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Fighting Game Average Character Power Level

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  1. I'm kind of surprised you didn't mention kusoges in this, considering they have the highest power level of all fg's. Characters from the original guilty gear would dominate a lot of newer games.

  2. I mean then theres just the kusoge bullshit like Sailor Moon.

  3. The definition of "power level" here seems very vague and that semiology problem makes the discourse pretty confusing. I generally find these videos interesting enough to bear the now-sound-is-saturated-it's-funny-lol-isn't-it-funny-please-say-it's-funny overused "jokes" but sorry, no thumb up this time.
    Maybe next one 🙂

  4. I would argue footsies and divekick are the highest powerlevel games
    since it's one hit and you're dead

  5. I'm making a Fighting game where everyone has their canon strength

  6. Soo… how I'm supposed to understand this? Flashing lights make you happy?

  7. I actually don’t know where third strike would be, it is in the street fighter franchise, however becoming good at the game takes forever ever

  8. Can more people seriously play toughlovearena, I wanna get higher in ranked

  9. Can't wait for Vita Fighters to enter this conversation.

  10. If you think dbfz should be high power level, keep in mind that this is about AVERAGE POWER LEVEL. Not the strongest of the game. LC 21, the fusions, etc are bullshit, yes, but the average power level isn't as high as other games.

  11. I see that I stick with the mid-high power level games, that's concerning. Then again, I like doing stupid crazy things in games where going crazy (or going stupid) is a viable option, either seriously or for the memes
    Out of curiosity, where does The King of Fighters series fall? I want to say high level due to the combos and inputs, but it feels more mid level due to the mechanics.

  12. i wonder when this guy's gonna run out of ideas

  13. "Granblue Versus characters have limited options"

    Belial hears this and laughs

  14. You can't hide from me, you did it didn't you, you went to play Skullgirls and got addicted to the schmix.

  15. Izanami Shabrys player here. My preferred power level is simply "lmao".

  16. Almost all my favorite games are very high power level I just get bored and then frustrated otherwise. BBCF, P4U and Skullgirls specifically are my favorites.

  17. I suppose BBTAG is S tier by this videos logic

  18. No thanks. I heard the Persona games take a long time to get going, and the confidant stuff doesn't do anything for me. I might try P4A though


    Also why are you using old sprites for that part?

  20. Ignore my comment on the last video about your hype sounding forced. It's back at full force in this one 😂

  21. Fate/UC power level is very high I think. Theres a lot of wild combos, really hard to block mixup and very strong okizeme. Even characters towards the bottom have stuff like this.

  22. Soku is in a weird spot, the average power level is pretty high despite wrongblocking not actually hitting the opponent as well as the lack of throws, you can basically fly and most movement options are invulnerable to projectiles but every character gets otherwise ridiculous projectiles that which they can cancel into jumps or flying, then immediately spew out more projectiles. The cancel tree is fluid enough that pressure is still very deadly despite not being able to open the opponent in one move like in other fighting games, and the fact that you can cancel blockstun into projectile immune dashes or jumps for a small amount of (non meter) resource.

  23. blocking and performing complex mix ups are not the appeal of the genre to me. it's why I have no interest in a game like skullgirls and higher power level games tend not to be my jam.

    even marvel 3 which I love, I enjoy more as a spectator than actually having to play. imagine grinding learning everything about your team? only to lose to one jab from a zero team.

  24. Love the steak analogy. Definitely like my fighting games rare, erm, complex.

  25. It's funny because I would literally die if it meant AC+R was alive again because I'm never on when anyone else is on… Skullgirls is a fantastic game though love it

  26. DBFZ should definitly be considered above average power level, rather borderline high power level. You can Ko off of ridicolously low commitment moves.

  27. Block button should never let you auto switch side. I love Granblue but the block button annoyed me so much. It's one of those "you can't not use it because you're just gimping yourself".

  28. I think making a link to block button and lower character power is a bad idea. I mean Mk9 and especially MKX are absolutely bat** compare to Granblue, SFV and even Strive. Forget Skull girl resets take this nigh infinite Sonya's military stance cancel pressure in the corner and shake my hand because you died from just blocking.

    Hell even Ultimate MK3 is pretty nutty.

  29. just discovered your channel, absolutely love it as a casual! also your pixelated avatar + animations are so cool! ive never seen someone do that!

  30. This video will be a cultural reference in the future

  31. Is there any game with a higher power level than umvc3?

  32. Out of curiosity, do you take requests for your videos on fighting games? I'd love to see one about assists!

  33. These vids are really helpful for me to design my game

  34. Idk man p4a drops like 2 levels if you play Sho Minazuki

    Also, I play BBTAG so I just don't like braincells

  35. I grew up playing a lot of fighting games, but I was never good at any of them, really. When I finally got P4, long after its initial death, I thought that game was the apex of difficulty.

  36. I play rivals of aether mainly.
    Kinda does make you think about power levels when your main fighting game is a platform fighter
    In terms of platform fighters it's high, only other ones I can think of off the top of my head that are higher are melee and maybe rushdown revolt.
    In terms of regular fighter, probably closer to mid.
    Game has insane movement mechanics and a really dynamic combo game. But I'm not sure if it's to the same level as marvel x Capcom or persona for example

  37. Currently playing Persona while watching this. Yukari is my GOAT.

  38. Xrd rev 2! Rare but not a raw slab of meat like plus r. Don't get me started on kusoges, then mf aren't beef, they're a straight up living cow

  39. Me watching this despite the only traditional fighting i have played is tuffenuf on snes classics

  40. battle for the grid, one of my favorite games, has an insanely high average power level. not gonna go too into detail but, needing meter to TOD is considered a weakness.

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