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FGC: Rise of the Fighting Game Community [FULL MOVIE]

Hold Back to Block
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“FGC: Rise of the Fighting Game Community” explores the past, present, and future of the competitive fighting game scene and the players that call it home.

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Directed and edited by Esteban Martinez
Coloring by Jason Durso
Audio by Robert Paul and Esteban Martinez

Music provided by
Cult Classic Records:
Kuria Recordings:

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  1. Man that was awesome! Thank you to everyone involved in this. Ik im kinda late but yeah, still sweet to this day

  2. Longshot i know its been 3 years but can someone please tell me what song is at 12:24 that shit sounds amazing!! But yeah im probs way too late to even get a reply 🙁

  3. I remember the dark ages of fighting games, post arcade era circa. 2003-2008, there were NO FUCKING FIGHTING GAMES

  4. 4 years later and man, this is bigger than ever

  5. Man, idk how many times I’ve watched this since 2016. Always brings good memories, always makes me wanna play some more games 😁

  6. Nice, FGC hype still there in these times of lockdown, can’t wait for tournaments to get going again 👊🤪👌

  7. This shit is great! I remember in the early 2000's looking for CvS2 tournaments to enter and all that was available were arcade settings (would grind max stars on PS2 for hours #padlife), and thinking 'nah'… damn was I a fool…

  8. Of course lord knight lose to Russell Westbrook doing the tongue 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. started out good, but it feel it was more about NA and USA side of thing the FGC as a whole.

  10. the salty lil babies in the comment section are like, "oh man this didnt cover every single aspect of the fgc."

  11. @10:00, the guy that came out and found his second family in the FGC community (after his own rejected him) fucking got to me man, that's awesome.

  12. This video made me want to come up with a local fg contest. When Covid ends, I will certainly try.

  13. Hey i watched this last night it made me feel good that fighting games are still being played by many people I wish I could’ve been there during those tough years even though I know I’m not that good I mean I get all frustrated trying to play kof 94 or Samurai Shodown on normal difficulty haha start throwing the remote on the ground start cussing get all pissed I love it though I strive to get better that’s why I spend hours days years trying to master certain characters I love the backstory of the characters I’m obsessed with kof I was into mk and it all started with Street Fighter II I mean I was no good but watched others beat the game with Chun li they made it look easy any ways I’m glad I watched this haduken!

  14. Alright that ending shot was fucking dope. The button smack into the credits chef's kiss

    Grade A shit right here.

  15. " It needs a way to put yourself in the game with the character you love
    It needs to have the head-to-head
    It needs to have the saltiness "

    This is a great description of the games we're passionate about.

    Also 1:01:28 Now i'll think of that guys face every time i see a carl player lmfao

  16. Thanks for the video man, I really liked it

  17. Just finished watching this for the first time and seeing LI Joe/John story really makes LI Joe's SFV run even more emotionally epic. This has also made me a fan of Lord Knight as a person; I see a lot of myself in him (attitude wise). Thank you for making this.

  18. I’m terrible at fighting games, yet I still love them. I see the FGC as a distinctive anthropological wonder in many regards, not the least of which is the will to persevere in the bleakest of situations and an everlasting desire to always improve. To always learn. To always go on. Without spoiling anything, the ending to this documentary perfectly encapsulates this.

  19. ECT 2014 was my very first major. I played 3rd Strike with John after his speech on stage. Mopped my shit, but a super nice dude. Thanks for everything John.

  20. Instalike for the Ljones soundtrack.

  21. Very interesting! I didn't know how high level Blazblue played until this video, what's the song @ 1:00:19 ?

  22. The FGC is the reason why single player modes are de-emphasized and have the least amount of thought put into them. The PS2 was the peak for fighting games because we were all much younger back then and developers had more time and motivation to experiment and create new modes for fun and there was no online play or any of this "netcode" nonsense to worry about.

  23. damn LK, in just 7 years my mans grew wild grey hair lmao

  24. I love all the Jersey refrences! GO JERSEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Lord he is someone I have noclue about just he luvs anime niche’ bs

  26. Such a high quality documentary!
    This deserves more views and the channel deserves more subs.
    Nice job.

  27. The moment that lady goes into the word "fighting" being an issue i rolled my eyes back into another dimension.

  28. I played Original deathwatch for Doom and Doom 2 and we played 1:1. I was much better at Doom than I have been at any fighting game but that intense no place to hide one on one challenge appears to me to be very similar to what is described by fighting game players. Love it.

  29. Fighting games are something so powerful that you can legit HATE something because the way he plays the game you love.

  30. You guys should try to react the FIGHT OF GODS devs, and make an hour-long documentary on them. Like… Where did those ideas come from?

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