Fighting Game Garbage: Hugo (2nd Impact) -

Fighting Game Garbage: Hugo (2nd Impact)

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Today, with the help of 2nd Impact scientist Heather, we’re looking at Hugo’s first and arguably worst appearance in a Street Fighter game, Hugo in Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact!

A lot of people know Hugo is bad in this game, but not many people know just why this is, or just how bad he is. 2nd Impact is not super heavily documented, so Heather was a huge help in making this possible!



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  1. hey big yellow i love your fighting game garbage and gold videos and how much they teach me on characters' balance that I didn't even know about. I was wondering if you were planning on doing one of those kinds of videos on anji in strive? he feels like he's in a really weird state of the game for me as he doesn't feel like he has a win condition or a win condition as good as almost all the other characters in strive. i do understand if you don't want to or if you cant! I'm still excited for what ever content you'd like to put out!

  2. imagine a character being so fucking awkwardly designed that WIDESCREEN SUPPORT of all things nerfs them

  3. 2nd Impact was only released on Dreamcast bundled with New Generation. But was overshadowed by 3rd Strike shortly after

  4. shoot backbreakers are not now parryable in 2nd impact, youre playing it retroactively lol

  5. His other Ultra Throws don't fare much better in widescreen. Yes, they wallbounce as normal, but if you're too far away, heavy Backbreaker (and Megaton Press) will whiff. This never happens in 4:3.

  6. I main hugo and I can say that he is a high risk and high reward character

  7. >has an infinite
    >worst character in the game
    only second impact baybee

  8. So that's mean Hugo was more balanced in second impact, and now he is broken in 3rd strike 😖😖😖😖

  9. Ngl 2nd impact is just as fun as 3rd strike. Even the soundtrack is groovy af!

  10. I didn't even know 2nd Impact could be played widescreen. Most people in 1997 didn't have widescreen, and different screen formats was usually only in 3d games. Having a wider play area changes the game significantly. As there is most space between the players, so zoning becomes more powerful and certain combos don't work.

  11. Just discoverd your channel and really like it pretty instrictive 👌

  12. I’m getting Brawl Ganondorf flashbacks.

  13. Boi I had to do a double take cuz I didn't see the "double impact" in the title.

    Hugo is terrifying in 3rd strike. 😭

  14. God Heather's voice was really nice to listen to.

  15. Man I wish all the stages from all three versions of 3 were in one game.

  16. heather got a cute voice

    the twitter link is broken now tho!

  17. I always thought it was a tie between Q and Hugo being the worst characters.

  18. He looks like a Lisa the Painful character and I can't decide if I hate or love him

  19. Literally no one ever in the existence of mankind:
    Yo let's play some SF III 2nd Impact!

  20. Hugo's hair doesn't have depth and it's distracting, I didn't notice this until this video.

  21. 2I, the game where a character with an infinite is bottom 1

  22. Elena looking cute, can I get her number?

  23. Come to think about it, I wonder how he would played in new generation since he was originally going to be playable but got cut out on the last minute

  24. Massive props to SNK for being able to recreate Hugo´s sprite (with movement and all) so perfectly even on theorically weaker hardware for SvC Chaos

  25. This is a weird take cause it's universally accepted that Hugo is better in 2nd impact than 3rd strike.

  26. His jeans looking like leather biker pants with kneepads haunt me.

  27. All of his heavies look likethey should knock you down lol

  28. Wide screen effecting gameplay is insane to me. Then again the super OTG thing tells me not too much testing happened. That is also insane

  29. I can beat every CPU in 4 but I can’t for Hugo🥺

  30. Hugo just picking up Ken and hurling him across the stage with no wall bounce was hilarious lolol

  31. Basically donkey gong and gannon mixed

  32. it's been a year since this came out???????? tf????????? i have very vivid memories of watching this the day it came out in the gym

  33. 3rd Strike's kinda broken but 2nd Impact is fucking whack bro lmao

  34. If he had Meat Squasher in Second Impact, he’d probably be a high tier character.

  35. all of lariats flaws here are the same as they are in 3s honestly lariat is just kinda horribly inconsistent for no reason in both games
    also god DAMN i didnt realise 2is sound design was so good it sounds so satisfying

  36. I can see why 2nd Impact isnt as popular the balance is even more fucked than in 3s

  37. I like Hugo I think his design is neat 🙂

  38. hey why tf isn't hugo's hair shaded. where did the shading go did he lose it somewhere?

  39. Sure 2nd Impact is jank and all, but that Germany stage looks so good, it's downright criminal it didn't return for 3rd strike.

  40. Heather has a channel for more SI info?

  41. lmao i recorded all my lines tipsy yurrrrrrrrrr, thanks for having me on! was really fun to work on this and also kick your ass in 2i prior to the vid

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