Fighting Game characters who need to stay dead. -

Fighting Game characters who need to stay dead.

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Today we’re discussing characters in fighting games that are NOT fan favorites, in fact they might be fan LEAST favorites. Based on a discussion in my Discord, these are characters that have a dedicated base of players who don’t want them to return in future games. From oppressive top tiers to annoying character designs, what do you think? Let me know your choices down in the comments!

Check out AnimeIlluminati’s Arakune video here:

Video sources for the game footage:
valmaster vs jwong:
brkrdave vs uri:
juicebox vs 801 strider:
Guilty Gear AC+R top 8 from Frosty Faustings:
Poongko vs Balrog:

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0:00 intro
2:01 Rufus (sf4)
3:59 Arakune (blazblue)
5:41 Abel (sf4)
8:41 Zappa (Guilty Gear)
10:39 Juri (sf6)
12:54 My pick (secret)


  1. I never want to see again Urien in any shape or form or redisign, for me it is the characther so stupid,to fight against and see macthed, that even charge motions wont stop him for being a asshole with his move and tatics,hope he never return or take so long and wont make sf6 shit, the another one it is karin, pure bullshit in a form of a characther, in design and gameplay, sf5 she was a complete nightmare to fight against.

  2. Rufus is just an American basically, from looks to personality. Which is why everyone hates him.

  3. Juri is r34 bait, just fucking exhausting to look at lmfao

  4. I'm still waiting on the return of Adon…. 😢

  5. I'm glad it looks like it's happened so far, but my pick is Kusaregedo from Samurai Shodown V. I hate his design, his moves, his story… I hate him.

    They did well with Earthquake. The big bad vulgar guy approach worked well! But they wanted to give him a replacement since he hasn't showed up in 3 or 4, so in 5… they made a new one. Yokai Kusaregedo. And I think he is the worst character in that series, and one of my least favorites as a whole.

  6. dont matter. they always come back different. cody seth main in sf4 hated both in sf5. so hate in past, maybe love newversion or vice versa

  7. I miss when Juri was a straight-up villain. She lost of lot of personality by just becoming a “streamer.”

  8. I find that Lei Wulong is a very fun character to play. So it always surprises me to hear the argument of "no one plays him" when he's brought up as a potential DLC pick.

  9. Zappa is one of my most favorite characters ever

  10. Completely disagree with Abel, I think he was cool. Hard to think of many sambo style guys in fighting games, and he’s based on Fedor Emelianenko. My pick would be Remy, he’s waaaay more boring and generic imo

  11. I main Zappa and Arakune. Lol you can hate me now but i wont stop now. Because i cant stop now.

  12. The problem with fighting game characters nowadays is rooted in what fighting games (and games in general) became. Back in the day, you could have a weirdo character, like Blanka, being introduced and becoming a staple to the series way easier than nowadays. Games were "static". What was released was what you got. Nowadays, games have become something that warrants constant attention paid to, not a "release and start developing another game/the next entry in the series". Add Esports to that, and you have in place a system that culls anything that's not an instant hit (like Reina, Juri, Leroy or Rashid).
    "And why does that happen?" You might ask. Well, nowadays, games are software kept alive and functional through online connection to the devs hq. Whenever a game is released, soon enough there are things that need to be fixed and patched. Competitive play (and Esports) is also factored, so the roster might be completely rebalanced after a patch or at the beginning of a "new season". Now let's look back at characters like Rufus or Alex (Tekken). Why would the company want to spend dev time and resources on eventual patches, rebalances, etc. on characters that "don't sell"?

  13. Abel is a character who every time I see him I'm like "oh yeah, i DO like Abel" and then as soon as he's off screen I forget he exists.

  14. I feel few or some characters should be mentioned:

    *F.A.N.G (self-explanatory)
    *Sylvie (KOF)
    *(Tied) Mina Majikina & Kusagedo
    *Bridget (self-explanatory)
    *(Tied) Arakune & Izanami

    I don't agree of putting Juri and Rufus on here.

  15. I’m sorry but I honestly like Abel and Rufus a lot they were 2 of the characters that I played with the most in street fighter 4 (sorry to disagree)

  16. i personally disagree with you abt luke people love luke

  17. i want juri to go away but it aint happenin

  18. my pick is guy but his losing quote is hillarious

    "profound sadness"

  19. Juri mains aren't even playing the same game as the rest of us. We're playing street fighter, they're playing feet fighter

  20. Dont remove juri, just remove her players 🙂

  21. 0 way Arakune doesn't return if there is a future BB title. He's Litchi's major counterpart for one, for two he's just a really cool fighting game character in concept. They really just need to make his curse mechanic less binary so he can win matches more reliably without curse, but you get to actually get to play the game if you get cursed. Everything else about him is awesome.

  22. the Juri pick is just cope literally just get better at the game

  23. I miss zappa more than I can say, and I never even played him in AC or AC+R. I first started maining him in vanilla GGXX when he was at roll tier, and he stayed there for 3 out of the 5 versions of GGXX. So I think he earned his tier placement for the last 2 games, and I pray everyday he comes back to strive (with venom as a close 2nd place)

  24. Juri and Bridget have the absolutely worst fanbases ever.

  25. Leaving a dislike for saying that Rufus should come back.

  26. There were a lot of bad Street Fighter 4 characters on top of the game just looking ugly in the first place. I have grown to like Rufus in terms of gameplay, and of course C. Viper and Juri were cool and Hakan is very unique (but I did hate him for a long time because he is pretty gross-looking). Gouken does not look like he fits for his role and Oni is okay, I guess.

  27. I donno if anyone has said this but if Capcom were to get their hands on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure again, I wouldn't want them to add Alessi.

  28. as someone who played sf4 on mute i never got why my characters would be called annoying (adon and rufus were some of my mains) now i have heard them with the sound on, i still don't get the hate

  29. alex is literally abel but with more personality

  30. Juri is a cool character even doe i never play with her

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