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Fighting Game Average Character Power Level

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  1. Honestly I'll play just about whatever. I currently play Strive primarily, but my first FG was Skullgirls. The first time I went online I got absolutely dumped on by a Big Band who finished the game by playing Despacito at my funeral. It was the greatest thing I had ever experienced.

    Edit: looking forward to P4U2 rollback. I played Kanji back when I had friends that I could play with offline

  2. as an individual who the only games they play consistantly are BBTAG BBCF Persona um I have a prefrence.
    He's got this insane fucking rekka when he has install that you can loop 3 times and AH my fucking hands.
    Then you got Ruby and Neo in TAG and while Neo might be lower tier she's got some of the nuttiest oki mixups I ever done seeen. Ruby speaks for herself.
    AND ELIZABETH MY GURRRRLLLL while she did get nerfed in p4au2 having FREE access to ToD the entire cast in 1.1 when I get 75% was just magical ahhh I miss you Hama combos.

  3. My go-to fighting game is GNT4(Clash of Ninja 4), and I'd say it has an average power level to it, though it's central mechanic of a universal teleport everyone has to escape combos and counter attack makes the ceiling very high, even if the overall power level is pretty low. There's no motion inputs, but there's still plenty of mix-ups and complex combos to worry about, but you never have to worry about being bullied if you know how to properly utilize your teleports.

  4. So then Kusoge are like eating raw meat?

  5. As for my preffered power level I'll just say: If I can't acend into the stratosphere after mixing you 5 times in a row stealing 2/3s of your life bar in the process, then I ain't touching your wack game.

  6. (in reference to p4au) Liz probably would be fine. honest mids liz.

  7. The power level in the DOA series differs so much from game to game that it's actually kind of ridiculous lol

    If you're looking at the older entries (namely DOA2-3) combos are usually pretty short (unless you're Ayane on a sloped stage), and damage isn't too ridiculous…and then there's DOA6, where every character can perform a TOD in the right hands (shoutout to Crimso Genesis, they've been doing death combo vids since 6 launched)

  8. I think calling Strive “average” is silly given how many unreactable mixups you can do with roman cancels. It’s just not always the practical option but there are things you CAN’T block in that game

  9. This actually kinda has me wondering where Rivals of Aether would stand in all this lol.
    Games like Smash and NASB would definitely fall into the average power level categories, but even if Rivals shares a similar number of buttons/attacks, every character in that game is insanely cracked, versatile/expressive in how you can play them, full of depth, and so fine-tuned to each other that the community tier list doesn’t even dip below A-tier lmao.

  10. Hey, no matter how you like your steak, it’s the sauce that makes it.

  11. I'm a fan of high and average power level games, but Divekick is still one of my favorites.

  12. 5:44 this isn't true in any game with a block button that I've played. In Soul Calibur for example, blocking prevents your character from rotating, stepping even far enough to the side will ignore the block if the opponent doesn't release block and move to realign.

    I jump over people and do left/right mixups every day in Soul Calibur 6 as Taki.

  13. You say block button removes L/R while showing Lancelot who is still top tier because of his reliable L/R mixup and Arcade era MK which has fucking full screen teleport attacks that break the game if you remove the block button as anyone who's put Scorpion or Sektor into MUGEN knows.
    Maybe stick to games you actually know?

  14. this actually pretty well explains why I wasn't into skullgirls (my first fighting game)

  15. Categorizing by character power level seems counterproductive when discussing differences between games.

    In some games, character power is high due to strong universal options, while in other games, it's the unique tools available to each character that are strong.

    In addition, defense in some higher-power games can be easier than lower power ones because universal and character specific defensive options are stronger.

  16. let's be real, who are you going to be more afraid of

    the guy who tears meat straight off of the carcass and sears it for like five seconds before breaking out the knife 'n fork, or the guy who dunks a burger patty into a nuclear reaction and then bites straight into it without so much as blinking

  17. I don't know where to place smash.

    Also gekko squirrel and Leon Massey uploading a video the same day is the bast thing that's has happend to me in the last two weeks.

  18. You know having your first major fighting game be Skullgirls really skews with the amount of BS you can take. When I hear people complain about things in GG Strive about how BS some character is it just doesn't seem that bad. Like I mean sure Happy Chaos gun spam can be a pain, but like he needs to manage resources to actually do it. My first experience with zoners was freeking Peacock with Double and Big Band Assists. In comparison HC feels like a walk in the park compared to Peacock BS.

  19. 5:20 I'm still waiting for a game that just turns a "block button" into a macro for backwards.
    It doesn't change directions until you let go, so crossups still work, and you still move backwards unless you crouch so loss of stage control is still a risk of stage control is still a risk.
    This way players can select their preference for button vs back block without one being objectively better.


  21. Block buttons are not inherently a counter to left right mix-ups, it's just a choice many developers make

  22. Why does no body every talk about SoulCalibur

  23. I normally play Average to High power level games, though occasionally I'll get into a low power level game, the one I can think of most recently is GBVS, love that game, too bad it was dealt a bad hand

  24. Ah, "BlazBlue Central Fiction", which is a game that is arguably just as complex as "Guilty Gear XRD Revelator," with the game like Revelator having legacy skill, meaning if you haven't stuck with the game since the original back in 2008 you have a MASSIVE hill to climb in learning frame data for each character's normals, gatlings, and overall mobility options that can be used on offense and neutral. Then there are the game's plentiful system mechanics, such as having a half a dozen options on defense that you need to master such as having four ways to block based on specific scenarios for example, and the game having a multitude of wake up options with each having a specific use, and that's not even going into the Drive mechanic, which is a unique action for each character, which there are OVER 35 of, which MOST of the cast plays VASTLY DIFFERENT from each other.

    Mainline BlazBlue games were HUGE in japan, with it being popular in many Japanese arcades, and as Obama stated in a podcast with Blasted Salami that the series had at one point been up there even with the almighty Tekken in terms of popularity. With many veterans like Dogura ( who is one of the best players in Guilty Gear who uses Slayer) and Fenrich ( who is arguably the best BB player, and currently one the best in DBFZ) representing the series for a long time . Sadly, The series just never took off over here in the west. However, the lack of popularity nationwide doesn't equate to the game's quality.The fact that is arguably the most unique AND complex 2D fighter on the market, but isn't talked about hardly at all in the west was always baffling to me. Especially when I read comments, and watch videos of people in the FGC complaining about how boring fighting games have gotten recently, or how easy it has become and yet will REFUSE to give the game a try. Thankfully, that seems to be changing, for instance Lord Knight, a tournament player who plays a variety of different fighting games recently made a fighting game tier list and put "BlazBlue Central Fiction" near the top, as well as popular Guilty Gear content creators like Obama saying on blasted salami's podcast that "BlazBlue Central Fiction" is arguably just as hard as Guilty Gear Xrd, finally, there's Kizzie Kay, who is a pro Sin player in GGXRD who says BlazBlue is his favorite fighting game series. For those who want to see high level game play in order to get a grasp of how hype this game can potentially be for you, I'd recommend a video titled "BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Grand Finals – Evo 2014" on youtube, and while the game represented there is not Central Fiction, I think it works, since Central Fiction is more of an evolution of Chrono Phantasma any way. Other channel's include "Burst Recap" and "Jourdal" for more high level Japanese play.

    In terms of power between characters the game is relatively balanced, since many pro players consider over 80% of the cast to be tournament viable. And you always see a variety of characters in tournaments due to that fact. Personally, the number one thing I also value in the fighting game is unique characters that set them selves apart from each other, whether that be in terms of movement speed, defense, and ESPECIALLY game plan and unique system mechanics ONLY available to that character. It's one of the main reasons that I didn't like DragonBallFighterZ, since when that game launched the game felt very homongenized, and in that way didn't feel like an Arc System works Title at all, especially when you compare DBFZ to Arc System Work's earlier titles like GGXRD and BBCF where the characters were JUST AS complicated as the universal system mechanics themselves. And it's not just a problem I have with Arc either, since even more newer titles from other developers suffer from this issue I have with Homogenization, with games like the new Melty Blood, and even Tekken 7 suffering from this exact same problem( infamous FGC Content creator Aris himself admits that Tekken 7 is homongenized). Balance is important to me too, but character individuality ALWAYS comes first to me, and has to be in a fighting game before I even consider worrying about balance, and there are plenty of balanced fighting games out right now, but many of them are ones I find to be super boring due to them feeling homogenized. Currently, games like BBCF, GG+R, and SC6 are my favorite fighting games, since all three have what I'm looking for, with BBCF being my number one, since that currently is the most unique fighting game currently out on the market IMO.

    Finally, BB TAG and mainline BlazBlue games are two SEPARATE things all together, with BBTAG having it's own set of rules with the system mechanics, and SIMPLIFYING ALL of the characters. It's for these reasons that you can't approach "BlazBlue Central Fiction" in the same way that you would BBTAG.

  25. ill only player persona if they add in persona 2 characters lol. what we really need is an SMT fighter with all the protags and main side characters

  26. I wont play p4 i like bb tag more and its bouton skeem is wack

  27. side note: Mortal Kombat 3 actually has a weird take on the left-right mix while still retaining the block button. basically, to tech a throw, you have to be holding back when a low punch is inputted near you. while average jump-ins are still kinda slow and predictable, some characters might have a way to almost instantly end up on the other side (male ninjas with a teleport are the most noticeable example) or, because most specials actually force you to let go of back to input, just jab you until you want to mash out and then throw you while you try to do the input. some characters even have unique scenarios after a throw like Cyrax, who for some reason can walk to the other side of the opponent if they're thrown and he's also like +50, leading to tricky left-right mix and essentially making him something of a grappler, and Sheeva, who has ambiguous jump in left-right mix from her throw.

  28. You say the most Generic Ass Shit, repeat basic ass material, You kinda just take LK's vids and say the most general things. And then [insert scream joke] and say more generic shit. Your content sucks, maybe go a little bit more in depth instead cutting the video with that God Awful Outro.

    The Power vs Feeling/Motion input vids were decent

  29. Reminds me of the Goku mod by WistfulHopes for Strive

    Basically a straight port of SSJ Goku from DBFZ, and it just goes to show how an "average" character in DBFZ is a god among men in a more grounded game like Strive

  30. Oh no Ima smash player, I guess our power levels are out this world in another universe. Well melee is a least, you can win by running away in that game lol. ultimate is like average though, you can win with like 90% of the cast.

  31. I am just so glad you continue to upload content

  32. I actually love skullgirls, best game. It takes a lot of knowledge to play, cause resets can only be avoided if you kinda know them.

  33. I love high powerlevel games because it gives the devs the oppertunity to let their creativity run wild (my main game is BBCF) a character like BBCF Arakune could not exist in any other game but Blazblue and it ads so much to learn about each and every character

  34. As a Skullgirls player I can say that there have been plenty of games that were just cutscenes for me and I've done the same to my friends. I love playing mixup simulator. In all seriousness it takes 2-3 mix ups to kill a given character and if you have enough resources and positioning along with assist it may not even be that many. I never complain though because it's not like any of it is unblockable. If I get reset that's my own fault for uessing wrong and that's what I love about Skullgirls. If you get blown up it's not because your opponent is using an op character or cheap tricks but because you guessed wrong to many times. I will say getting touched by a big band with 5 bars hurts though but it's still my fault for getting touched and letting the situation get to that point to begin with.

  35. On the topic of block button types, I think they can be good, as they can act as a further toggle for actions, but would be better with an associated cost.
    Like a guard gauge that only depletes with guard button usage, which could lead to a stun/dizzy state.
    So if you guard by holding back, it won’t deplete, but that opens you up to mix possibilities. But guard too much with the button, and you’ll get blown open.
    There could also be further downsides to the guard button, like throws doing more damage if you’re using it when they proc, or an increased amount of chip damage getting through, etc.

  36. KOF, looks average at first, then you see high level play and think "how the heck is this possible in a non-airdasher."

  37. u got it wrong, persona is on the cooked very good side, SF2 and the like are rare, raw, just raw meat.

  38. Usually high power level since I'm an ASW-apologist.

  39. while the block button in DNF duel does seem a bit annoying, at least using it carries some extra risk because using block button over blocking normally causes your guard gauge to deplete faster.

  40. What space would Melty Blood Type Lumina be in? It's power level is high but everyone is A tier at least so the low tiers aren't really low. Because of this would it be in High Power?

  41. A note about block buttons. In granblue one additional difference between using the block buttons and holding back is that the block button forces you into the block animation even when you aren't blocking attacks. This affects situations where you're trying to mash out of pressure for instance, as the attack will never come out if you're holding the block button.

    As for the games i kinda lie in the low-mid power preference

  42. In fighting games, cannon power levels should be always ignored. Otherwise, we get another UI Goku situation. (It's still can be funny the fact that, depending on the game, the strongest character in lore can be, gameplay-wise, weaker than the weakest character in lore).

  43. I've been watching so many jojo videos I had a very different mental image when he said "Gio's tits"

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