collab btw, the normies can see some anime jank and weebs can see some gentlemens jank super cool.

  7. makoto's grab is terrifying
    there's been a lot of times were I've been grabbed out of light jab 😂

  8. Throwing demons is so crazy to me
    man I should really try to play more mvc2

  9. "You never have to worry about the second hit not going the right way."
    Master Roshi needs to share that knowledge with Strive!Anji.

  10. Gotta add Shiva’s stomp from mk11 too. That move was the cheapest i seen in awhile. She jumps off-screen into an unblockable and it really messed the neutral game of mk11 when it first came out. There was a guy who was supposed to win a tournament by spamming that move and changed his name to “why would NRS do this” to get NRS attention to display how cheap and busted the move was and he got disqualified because of his name. He most definitely was going to win but he intentionally made himself a villian for the sake of the community.

  11. I feel like umvc3 deserves a few spots. Spiral swords and zero clones were stupid

  12. king df1 from tekken 1 is an infamous example of a stupid ahh move. +9 on hit. pretty good. +93 on block :).

  13. I felt it in my soul when you mentioned that Koromaru move because you can not touch ken and if you try to punish koromaru you get sniped by ken

  14. I think a really broken move is Hitman's Awakening MP followup in DNF.

    This move has high damage, covers almost full screen (including vertical) with a disjointed hitbox, is safe on block (unless you're in the corner…. maybe?), crumples on any grounded hit (even if it's not a counter hit), and it converts almost any touch into a 60% combo minimum by serving as a (very easy to execute) combo extender. Off the crumple, you get a TOD if you have enough meter for it. Even if you don't have the meter for a follow up, it has a relatively short meter regen cooldown, so you can start a combo anyways, and have enough meter to get a nice chunk of damage anyways. If it hits you in the air, he can still combo off of it, and it's a hard knockdown.

    He can use it after any of his MP specials, either on hit or on whiff, so it's super flexible. It also works as a frame trap against rolls off of two of his mp specials. It won't necessarily crumple off a trade, but he can still combo off it if it trades.

    All this already makes for a pretty damn powerful move, maybe even broken…. but it's DNF so we haven't gotten to the fun part yet.

    What really pushes this move into the realm of absolutely broken are two factors in my opinion. First, He can use it off of his DP. In the launch version of the game, this was basically gapless. When he had access to this followup, his DP was not only a combo starter that set him up for oki, but it also became 100% safe on block. Depending on your character, you could attempt to stall in the air after making his DP whiff and avoid it… but outside of that, there was pretty much nothing you could do about it. Essentially, once hitman was in awakening, oki options that worked against him were cut by like 80%. If you chose to respect it and reset to neutral after a knockdown that put him into awakening, you're in a super high stress situation where any mistake leads to death, and it's still super hard to approach him since he can throw it out in neutral to make anything safe. And if you forget about it and try to punish his DP normally, you simply die.

    Later, it got patched to where there's a longer gap between his DP and the followup… but the options to deal with it still aren't that great. The gap is 8 frames, so you are able to DP the follow up, but most characters don't really get much reward out of that, and it burns meter. At certain ranges, you can roll past it on reaction and attempt to punish… but this has a bit of a catch to it. If your roll timing is off by a couple frames or you aren't able to roll through him, there's a pretty good chance he'll be able to block your punish putting you back at square 1 (or worse if you end up trading with him). Even if you do everything right, if he has white health, he can conversion cancel the follow up and block your punish anyways.

    This brings us to the 2nd reason why the move is truly broken. He doesn't have to use it. If you attempt to mash roll or DP after his dp and hitman choses not use the follow up, you're gonna get smoked. If he has you in a block string, he can choose not to use the follow up and reset his pressure for free (while saving some meter) if you respected it. The fact that he has such a powerful tool, and doesn't even have to commit to using it makes this move pretty fucking crazy in my opinion.

    The only consistent counter play to Hitman's awakening MP follow up is to watch his health bar and cut your combos short so you don't drop him below the 30% HP awakening threshold. That way, he doesn't have access to it, and he dies on your next touch anyways. But should you put Hitman into awakening, the round is basically up to the Hitman to lose.

    So overall, this move has absurd range, kills you if you get hit by it, also kills you sometimes if you trade with it, is safe on block, can be used in neutral, combos, and defense, is a (lethal) frame trap, and it turns dealing with his DP into a gamble where you die if you're wrong.

  15. They also collabed on JMCroft's channel, you guys should check it out

  16. C-Roa orbs charged and uncharged. TK charged orbs are really dumb

  17. Oh god… Of course it's Koromaru on the thumbnail

  18. Great vid as always LK! Just wanted to let u know that JMCroft's voice was a bit high in comparison to yours or the music so it made it kinda hard to watch specially with a headset on. Apart from that I loved discovering these broken moves and the "podcast" kind of format of u two talking

  19. A personal favorite move from SFA: Birdie's Bull Revenger.
    Easy to make (2 QCF + Punch), it has a good distance, jumps over projectiles, is fast, is a grab and can't blocked, only downside is that is hard to combo.

  20. The one from kasunoko vs capcom is kinda like a melee shine: it reflects, its fast, impossible to whiff punish, very spammable and you can combo off of it in the right situation

  21. "later arcsys games added stuff like upper body invuln"
    he doesn't know that arksys has been doing this shit since like 2000 🤣💀
    Blazbabby behavior

  22. Kims Ex Hangetsuzan in Kof Xiii is something else
    You thought Ex Crack Shoot at the launch of kof xv was stupid this is even stupider
    It’s 11 frames
    Goes very far
    You get a full combo when you hit it
    And it’s +1 on block because why not
    Kim was already insane in 13 but this move elevates him even more
    Pro players threw this move out at the start of the round it’s that good

  23. Im so glad jim mentioned air hyper viper beam first when talking about overpowered moves in mvc2.

  24. What's the first song playing in the background ?

  25. Jotaro has a 2 frame jab in HFTF that leads into full combos and immense damage. It's not as game breaking as something like Kakyoin's nets, but it will completely shut down certain characters. I think the Jotaro-DIO match-up is 9-1 just because s.5A stuffs anything DIO can do.

  26. There's one broken move that impressed me because the whole concept is funny. And it's in Art of Fighting 3 of all games and belongs to the boss, Wyler. And it's his JAB. So this is a 4 frame jab (fastest in the game) that is a good anti-air, has good damage for a jab, launches on counterhit but it has a fairly long recovery. So what's the catch? Well, it turns out you can cancel the jab INTO ITSELF so the recovery barely matters and it opens up a super damaging counterhit combo that is just using jab to juggle the opponent and melting their HP bar in the process. The character is so braindead you can play decently just by using jab and not any of his other specials (which are good but pale in comparison to the jab).

    Thankfully, he has no lows nor a super so he isn't the best character in the game, but he gets close

  27. Your mic volume is a bit low on this one especially compared to JMCrofts

  28. I miss when converting from stray hits was a huge skill.

  29. For DBFZ, you guys mentioned Roshi B, and GT spirit bomb but I’m hella surprised LK didn’t mention vanilla labcoat debuff, what the fuck were the devs thinking?

  30. Never seen anybody play black heart tbh, need to go back and watch some gameplay

  31. Smh, #1 on this list should be SSBM, Luigis dash attack. An actually broken move (They F-'d up the coding)

  32. interested in the bts of this. discord, trading off screen share, with host capturing via OBS; then chop it up with overlays in post?

  33. Damn, I was waiting to see MK9 Kabal on here lol

  34. Vergil spiral swords and helm breaker come to mind. If you mean truly broken, Petshop from Jojo.

  35. Ky's Greed sever from XRD. An overhead that, while slightly slow, fucking groundbounces, can be looped pretty easily, and has SO many active frames

  36. The enemy is still here he just has competition now

  37. Ah yes! Vanilla SF4 Gief's lariat! You struggling to complete the time/survival trials? Pick Gief, spam lariat! Trying to get the achievement for beating Arcade on the hardest setting? Pick Gief, spam lariat! Wanna attack your opponent, without fear of getting ultra combo'ed? No problem, lariat beats most of them out!

  38. I liked the part where JM just casually did Abel's one frame link like it wasn't anything.

  39. Blackheart is a pretty funny character because usually you might have a character with a bunch of good moves that all do different things, but here you have a bunch of not very good moves and 1 normal that just does absolutely everything.

  40. Ten-rai-ha is traumatic. If you get KOd by this move, you start the next round defending the mixup from the previous round.

  41. That koronaru move is why you got people spending meter just to kick the dog

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