Fastfalling in Fighting Games is... weird -

Fastfalling in Fighting Games is… weird

Puffer McSparkleFace
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i miss being able to move in the air aye


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Hi! I’m Puffer McSparkleFace, prospective Fighting Game pro and wanting to both share and enable my journey to the top. I’m also really into D&D, game design, and cooking, so you might see some of that too!

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  1. By the way, you can double fast fall in smash ultimate now

  2. And in Rivals you have your normal platform fighter fast falling like Smash, but you also have hitfalling where you input down during hitstun to enter a fastfall before reaching the peak of your jump. This is a major defining factor in Rivals's fast and snappy combo game, allowing you to easily string together shnasty moves that would otherwise send too far away or be too laggy under normal fastfalling rules.

  3. Also, on a related note, the same fastfall technique you mentioned is also the tech responsible for Filia’s best frame advantage possible on block, if you’re cracked at it. The aerial involved also autocancels when you hit the ground, and you’re already going faster than normal to the ground, meaning you can get 15-30 plus frames, off an IAD, without needing an assist.

    And that, kids, is why YOMI Hustle only gave fastfalling to the zoner, and why most 2D fighting games not snorting crack don’t have that feature

  4. Theres also Sett from Undernight and Adult Gohan in Fighterz the both can just slam down. Gohan is a lil closer to smash style though

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