Fighting Game Garbage: Breakaway (MK11) -

Fighting Game Garbage: Breakaway (MK11)

Big Yellow
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Been a long time coming, but I’m back with a new Fighting Game Garbage, this time not on something weak, but one of the single most hated fighting game mechanics in recent memory, MK11’s Breakaway.

This game is aight sorry for bully



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  1. The fact it's that the more options that are tied to the same meter, the most interesting that meter becomes. That is why I prefer MKX meter.

  2. Well buckle up it might get worse in MK12 that why I'm trying to learn injustice 2 before 3 come out 💯

  3. Making d2 or some other universal button (hell, maybe an entirely new AB specific universal button) an armor breaker that's consistent throughout all variations on top of certain moves would have worked better imo.

    Also some KBs (namely roll catching ones, R.I.P blood lunge) are so impractical or don't work you forget they exist

  4. I just love you that you do pokemon and fighting games, your awesome!

  5. For Scorpion:

    BF1 (MB) > DB3 (MB)
    Only use DB3 at the start of the match where burning your opponent’s defensive meter can be advantageous for the rest of the match.

    Rest of the match avoid using DB3 (MB) altogether. 22% guaranteed damage is better than 15% due to a failed combo attempt because of breakaway.

    Alternatively, do 11/B14 ~ BF1 (MB) 4 restand loop into throw or B14 ~ BF1 (MB) 4 up until you run out of offensive meter, in which case go back to staggering 11, 21, F3(4) and throwing in B14 ~ DB3 teleport cancels both behind your opponent and the retreating one as well.

    This is how you shimmy with Scorpion.

  6. big yellow: speaking about how broken the move is to combat tactics

    me: distracted thinking about how the background logic works

  7. You pretty much thoroughly broke down why I can't stand the mechanic. I already hated breakaway as a concept but the addition of armor breakers made the problem even worse.

  8. You used to be able to throw burst too in +R. Skull Girls infinite prevention system lets you bait it out similar to burst.

    I picked up MK11 late with a bunch of friends. We used to shit post calling it moron kombat etc. but the game ended up being pretty sick until we all improved and had to start playing around/interacting with system mechanics like this. Game is so close to being really dope.

  9. I’ve said this about a million times. This game is the worst MK game ever made and probably one of the worst fighting games ever. Idk how you go from MK X to this. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Nether realm ruined a franchise in just one game… incredible!

  10. Finally I can’t the be. The only one that hated this. I stopped playing mk11 because of this

  11. I didn’t even know that this was a thing because I never block lol

  12. I honestly can't stand anything unique this game attempted to do; the krushing blows are really poorly balanced across the roster, and I think they're a major reason why people claim mk 11 has boring combos. The custom variations were basically non existent for a huge amount of time, even though they were a main marketing point of the gsme. Even now, variations feel like splitting complete characters into chunks, when in mkx the variations felt like they were actually adding to the characters instead of taking away. Beyond that, it feels like this game is constantly rewarding the person getting hit: breakaway gives the person an option to punish you on HIT, there's an absurd number of wake up options like get up roll that make it feel impossible to apply oki, and the fatal blow is just an armored combo that uses no resources.

  13. The next game needs to be way better same with injustice this gameplay got boring with all these defensive options and barely any strings for some characters all it is is just find ur two good strings get krushing blow here and there which like u said gets break awayd and u literally have to hesitate whether u can do ur combo or do an armor break which isn’t always a satisfying option and if u miss wait your turn again and respect fatal blow several times or if u get hit wait 20 seconds for game to resume

  14. I believe that Breakaway is dumb as it's designed to allow the defending player to just say no to combos while also allowing the attacking player to guess and try to start a new combo but 9 times out of 10 the defending player has a get out of jail free card and the problem is the attacking player doesn't, the attacking player is then cheated out of the combo they started that was started because their opponent made a mistake, Breakers are easier to accept as they cut out the guessing scenario.

  15. They should've done it like Deception. Three breakers per match.

  16. I don't know why NRS stubbornly stuck to its guns with Breakaway. There were ways to change it without completely axing it. But they did next to nothing with it and this video does a good job of explaining why that and armor breakers are problematic.

    However, I do think breaking after KB launchers is fine. I get that you lose damage but you are right up in their face and they have no defensive options and few wakeup options. You get to pressure them for free. That's just my view though.

  17. Ok why are you complaining about the best equippable skill replacing armor breaker
    Isn't that a fair trade off?

  18. Should be like IJ2 where air escape costs 2 bars,leaves you at a semi disadvantage/advantage,and you can still get combo'd despite escaping if the player on the offence knows his stuff

  19. I have an Idea? A request? Fighting Game Glance: Rivals of Aether

  20. Negl you kinda lost me with you saying you like crushing blows… I would love a video or even a comment regarding your stance on them specifically

  21. This mechanic is why I just… quit the game. I want Netherrealm to actually sit and work on their next game mechanically.

  22. Wait the stance change button is still doing nothing in this game?

  23. For me MK11 us a goddamn experiment. Wheter you like it or not it seems the foundation for the following game. Fatal Blows, KB, Breakaway, Kostum classes stay or go?

  24. People complain and try to shit on this game all the time but I have one question….WHY TF DO YALL STILL PLAY IT THEN???

  25. The Fighting Game Garbage series feels more humorous and analytical than it does negative

  26. IMO Breakaway is a really fun and interesting mechanic with possibly the worst execution ever in a fighting game

  27. Fighting game garbage needs to be covering 'stance change'. It was in Injustice aswell and is actually pointless.

  28. All nrs needed to do was make breakers wait until the end of a moves animation before it triggered, so that instead of falling out of a combo with no warning, you instead fall out of the combo between moves. Wake up speed would need to be adjusted, but it would be so much better to okay around, and more importantly for the devs, balance around than having what they got now.

  29. Wouldn't breaker in mk11 just be a burst from GG?

    Breakaway is one of the worst mechanics I've come across in fighting games and part of the reason I didn't play mk11 past the beta

  30. Positivity is cool! like fighting games specifically I feel has a real negativity bias. like i watch a few fighting game channels and i just checked negative videos do better and partially I do think that's the community. The Algorithm def has an influence but that's a chicken/egg type discussion on what influences what there. Take a break whenever you want as well, you don't owe anybody videos about bad fighting game jank, like they're not that big a deal not being a thing if you find em draining.

  31. This particular vid actually reminded me of something that could make for a really good Fighting Game Gold: the Killer Instinct reboots version of Combo Breakers, and/or the Counter Breaker side of the mechanic. Pretty much one of the best executed defensive mechanics I’ve seen in any fighting game

  32. I think they wanted this to be an equivalent of Variable wake up, but on combo break. This way there's a lot more room for player decision making, but this really punishes characters with huge recovery.

  33. If you want to look at some burst garbage look at Persona 4 Arena. Shadow Labrys is a puppet character but in P4A if you hit a Persona with a burst they automatically break and without Asterius Shadow Lab is actually bad

  34. They went from having a good breaker in mkx to completely ruining it with a change that no one asked for.

  35. My friend was so happy when this game came out, all cause of break away, cause now he didn’t have to get combo’d and actually punish me if I wanted to combo

  36. on the bit where breakaways at certain points would be guaranteed to work: Strive's specific setup of burst counters this kind of thing very well without feeling frustrating. Similar gatlings allow for easier to read burst-safe zones, while burst being faster and larger than before leads to harder to bait bursts. Guaranteed burst spots don't necessarily mean that you throw a burst out when you see one because you may want to hold on to that burst if the opponent could potentially do more damage when they get resources down the line, complimenting how fucking explosive that game can be.

  37. 6:02 I’ve been saying this since the game came out how counterproductive that is … at least have a rule to where you can’t break away during a krushing blow or at least the ones with combo potential

  38. interesting idea for a video, breakaway vs CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCombobreaker, which is worse?

  39. I think every character should have 2 armor breaker moves: 1 command normal, and 1 universal special. This way all variations would have consistent punishes instead having to base your strategy off of how you built them. Breakaways are a cool concept, but I feel like they just added those in to keep players quiet about how flawed Breakaways really are, and the fact they didn't try other ideas just prove they weren't willing to experiment with their own game.

  40. Breakaway and perfect block are both dumb mechanics

  41. When i watched, i was just expecting another video that does nothing but take a crap on breakaway. But you actually outlined the good, not just the bad. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism throughout this game's lifespan was something that was very rare with this game. People wanted it to be MKX 2.0 and it showed lol.

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