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Falling Out Of Love With Fighting Games

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Fighting Games have been one of my favorite genres for a long time now but recently it’s been hard to get the same enjoyment out of them as I did before. There’s a variety of reasons as to why I’ve been falling out of love with the genre but there’s also a lot of reasons to be excited for the future of the genre.

How I fell in love with Fighting Games and started to lose interest: 0:00 – 3:43
Fighting Game design in the modern gaming space: 3:44 – 6:26
Accessibility and Lacking Online: 6:27 – 11:44
Paid Content and DLC: 11:45 – 16:44
Hope for the Future: 16:45

Twilight (Ibuki’s Theme) – Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike OST
You Blow My Mind (Dudley’s Theme) – Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike OST
Infinite Azure (Tekken 7) Chill Jazz Cover – The Consouls
Blood Drain (Melty Blood: Actress Again) Jazz Cover – The Consouls
Night Walker (Linne’s Theme) (UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late) Jazz Cover – The Consouls
Sound of Night Wind (Phonon) (UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st]) Jazz Cover – The Consouls
JAZZY NYC ’99 (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike) Band Cover – The Consouls
The Disaster of Passion (Guilty Gear -Strive) Motown Cover – The Consouls

Games shown:
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Street Fighter V
Guilty Gear Strive
Dragonball FighterZ
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
Tekken 7
Granblue Fantasy Versus
Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus R
Rivals of Aether
League of Legends
Monster Hunter Rise
Elden Ring
King of Fighters XV
Dungeon Fighter Duel
Project L
Street Fighter 6

Motion Inputs – Leon Massey:

Laggy Smash Footage from 247MrNiceguy:
Smash Input Delay Footage from DoubleGunz:
Street Fighter 6 Footage From GameV


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  1. Baller video dude, I was feeling these same things sometime ago, cause I really wanted to take on something competitively, but I just thought I wasn't good enough, and that the barrier was too strong to break, but after sometime watching some videos, I got my love for fighting games back, so much that I decided to make a video of my own about fighting games after giving up on making videos Lol, so I hope soon in the future, your love for fighting games will come back too, like you said, the future is looking bright for fighting games

  2. Good video man, you sound like you have 200k subs, no kap as the kids say these days

  3. The only problems I have really with fighting games is what you mentioned about only skilled people playing online and how much they charge for a game that has little to almost no extra content.
    Nice video btw looking forward for more cool videos like this 👍

  4. i haven't played any fighting games really but I feel like you bring up some problems that do sound like problems in my humble opinion

  5. great vid as always!! i always admire how well you sum up your thoughts!! 😊😊😊😊

  6. I feel like the slow decline of fighting games for people in general began with the release of SF5, when it became apparent to the players where FG developers' interests really lie, and how different from the players' values they were.

    In my own experience, I also had my love for fighting games eroded away slowly, and I do not have the same love for them today, similar to you, Ramen. I was absolutely hooked on fighting games for years and years. In high school, I was introduced to, not only my first fighting game (vanilla SF4), but the whole FGC mindset of community and self improvement. It seemed like there was so much time to sink into tech and developing skill/execution, and this was what I loved about fighting games. I wanted to prove myself to my high school best friend, who got me into FGs as a whole, and prove myself to "the world", which would be my local arcade and nearby WNF, if we went.

    Something about SF5 rubbed me the wrong way the first few months into playing. Normals felt chunky, there was no real player-character expression, and the game was EXTREMELY barebones on release. Not to mention the whole "rootkit" incident. I turned to other games like Xrd and Under Night to chase that same experience I had with SF4 and the memory of the FGC I had in my head, but things would never exactly be the same. Whether it be the active playerbase for the game, problems with the game itself, the online experience, what the locals for that game were like, or whatever, I was always slightly disappointed every time.

    A few years ago, my friend, who had gotten me into fighting games in high school, suffered a stroke. This devastated me, and I for a few years I just didn't play any FGs, because my friend was the one person I would always discuss FGs with and spar with. Today, he is still recovering, but he is able to play fighting games again, and whoops my butt all over.

    Also, in getting older, the time I thought I once had to sink into FGs simply was not there anymore. And anyone who has tried any FG will know the time investment it can take to try and get to the upper ceiling of skill. Don't get me wrong, you don't need to be at a high level of skill to enjoy a fighting game. But I think most people can agree that a lot of the enjoyment of fighting games is seeing your own improvement as you gradually keep practicing.

    This is another reason that I thing fighting games are priced the way they are for what they are. For a lot of the competitive players, much of the value of the game comes from spending time in either training or ranked, in which you are in a loop of getting crushed by opponents, training until you can figure out the solution, and grinding again until you find another hurdle to train for. This is not appealing to the vast majority of the gamers who have no interest in being the best of the best, they just want to play a fun game. Only a small subset of players would want to pay the full price of the game, and they'd probably be the same people (myself included), to pay for the DLC characters on top of that.

    I do hope that fighting games continue to stay and show more people how great they can really be. A lot of my best memories in gaming come from fighting games and the interactions I have had with the community. There really is no other experience like facing someone 1v1 in virtual, (mostly) hand-to-hand combat. 👊

  7. Oooooh thaaaaats why you recorded our games, you wanted clips of you bodying me 😂. Great video really enjoyed it. Especially the part where you showed off how you bought a $50 knife in valorant

  8. After watching the video, I feel the same way, having to step away from fighting games . As an advent fighting game player, I’ve started to get bored playing them since there’s no incentive for me to keep grinding other than tourneys. For me, it’s the online and bad balance choices that deters me away. Look at Android 21, for example. They literally had to BAN her from competitive play because she was too powerful, so bad that the devs have to make ANOTHER patch in July 2022 to balance the cast even tho the “final” patch was several months ago.

    Which leads into my next point: communication. If devs aren’t actively communicating about future updates and aren’t listening to the community’s concerns i.e. mechanic fixes and balancing, I feel it could kill a game, especially online fixes.

    My plan is to get back into the genre once Jojos All Star Battle R comes out in Sept. (hopefully on a PS5, cuz let’s be honest, the competitive scene mostly is on new gen consoles) and go from there. Overall, great vid! 👍

  9. While I do still like fighting games…I can't help but feel similarly.

    To put it simply, I grew up liking the wrong fighters. All the ones I like and want to play are the ones nobody gives a crap about, or worse. Not even among my own friends either. There's only so much you can do or improve upon alone, especially given how increasingly lacking modern fighters are getting with single player content.

    And then there's the FGC which, some decent individuals aside, is generally awful. Every other day there's some inane drama going on. Some of my favorite fighters I can't even bring up anymore cause they've been lambasted and stigmatized so thoroughly, I don't want to bother with the headache from doing so.

    So yeah, I don't have anyone to play with and trying to do so will only lead to frustration and regret.

  10. You perfectly encapsulated why it was so hard for me to get into strive when it first came out. It felt so confusing to start battles, felt so overwhelming learning all the controls and lingo, and putting that much money into a game that most people will drop soon was pretty sad. I'm hoping more people get into fighting games so in the future it doesn't feel like I only have a few people I can reach out to to play with.

  11. Although we have different backgrounds as fighting game players/fans, I can totally relate to your thoughts here and enjoyed how well-made your video was. For context, I'm someone who's enjoyed fighting games from a casual perspective since young, but only got into appreciating the competitive aspect of it in recent years. I even put in a bit of time "sweating" it out online in games like Strive and (most recently) SFV. I'm not great at fighting games, but I love them regardless.

    At this point, I'm not someone who's interested in playing fighters online a ton. I'm more interested in seeing how this genre can change for the better. That's what's going to get me to buy a new fighting game — like you touch on, I can't keep buying full-price fighters that I know I'll only play for a little bit. And I'm glad those games you mention at the end are going to (hopefully) kick off a new wave of progress.

    (It's prob wrong of me to put all my hopes in one game, but I really want to see SF6 be the example of a big full-price fighter that will bring about all kinds of innovation with as few problems as possible. The World Tour mode is already confirmed to be a way for new players to gradually learn how to play SF before going online, which is refreshing)

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