Fighting Game Garbage: Breakaway (MK11) -

Fighting Game Garbage: Breakaway (MK11)

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Been a long time coming, but I’m back with a new Fighting Game Garbage, this time not on something weak, but one of the single most hated fighting game mechanics in recent memory, MK11’s Breakaway.

This game is aight sorry for bully



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  1. I like MK11 a lot, Ive played it to death in recent months after getting back into it. Breakaway is… fine but you are 100% correct about armor breakers. If we got armor breakers on launch and they were actually done remotely well, I doubt Breakaway would've gotten the reputation it has.

  2. I agree with you, this game was dead on arrival and it’s sad because they could’ve really made this a good game.

  3. You should make one on combo breaker in KI

  4. I love MK 11 it’s a better structured fighting game, mkx is awesome and gory but it’s all over the place fighting wise I think compared to mk11

  5. I hate features that let players break out of combos. A player should be rewarded for landing the hit

  6. i think we can all agree that this game is good but incomplete.

    the game is beautiful and i think they spent so much time on visuals that the gameplay was thrown together, thats why we have breakaway and roll instead of breaker…

    think about it, they woulda had to make a different breaker animation
    for everyone on the roster but they went with universal animations, dropping(tucking) and rolling.

    thats why only certain characters have default mid projectiles and default armor breaking moves and why every characters down 4 isnt but should
    be the same frame startup and
    special move cancelable and thats just simple.

    after 2 years of this game being out, i realized that simple shit like that really really gets you far and is usually the best option and they missed a lotta basic important shit on this game but this might really help.

    db fighter z just got it right on the last update they had, everybody is op now.

    i just started playing it this summer but i’ve been been in tune since launch on, watching yt and watching a few tournys.

  7. As a scorpion player i don't even bother braking armor unless my opponent has awful wifi.

  8. The fact you actually go over what makes a character good alongside their downsides makes your character vids really nice to watch. I actually got into 3rd strike for your Q vid. I main him now. I'm still not that great at the game but your video on him got a lot of the trial and error of learning him out of the way for me.

  9. This video was actually pretty helpful, I thought breakaway was very goofy and weird so I just never put effort into working around it, I used to just let them breakaway and pressure them after.

  10. Things that we could use the Stance Switch Button for instead of Switching Stance:
    -Separate Meter Management
    -Launching MKX

  11. This is totally the kind of thing I would think of if I made a fighting game, and these are totally the kinds of problems I'd fail to predict if I made a fighting game.

  12. It's a legit strategy on MK11 to purposely let your opponent combo you and breakaway in a move that let's you punish them. I remember finishing some spawns like that. This mechanic turns MK11 into a game that punishes you for making the right choice and rewards your opponent for losing neutral. It's actually my most hated fighting game mechanic of all time,

  13. I want more fighting game gold!, do a video on abigail please, gold or garbage!

  14. Also worth mentioning you can use breakaway at any point after a launch so it comes down to a mind game of if they're gonna use it immediately or not. A lot of times the opponent won't breakaway immediately but wait to see if you use your armor break or not, and if you do and they don't breakaway you just left a lot of damage on the table… which imo feels awful because combos are what got me personally into fighting games and I feel like I'm being punished for trying to combo at all.

  15. Breakaway is a great idea. It lets you get out of annoying jugglers.

  16. All they literally have to do to fix breakaway is add recovery frames …then the person who breaks wouldn't be able to get up and punish in certain situations. Every character should also have a universal way to break armor…giving characters different armor breaks makes it so some chars either don't have access to it or it's not worth it because uppercut deals more damage

  17. I HIGHLY recommend using DOT whenever someone uses breakaway. Itll ignore the armor and build faster since they're right in front of you.

  18. I feel like the MKX Variations are more thought out, giving characters multiple gameplans and styles, almost like re-tooling stances from the 3D games. While MK11 let's you pick and choose each move, like Injustice, but it made it too loosey-goosey. I hope the next game just gives each character as many tools as possible, or at least has a more thought out MKX approach.

  19. Honestly, I still like breakaway with armor breaks more than old MK Breaker. I just don't like how braindead Breaker is. There is no mindgames with it. Unlike combi breaking tools in other games, like Burst in GG or even classic C-c-combo Breaker from KI2013, where you actually get punished for using it in a wrong time or if opponent reads you, Breaker in MK9 and X is just there. You just press two buttons and leave combo.

    Breakaway can be better if tweaked just a little bit. Give every character several armor break options with different results, give player that breaks away a penalty on meter gain after a successful breakaway so that you couldn't just use it all the time and actually had to make a hard decision, and that's it. But breaker is just use it and get back into neutral. Even clash from Injustice has some kind of consideration of when you want to use it, because of it meter waging system.

  20. The way you were talking about the implementation of breaker in MK11 sounded a whole lot like Guilty Gear's burst

  21. I say you hit the nail on the head. This was only one of many things wrong about MK11, but it’s definitely one of the most vocal especially early on by pros and casuals

  22. I actually disagree with your point of combo breakers not working in this game because of the change of how meter works. You see breaker in MK wasn't always tied to meter, prior to 2011 back in deadly alliance – Armageddon, breaker could be done at any time but had a limit of 3 uses per match. All they had to do was return to that system. Maybe make a slight adjustment like, it regens over time or maybe instead of 3 for an entire match have 2 per round.

  23. I feel like the best way to balance breakaway is to make uppercut into a universal armor breaker and is able to extend combos, in exchange do a lot less damage on armored opponents.

  24. I love Breakaway. It brings a chance for the game to not be so neutral heavy. I can keep someone in the corner of they breakaway or vice versa. I love pressure heavy fights. And being able to use that pressure is immense for keeping someone guessing.

  25. They should do a similar thing to Guity Gear's Burst. But if they want to keep the Brakaway mechanic unchanged, they should give to every charcter a armor break move, regardless of the variation.

  26. the breakaway system in mk11 was horrible. characters who had combos that didn’t lift their opponent in the air were way better because the damage can’t be interrupted and some characters like spawn can punish their opponent correctly and still get punished for it. With Spawn his meter burn combo starter has enough end lag to where the opponent can just breakaway and combo Spawn even if Spawn made the correct read and landed the initial strike. The breakaway system was horrible and what made it worse is that it’s basically free since meter is just given for free in mk11

  27. Imo but NRS just need to go back to a fast gameplay like MKX. It is boring to watch MK11

  28. Can honestly say I've never heard "punished on hit". My soul hurts.

  29. Flawless block is worse imo, you can literally steal back your turn almost at will with that shit at least if you correctly bait a breakaway you get to put your opponent in a blender

  30. MK11 has this thing where it rewards you for making mistakes. Hopefully NRS figures out its important to have counters in fighting games

  31. *looks at Sub-Zero's variation*
    *Kitchen Nightmares sound effect*

  32. The separate offensive and defensive bars was a terrible idea to begin with.

  33. ACTUALLY combo breakers have been around since MK Deception and needing to build meter to use them was implemented since MKvsDC. So you see how long-time fans of the series are unhappy that a mechanic that seemed to be staple at this point was replaced by a far inferior version. It's vastly imbalanced that some characters don't need popups to combo while others rely on them so much. Combo potential has been nerfed so heavily in MK11 anyway its ridiculous. Nevertheless i still love this game as it has a lot of compelling features – but i woud have preferred breakers over breakaway – at least they were balanced for every character.

  34. I wish breakaway forced delayed get up, anyways wonderful video⚜️

  35. MK11 was so close to being such a great game. It's a shame NRS didn't really address all of the core issues the game had. Not just breakaways, but the lack of consistent antiairs (and jump kicks being way too powerful for some characters), being able to flawless block launch when you're at massive frame disadvantage, the overall inconsistency of custom moves and how much they cost (why does an S tier character like Jacqui get to have 3 of her most powerful moves in one variation while characters like Raiden have to spend two slots for complete garbage moves?), extremely powerful defensive option selects, the atrocious wakeup system (it was even more awful back in the days of wake up buttons and the three delay types so kudos to them for fixing that at least), the lack of creativity with combos and variations (and so many characters having useless custom moves in general, forcing you to go with one or two kits most of the time), fatal blows being obnoxious and sometimes being unpunishable because of the pushback, the meter system eliminating any kind of meter management, and terrible character balancing issues throughout the game's lifespan (why were Jacqui and Cetrion barely touched but characters like Sonya were nerfed into obscurity?). I think some of the issues could've never been fixed because of how central they are to the game, like the meter system, but NRS could've easily addressed so many of the other issues that the community brought up so many times. I really liked MK9 and MKX so I hope NRS learns from the mistakes of MK11 to make MK12 the best MK game to date.

  36. I feel like Netherrealm missed the chance for some characters where their breakaway is a normal attack tomaybe do the thing injustice did where you could special cancel into a wall bounce mid combo. It would’ve also been nice if for certain characters you couldn’t breakaway so fast so that they actually had a chance to get the armor breaker off

  37. You’re two years late for this video. Everyone the first week already said that breakaway punishes the person, who does the combo

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  39. Imo it's the same thing with with Naruto storm games. They gave substitution it's own bar and all people do is run away, let it refill,rush back into the fight, repeat. Or the fact that you can cancel any attack to dash of block rendering the game to who can run down the substitution bar of the enemy and thin you win.

  40. As lame as breakaway looks on it’s own, man is it hype as ever (at least for me) when I make the read on someone’s breakaway & counter with an armor break.

  41. using shao as an example for good breakaways is so funny for me as i remember when they added armour breakers, shoulder charge could not be enhanced when it hit armour meaning it could not armour break despite being an armour breaker. happy to see they fixed that atleast.

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