Fighting Game DLC. used to be worse -

Fighting Game DLC. used to be worse

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as bad as DLC in fighting games can be be now it’s nothing like having to buy the same game every couple months #shortsvideo #nintendo #streetfighter


  1. Disagree.Games weren't released will nilly back in the day so the balance was more or less there. Today, it's BECAUSE games get released in an unfinished state that some characters are dramatically more OP than others and require a nerf. And say what you will about buying newer versions of the game, at least they gave you all the characters available at the time, even if some are hidden behind codes or beating the game with certain characters.Today the only thing characters are locked behind are pay walls. And maybe it's just me, but I don't appreciate having to pay for classic costumes, developers left out to avoid offending land whales that have no interest in the game to begin with.

  2. Somehow ever since V came out I've totally forgotten the way it used to be. Daaamn, now I'm wondering how we ever did that, lmao.

  3. Fun fact: SNK specialized in fighting games and the Neo Geo Arcade games were basically super consoles and all the arcade owners/managers had to do was buy the game and swap the cartridges and the "this is how you play" stuff that arcade cabinets had on them after the fact. It's why King of Fighters is HUGE in Central and South America.

  4. Alright Brodie your last comment made me follow😂

  5. Much agreed brother. Fighting games are in a golden age right now, and I'm all here for it!

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