Fighting Game characters who need to stay dead. -

Fighting Game characters who need to stay dead.

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Today we’re discussing characters in fighting games that are NOT fan favorites, in fact they might be fan LEAST favorites. Based on a discussion in my Discord, these are characters that have a dedicated base of players who don’t want them to return in future games. From oppressive top tiers to annoying character designs, what do you think? Let me know your choices down in the comments!

Check out AnimeIlluminati’s Arakune video here:

Video sources for the game footage:
valmaster vs jwong:
brkrdave vs uri:
juicebox vs 801 strider:
Guilty Gear AC+R top 8 from Frosty Faustings:
Poongko vs Balrog:

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0:00 intro
2:01 Rufus (sf4)
3:59 Arakune (blazblue)
5:41 Abel (sf4)
8:41 Zappa (Guilty Gear)
10:39 Juri (sf6)
12:54 My pick (secret)


  1. Would've been fine if Shujinko never returned from the MK universe. I still don't care for him much.
    And then Hsu Hao. Though I guess every character has potential with the right revamp.

  2. Abigail. Dreadful character. Actually kept me from picking up SF5. Literally covers the health bar. Cartoonishly large and uncomfortable. Forces the camera to adjust just for them. Ugly design, doesn't fit the cast at all.


  4. Juri is the only character who made me leave Ken because I loved her gameplay so much in SF4.

  5. okay, i see your why you'd say you wouldnt be opposed to rufus coming back, but ciunter argument, they could do a fat fighter more respectfully, like E. Honda for instance

  6. Problem with Rufus is more that his move set doesnt match his looks. He doesnt move like youd expect in a physical world so he breaks the illusion

  7. It would be so funny if some day in the SF story they mentioned Rufus just to point out he died off screen.

  8. 7:15 able has a really hard problem to fix, he is redundant… blond grappler relevant to the plot? Bring alex, he is more fun.

  9. Arakune is such a sore subject for me because he’s legit one of my favorite characters of all time because I just adore everything that he is and I was appalled by the fact that the community at large hated his guts to the point where I stopped playing him and that’s probably the main reason I never got really into blazblue as well

  10. juri and akuma are the main reason i start playing street fighter

  11. How dare they try to get rid of my wifu Juri?! Inconceivable!

  12. we don't need Chin, Chang, or Choi, in anothor kof game. They just need to give chang and choi the death sentce. and have chin die in his sleep or something.

  13. I really think Rufus is underappreciated, I love how he's a fat character who's super acrobatic because of his fat, I always thought that was really inspired.

  14. A character I hope will never come back is Min Min. I dislike their inclusion in Smash, because IN MY OPINION she doesn't fit the character design philosophy I thought Smash had. I also dislike Sonic, Snake, and Sora for the same reason, but I have the strongest vitriol for Min Min.

  15. I like that it's suggested that someone will pick Rufus because he's fat and they identify with being fat. I'd fucking hope not. Seek help if you have played Rufus because you are fat and he is also fat.

  16. The problem is NOT that Rufus is fat. It's that he's ugly. There's a subtle difference here. He hurts my eyes, he is loud american but with no charm, and he has the worst facial hair I've ever seen.

  17. While I agree on Rufus being an annoying abomination I remember seeing one guy who had an amazing idea for him. Back when Ken getting divorced and being washed up rumor came out a Youtuber came up with the idea that Rufus would fight the washed up Ken and win, but be completely dissatisfied because of Ken's condition and his story would be helping Ken get his life back together so Rufus could have his true battle with Ken.

  18. I remember going on holiday, and the place we were staying had a kids club with an Xbox that had street fighter 4. I remember everyone wanting to play as rufus just because he was different in personality, playstyle, and physically. I think they should definitely bring him back in 6.

  19. Meanwhile, I'm literally not buying SF6 until Seth comes back.
    His SF5 design resulted in me giving him a try when I was new to the game, and I really love the somewhat chaotic nature of his personality and moveset.

  20. Must stay dead : rufus, decapre, and most of all, seth, el fuerte elena and rolento. Anyway, i feel like i don't want to play SF anymore, i hope a new Virtua Fighter will come out, because this games looks like the only one i can accept. I don't like Tekken gameplay especially.

  21. Dark Pit can get the boot from Smash. An echo of a character that is not popular in the first place.

  22. You forgot alex from sf3 in the list sf attempted mcs

  23. I just want to see Q, Crimson Viper, and Laura come back in SF6.

  24. Fujin from MK11 better never come back in any form

  25. I expected Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Evolution on this list. I've seen some people online have a real hate boner for her, even though I never really got why.

  26. Capcom has a problem with trying the same thing over and over and not learning. What do Alex (SF3 protag), Abel (SFIV protag), Nash (SFV co-protag?), and Luke (SFVI mascot) have in common? Boring as HECK visual designs. They keep trying to hamfist a stereotypical (for the 1950's maybe) looking American, the good old blonde hair, blue eyed guy with a moody personality and little interesting connections or backstory. They're just not compelling characters or designs but Capcom seems DESPERATE for ppl to flock to them

  27. 2 characters I never want to see ever again : Yuri and Athena in KOF. They made my ears bleed for hours. "PSYCHO BAAAAAAAAAAAL"

  28. I liked Rufus he was fun rather take him than El Fuerte.

  29. I actually WANT Abel 2 return in some form or fashion! I actually mained him in 4; tho I can't say my gameplay was "par" or anything…

  30. Basically almost every new character from SF4 was a waste. You could also bring Viper, Hakan, Decapre and El Fuerte in this video, too, and it would make sense.

  31. for me, my pick for a character I never wanna see again is Lucky Chloe from tekken 7

  32. For me it is Liu Kang. The most boring generic "character" of all time!!

  33. Juri so far is the only post SF3 character to have appeared in SF4, 5 and 6 so yeah, she's easily the most popular newer character.

  34. ngl I want Zappa back so bad he's just cool

  35. I strongly disagree to the guy who posted Juri need to go. She is a great character bro, you need to use her more often. Good thing he didn't say Ryu need to go in the Street Fighter series, that would be really awkward, since Ryu is a beloved character and iconic.

    Rufus not a popular option but how dare you say he is ugly, don't you dare fat shaming people like Rufus. Like come on man he needs more love and he looks alright but that's the fun of the game, have the fat guy shine for once. Don't worry Rufus you will have your shining moments like Ryu, Chung Li, Cammy and Blanca.

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