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Easy Fighting-game combos

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As requested by one viewer, I’ve made a (close to barebones) tutorial on making simple, SSB-style (and other fighting game) combos in Game Maker Studio 2
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  1. Hi, I followed your tutorial to a T (even rewatched it a few times to make sure I wasn't missing anything) and for some reason, pressing the attack key won't play the animations unless I'm also holding down one of the horizontal keys. I don't know what it is that I'm missing. For a little added information, I'm running with the Input plugin but I don't see why that would cause any bugs.

  2. was coding and my dumb ass wrote "MARCOS" instead of "MACROS"-aslo great tutorial 🙂

  3. Do you plan on expanding on this? I'm doing some hack and slash gameplay but I plan for the character to grab NPCs and throw them, or jump up into the air for aerial attacks and ground pounds. basically a 2D Kingdom Hearts/Devil May Cry. problem is that all hack and slash tutorials I find are the exact same thing. just run left or right while swinging your sword left or right. I'd really appreciate a tutorial that went beyond this

  4. Thank you for helping me. My version didn't work, but I tried my best. 🙂

  5. one question umm can this code be used in GMS 1 ? from what i know code is mostly the same right?

  6. Of course folks, if you are stuck in your project and you need a little help, then don't hesitate to make a request on one of my videos. I promise I'll answer it as quick as I can

  7. um can u help me when i press left to walk left it goes right and when i press right to go right it goes left i followed everything sofar but used a different char and just changed the names where it should of the char im using any help would be appreciated thx lol

  8. Aahhh game maker. I remeber way back then struggling trying to understand the UI. Good to see Its improved alot now

  9. Thank you, that's exactly what I was looking for. You have a lot of videos about the combo attack on your channel, which one is relevant?
    P.S.: I'm looking for something similar to the fight mechanics in Hyper Light Drifter.

  10. This actually helped me out a lot, despite going for a more traditional style of fighting games!
    That being said, I do need help with one thing: Making proper hitboxes. Specifically, I want to know how to make hitbox objects that kind of "stick" to the character object. I want to do this so that I can define the Grab, Damage, and Attack hitboxes separately, instead of just using the standard sprite collision mask to handle all of this. Do you think you can help?

  11. hello sir, thanks for the tutorial, it really helped me a lot, I've modified mine, instead of direction I used location,
    Location = AIR or GROUND
    Action = ATK, IDLE or MOVE

    i have a question, how to i reset the SequenceCounter so that if the player takes too long to press the attack, the combo sequence will start from the beginning instead of continuing to the next sequence
    I've tried using alarms but it doesn't seem to work, I've tried to put alarm to the "animation end" event

    case player_attack_state:
    Alarm[COMBO] = 30;
    if Location == GROUND
    if (ComboCount >= 4)
    ComboCount = 0;
    Action = IDLE;
    state = player_idle_state;
    image_speed = 0.1
    if Location == AIR
    if (AirComboCount >=2)
    AirComboCount = 0;
    Action = IDLE;
    state = player_idle_state;
    image_speed = 0.1

    but it doesn't work maybe because after attacking it goes back to IDLE and the animation of the idle state loops and it keeps resetting the alarm to 30;

    Please help, thanks!

  12. Sorry about deleting my own comment. I found the sprite the game is from. No i don't plan to use them. Just use them as place holders for learning to make a simple fighting game. Thanks for the reply though!

  13. Thanks for the video, it was really helpful 😀
    Any idea of how to make Air Combos? I know this video is kinda old, but if you read my comment, please help me 😀

  14. For some reason, my sprites did not show up. Please help.

  15. could you do a 2.5d fighting game tutorial for drag n drop??

  16. well, I test the game, my character shows its running while idling, and when i press the arrow keys, the animation shows idling. How did I mess up?

  17. I looked at all the pages to sprites resources and I could not find

  18. Great videos!! Thanks so much!! I'm still just learning, and not doing any game of my own yet, i'm mainly just following every tutorial i can find on youtube and i'm loving your tutorials, thanks a lot! 🙂 unrelated question, are you on GMS discord server?

  19. anyone know how to apply a timer to the combo?

  20. I have been stuck on this for days but how do you add a input buffer during attacks? it feels wonky to wait for the whole animation to end for the next input to be received.

  21. I tried using if keyboard pressed (ord ("a")) && keyboard pressed (ord ("b"))

  22. Not exactly sure where I messed up but I think I hit everything correctly but when I press my attack button, the idle just starts over and no attack comes out. What could I have done wrong?

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