Educational Fighting Game Combos | "Will It Kill?" -

Educational Fighting Game Combos | “Will It Kill?”

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Can you guess if these fighting game combos are going to kill?
“Will it Kill?” is a show about funny fighting game clips, throwing rocks, betting fake points, being legally distinct, command grabs, and the joy of learning. We’ll show a fighting game clip and pause it on one of the hits of a combo. You have to vote on whether the combo will kill or not. There are no drops, Time-outs don’t count, and we try to get as close to optimal as possible. Capcom Cup may interfere with WIK next month, but who knows; we’ll keep you posted.
Episode 32 streamed on January 26, 2024. You can watch all the episodes here:

‘Will it Kill?’ graphics were made by the legend drewface:

PSA: “Will it Kill?” happens on the last Friday of every month. On the Monday of that week we open up a submission form to submit clips. ANY SUBMISSIONS OUTSIDE OF THE FORM WILL BE IGNORED.
(SPOILERS) You can find the full spreadsheet of submissions here:

0:00 Rules & Intro
0:49 (King of Fighters XV)
2:32 (Melty Blood Type Lumina)
3:58 (Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike)
6:09 (Street Fighter 6)
7:45 (Street Fighter 6)
9:39 (Street Fighter EX2)
11:09 (Guilty Gear Strive)
12:37 (Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising)
14:15 (Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising)
15:54 (Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising)

17:28 vote for me in The Streamer Awards 🙂
17:53 (King of Fighters XV)
18:23 (DNF Duel)
19:20 (Street Fighter 6)
20:05 (Guilty Gear Xrd REV2)
20:21 (Santa Fighter)

20:58 (Blazblue Cross Tag Battle)
22:49 (DNF Duel)
24:53 (Sonic Smackdown)
26:18 (Idol Showdown)
28:09 (Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes)
29:42 (One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows)
31:38 (Eternal Fighter Zero)
32:55 (Duels of Fortune)
34:21 (Duels of Fortune)
36:14 (Inaho-Cho Dynamite Bomb!!)

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  1. I didn't think Ladiva was killing until I saw no crystals on that life bar. I was like oh wait they're dead as fuck

    2.99 no 3 count unbelievable. My channel points that I didn't bet got obliterated

  2. Never vote yes on a command grab super if they have even a pixel over 50%

  3. Lol this guy comes off as such a pompous asshole. Hes never been wrong in his entire life, and if you have a different opinion than him youre dumb. 😂

  4. if you ever think a move in your game is too active, in the DNF Duel clip at 22:55 Brawler's combo starter has 20 ACTIVE FRAMES and can meaty people even after youve hit the ground again

  5. Playing will it kill reminds me why i should never step foot in a casino. Hustled for days

  6. Love Sonic Smackdown! Knuckles is Hulk iirc lol

  7. Sonic Smackdown dev is legit stupid. Normals have way too much recovery on whiff.

  8. smh Sajam not up to date to the go””coco blue “1 saga

  9. I got ROCKED on this WIK. I was out of channel points second one in.

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